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The Sleep-Wanderer

On a wild wintry night while things were so, there came into the neighbourhood a hunter of wandering game, who had lost his course and his companions. The man was tired with travelling among the hills all day, and in the dark cloudy night, with the mist rising round him from the hills, he laid him down outside the garden within which Deirdre dwelt, and fell asleep. Weak he was with hunger and fatigue, and numb with cold, and deep sleep fell upon the man. Sleep-wandering came upon him then, and he thought that he was close beside a warm hollowed-out fairy mound, and in his dreams he heard fairy music, soft and sweet. In his sleep he called aloud that if there were any one at all in the fairy mound, they would open the mound and let him in, for the sake of the Good Being.


Now Deirdre had not slept that night, and she had arisen and with her nurse had moved about the grounds to seek for warmth of exercise. Just as they turned to go back within the house out of the chill and heavy mist, Deirdre heard the faint feeble voice of the weary man outside the gate. “Nurse-mother, what is that?” she asked and stopped. Levarcam knew it was a human voice, but she replied, “Only a thing of little worth, the birds of the air have gone astray, and are seeking one another; let them hie away to the forest of branches”; and she tried to draw Deirdre towards the house. Again sleep-wandering came on the man, and he called out again and louder than before, that if there were any in the fairy mound, for the sake of the Being of the Elements they would arise and let him in.

さてディアドラはその夜まだ眠っておらず,起きて保母と運動して温まろうと荒野を動き回っていた。寒さと深い霧から逃れて家の中に戻ろうと回れ右したちょうどその時,ディアドラは疲れ切った男が門の外で弱々しく声を上げているのを聞いた。「母さん,何かしら?」彼女は尋ねて立ち止まった。レヴァーカムはそれが人の声だと分かったが,答えた。「取るに足らない者の音よ。空の鳥が迷って,仲間を探しているのよ。森の枝の所へ急がせてあげましょう」 そして彼女はディアドラを家に引き込もうとした。また夢遊病が男を襲い,前より大きな声で叫んだ。妖精の盛り土に誰かいるのか,全ての元素にかけて,起きて私を中に入れてくれと。

“What is that, nurse-mother?” said the girl again. “Only a thing of little sense, the birds of the woods are gone astray from each other, and are seeking to come together again. Let them hie them away to the forest of branches.”
The third time came sleep-wandering upon the hunter, and he called aloud that if there were any within the mound, they would let him in for the sake of the God of the Elements, for he was benumbed with cold and parched with hunger.



“Oh! what is that, nurse-mother?” said Deirdre. “Nought there is in that to bring gladness to thee, maiden; it is but the birds of the air who have lost one another in the woods; let them hie away into the forest of branches. Neither shelter or home will they get from us this night.” “Oh! nurse-mother, it was in the name of the God of the Elements that the bird asked shelter of us; and oft hast thou told me that anything asked of us in His name should willingly be done. If thou wilt not allow me to bring in the bird that is benumbed with cold and sore with hunger, I myself will doubt thy teaching and thy faith. But as I believe in thy teaching and thy faith, as thou thyself didst explain it to me, I myself will let in the bird.” So Deirdre turned back to the gate and drew the bar from the door, and let in the hunter. She brought him into the house, and placed a seat in the place of sitting, food in the place of eating, and drink in the place of drinking, for the man who had come home.

「まあ,あれは何,母さん?」ディアドラは言った。「あなたが喜ぶようなことは何もありません,お嬢様。森ではぐれた空の鳥です。森の枝に急がせてあげましょう。今夜は彼らに隠れ場所も家も与えられません」 「まあ母さん,鳥さんは諸元素の名のもとに保護を求めていますよ。神の名にかけて求められたものはどんなことでも快く叶えてやらねばなりませんと,母さんはよく私に言いましたね。寒さに凍え空腹で弱っている鳥さんを中に入れるのを認めてもらえないなら,母さんの教えと信仰を疑うことになります。私は母さんが自ら教えてくれた,母さんの教えと信仰を信じてるから,自ら鳥さんを入れることにします」 それでディアドラは門に戻って閂を引き,狩人を中に入れた。彼女は彼を家の中に入れ,家にやって来た男のために,座るべき席を用意し,食べるべき食べ物を用意し,飲むべき飲み物を用意した。

“Go on and eat thy food, for indeed thou art in need of it,” said Deirdre.
“Well, I was in truth needful of food and of drink and of warmth when I came to the door of this home,” said the hunter, “but these are all gone from me now that I behold thee, maiden.” Then Levarcam was angry with the man, and spoke sharply to him: “It is too ready on thy tongue the talk is, O man, with thy food and with thy drink. It would be better for thee to keep thy mouth shut and thy tongue dumb in return for the shelter we are giving thee on a cold winter’s night.”


「いやあ,この家の門まで来た時は本当に食物と飲物,暖かさが必要でした」狩人は言った。「でもお嬢さんを見た今,これらは皆必要なくなってしまいましたさ」 するとレヴァーカムは男に怒って,ピシャリと彼に言った。「男,食物と飲物を与えられて,口が軽すぎます。こんな寒い冬の夜に寒さをしのぐ場所を与えられたのですから,口を閉じて黙っていることです」

these are all gone from me now that I behold thee「今やあなたを見たので,これらは皆無くなった」とはどういうことか理解に苦しみましたが,レヴァーカムが怒っていることからも,ディアドラの美しさに見とれて空腹などの苦しみを忘れてしまったと言ったと解釈します。

“Well,” said the hunter, “I may keep my mouth shut and my tongue dumb if it suits thee, but by thy father’s two hands and thine own, there are some others of the world’s men who, if they but saw this blood-drop thou art hiding here, it is not long that they would leave her here with thee.”
“What people are those and where are they?” said Deirdre, eagerly. “I will tell thee that, maiden,” said the hunter. “There are three heroes of the Red Branch, Naisi, Ainle, and Arden, sons of Usna, brothers, who, if they saw thee, would bear thee hence to some other place than this.”



by thy father’s two hands and thine own についてですが,『ウィズダム英和辞典』には by the hand of A「A(神・人)の手によって,Aの力で」というのが載っています。「貴方の父の両手にかけて(→誓う)」と解釈します。

it is not long that they would leave her here with thee について,初め it is not long before...「まもなく……する」と誤訳してしまいました。これだと「まもなく彼ら(ノイシュら)は彼女を貴方の許に預けるだろう」になります(leave A with B は「AをBに預ける」)。これだとおかしいですよね。既にディアドラはレヴァーカムに預けられているのですから。そこでビリー・ジョエルの『アップタウン・ガール』の記事でもお世話になった英語に詳しい友人に聞くと,it is not long that... の解釈が間違っているとの指摘を受けました。つまり it is not long that... は直訳して「……ことは長くない」です。当てはめると「彼女を貴方の許に預けているのは長くない」→「彼女を貴方の許に長く預けてはおかぬだろう」→「すぐにでも彼女を貴方の許から連れ出すだろう」です。これで前後の文脈とぴったりですね! 友人に感謝です。

“What like are these three brothers of whom you speak?” cried Deirdre, and all her face blushed to a rosy red. “Like the colour of a raven their dusky hair, tossed back from each high, shining brow; their skin white as the plumage of a swan, their cheeks like to a red-deer’s coat, or like your own cheeks, maiden. They swim and leap and run as strong and stately as the salmon of the stream, or as the stag upon the dappled hill, ’twixt sun and shade; but Naisi, when he stands upright, towers a head and shoulders above all the men around him. Such are the sons of Usna, noble maid.”
But Levarcam interfered: “However be those men of whom you speak, off with you now and take another road that comes not past this way. Small is my gratitude for all thy talk, and well for her who let thee in hadst thou died of thy cold and hunger at the door, and never come within for food and drink.”



Small is my gratitude for all thy talk, and well for her who let thee in について,Small is my gratitude for all thy talk は my gratitude for all thy talk is small「お前の話に対する私の感謝は小さい」でここは簡単。and well for her who let thee in についても,my gratitude for her is small well who let thee in「お前を招き入れた彼女についての私の感謝も小さい」と取ります。狩人がディアドラのことをノイシュらに教え,ノイシュがディアドラを館から連れ出したら,罰せられるのはレヴァーカムです。狩人はレヴァーカムにとって危険な存在で,その狩人を館に引き入れたのは,他ならぬディアドラです。ディアドラが狩人を引き入れたせいで,レヴァーカムにとって非常に有り難くない話が持ち上がっているのです。だから「ディアドラがやってくれたことも有り難くない」わけですね。

hadst thou died of thy cold and hunger at the door については had you died of thy cold and hunger at the door = if you had died of thy cold and hunger at the door「貴方が寒さと飢えで死んでいたならば」ですが,前後の部分とどう繋がっているか正確に分かりませんでした。今回の後ろの方で狩人がノイシュに,「レヴァーカムは口調が辛辣で,もうあの女に会いたくない」と言いますので,ここは「お前が寒さと飢えで死んでいたら(と思うよ)!」と取っておきました。

The hunter went his way; but he bethought himself that if he told the sons of Usna of the lovely blood-drop he had seen, they might free the maiden out of Levarcam’s hands, and do a good deed to him also for telling them that there was such a damsel as Deirdre on the surface of the living dewy world. So he told his tale to Naisi and said to him that there dwelt, far away on the distant moor, shut in between high walls, the loveliest maiden that ever was born in Erin, and that none lived beside her but an aged nurse and an old Druid, so that Deirdre was like a tender flower over-shadowed by two ancient branchy trees, that hid her from the air and sun.


two ancient branchy trees とは2人の老人(レヴァーカムとカッファ)の隠喩です。

When Naisi heard that, he said, “Who is the maid and where is she, whom no man hath seen but thee, if, indeed, seen her thou hast?” “Truly I have seen her,” said the hunter, “but no one else could find her save I myself should guide him.”

ノイシュがこれを聞くと,彼は言った。「その少女の名は何と言い,どこにいるのですか。貴方以外に,貴方が本当に彼女を見たとして,誰も彼女を見ていないのですが」 「確かに彼女を見ましたとも」狩人は言った。「でも私が自ら案内しなければ,私以外の誰も彼女を見つけられないでしょうな」

・俺に何かくれたら案内するけど(チラチラ......) といった感じでしょうか。

Then Naisi said that he would go; but Arden and Ainle tried to dissuade him, for they said, “What if the girl should be the maid the King hath destined to himself?” But from far-off to the mind of Naisi there came a memory of a young child, scarce seven years old, whom on the playing-fields he once had seen and promised to see again, but who had disappeared that very day, and never from that day to this had he set eyes upon the girl. So all his brothers could devise served not to turn him from his purpose; and at dawn of the next day, amid the early carolling of birds, in the mild morning dawn of fragrant May, when all the bush was white with hawthorn-bloom, and dew-drops glistened from every point of sapling, bush, and plant, they four set out, going in search of the retired place where Deirdre dwelt.


dissuade persuade「説得してさせる」の逆です。persuade とセットで覚えておきましょう。なお「パーシュエイド/ディシュエイド」は誤りであり,「パースウェイドrswéɪd/ディスウェイドswéɪd」が正しいです。

devise は「考え出す,考案する」です。 

“Yonder it is, down on the floor of the glen,” the hunter said, when at the fall of eve they stood upon the mountain-brow above the house, so well concealed in trees that many times they might have passed it by and never known that any house was near. “I care not for myself to see again the woman who lives therein; sharp is her tongue, unwelcoming her words. I leave you then, good luck go with you, but if you will be advised, go not near the house. At every gate are blood-hounds, and Levarcam’s bite is nigh as fierce as theirs.”


I leave you then を「だから私はここに残ります」と訳していますが,直訳は「だから私は貴方から離れます/貴方を置き去りにします」です。「あとは1人で行け」ということですね。

good luck go with you は good luck が単数なのに3単現(goes)になっていませんね。祈願の may が働いています。

 May God bless you. → God bless you.

 May good luck go with you. → Good luck go with you.「幸運があなたと共に行かんことを」

From day to day the sons of Usna stayed among the hills that circled Deirdre’s home. But for awhile Levarcam feared to let her charge go out, for soon would Conor come to claim her, and Levarcam thought, “If aught should happen or the girl should slip between my hands, small pity would King Conor have for me.” But as time passed, and Deirdre pined again for open air and sunshine, and the walks she loved, and fretted for the fox that looked for her, and for her woodland company of beasts and birds, Levarcam once again took the girl abroad, and oft they sat upon the open hill and watched the sun go down, or brought their work and passed the long spring mornings on the heather, happy because the sunshine was so warm, the air so sweet, and all the world so fresh with herbs and flowers.


aught = anything です。もっと有名なのは naught (nought) = nothing ですね。

One day they long had sat thus drinking in the sun, and while Levarcam dozed and nodded with the heat and the fatigue of climbing up the hill, Deirdre from time to time would leave her side to seek some plant or follow a butterfly that passed across her path. Reaching the summit of the hill she saw three men whose like she never in her life before had set her eyes upon. They were not bent, like Caffa, or wrinkled, like King Conor when he came; nor were they dark and roughly clad, with shaggy beards, like the one hunter who had made his way to her abode.


・この like one's like で「……に似た人・物」です。whose like の whose は「ノイシュら3人」を指しており,彼らみたいな人を見たことがなかったということです。


These men were young and lithe, straight as the pine and shapely as the stag. But one above the rest towered head and shoulders high, his raven locks thrown back, his blue eye scanning all the mountain for trace of fawn or deer. Beside them, in the leash, three noble hounds; and as they paced along the upland track, Deirdre sat mute in wonder, for in all her life never had she seen such goodly men as these. But suddenly, as they drew near, a flash of inspiration came upon her mind; she knew that these were Usna’s sons, that he who overtopped the rest was Naisi, the boy who long ago had thrown the ball with her.


lock は「髪の房」です。


The brothers passed her by, not seeing her seated above them on the hill. But all at once, without a moment’s thought, Deirdre sprang up, and gathering up her dress, she sped as swiftly as a roe along the mountain side, calling out, “Naisi, Naisi, wilt thou leave me here?” Now Naisi had rounded the bend of the hill, and he could not see the maiden, but Ainle and Arden saw her bounding after them, and no thought had they but to get Naisi away, for they knew well that this was Deirdre, and that if Naisi once set eyes on her, nothing in life would prevent him from carrying her off, the more especially, since Conor was not yet married to the girl.


no thought had they but to get Naisi away のところでは nobut「以外」が使われており「……以外〜ない」「……だけ〜だ」となっています。「ノイシュを去らせる以外の考えがなかった」「ノイシュを去らせることだけを考えた」です。


So when Naisi asked, “What is that cry that came to mine ear that it is not easy for me to answer and yet not easy for me to refuse?” the brothers replied, “What but the quacking of the wild ducks upon the mere? Let us hasten our steps and hurry our feet, for long is the distance we have to traverse, and the dark hour of night is coming on.” They went forward quickly, but when Deirdre saw that they were lengthening the space between themselves and her, she called again piteously, “Naisi, thou son of Usna, is it leaving me alone thou art?” “What cry is that which strikes into my very heart?” said Naisi. “Not easy is it for me to answer, but harder yet is it to refuse.” “It is but the cry of the grey geese in the air, winging their flight to the nearest tarn,” said the brothers again; “let us hasten now and walk well, for long is our path to-night and the darkness of night is coming on.”

そこでノイシュが「僕の耳に聞こえてくる,答えづらくもあり,拒みづらくもある,あの叫び声はなんだ?」と尋ねると,兄弟達は答えた。「池の鴨が鳴いているだけじゃないですか? さあ急ぎましょう。道程は長いですし,夜の闇が迫っています」 彼らは急いで進んだが,ディアドラは彼らが自分たちと彼女の間の距離を広げているのを見て取ると,哀しそうに再び叫んだ。「ノイシュ,ウシュナの子よ,貴方は私を置いていこうとしているのですか?」 「僕の心に突き刺さってくるあの叫び声はなんだろう?」ノイシュは言った。「答えづらいが,ますまず拒みづらくなっている」 「空を飛ぶ真雁が,近くの池に向かって飛んでいるだけでは?」と兄弟達は言った。「さあ急いてしっかり歩きましょう。今夜の道程は長く,夜の闇が迫っていますよ」

grey goose は「真雁(マガン)」です。anser(×answer)とも言うようです。anser は goose に当たるラテン語のようです。



They set out to walk faster than before, and farther yet was the distance between themselves and Deirdre. Then Deirdre flew with the swiftness of the winds of March across the bend of the mountain, and reached a place above them on the cliff, and called again the third time, “Naisi, Naisi, Naisi, thou son of Usna, wilt thou leave me here alone?” “The cry I hear strikes sweetly on mine ear, but of all cries I ever heard, this cry makes deepest wound within mine heart,” said Naisi, and he stopped short.

彼らはさらにスピードを上げて歩き,彼らとデイアドラの距離は一層広がった。それでディアドラは3月の風の如き素早さで山のカーブを曲がり,彼らの頭上の崖に到達し,3回めの叫び声を上げた。「ノイシュ,ノイシュ,ノイシュ,ウシュナの子よ,貴方は私をここに独人置いていくのですか?」 「この叫び声は僕の耳に甘く響くな。今まで聞いたどんな叫び声よりも,この声は僕の心にグサリと来るよ」とノイシュは言い,急に止まった。

・古くは my のことを mine と言うことがあります。法則は thy/thine「汝の」と同じで,thine は母音または h で始まる語の前で thy の代わりに使います。つまり mine は母音または h で始まる語の前で my の代わりに使われ得るということですね。実際 mine ear と母音で始まる語の前になっています。

deep wound は「深い傷」ですが「グサリと来る」と訳しました。

“Heed not the cry,” his brothers said, “it is the wail of the lake-swans, disturbed in their nesting-place; let us push on now, and win our way to-night to Emain Macha.” “Three times came that cry of distress to me,” said Naisi, “and the vow of a champion is upon me, that no cry of distress shall be passed by unheeded. I will go back now and see whence comes that cry.”


Then Naisi turned to go back, and on the hill above him he saw Deirdre, standing on a rock with her arms outstretched, and all her hair blown backward by the wind, and her fair face flushed all with red, part with her running, part with a lovely shame, and changing as the aspen shimmering in the summer’s breeze. And Naisi knew that never in his life had he seen anything one-half so fair, or any blood-drop like the living blood-drop here, and he gave love to Deirdre such as he never gave to any other, or to a dream or vision, or to a person on the whole world’s face, but only to Deirdre alone.
And Deirdre came close, and to him she gave three loving kisses, and to his brothers each a kiss; and Naisi lifted her and placed her on his shoulder, and he said, “Hitherto it is you, my brothers, who have bidden me to walk well, but now it is I who bid the same to you.”


part には副詞で partly「一部には,部分的には」といった意味があります。part のあとの with は理由と取れます。動詞の part の場合,part with O は「Oを手放す」です。


That night they carried Deirdre to their own home, and sheltered her there for many days. But the news reached Conor that Deirdre was flown, and that it was the sons of Usna with whom she went, and in his fury he sent out armies, and hunted them from place to place, so that they traversed all Ireland, fleeing before the King. And when they found there was no rest for them in Ireland, Naisi determined to forsake his native land and to flee to Alba, for there he had made wars and had carved out for himself a kingdom as great as the kingdom of Conor in Ulster. So he and Deirdre, with his brothers and a great band of followers fled to Alba, which is to-day called Scotland, and they made their home on Glen Etive in Alba, and thence Naisi ruled over the territories he had taken from the King of Alba, and he made wars, and became a powerful prince. And joyous and gladsome were he and Deirdre in each other’s company, and great was the love and affection they gave one to the other.









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