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The Sorrowful Death of Usna’s Sons

At the head of fair Loch Etive the sons of Usna had built for themselves three spacious hunting-seats among the pine-trees at the foot of the cliffs that ran landward to deep Glen Etive. The wild deer could be shot from the window, and the salmon taken out of the stream from the door of their dwelling. There they passed the spring and summer months, Usna’s sons of the white steeds and the brown deer-hounds, whose breasts were broader than the wooden leaves of the door. Above the hunting-lodge, on the grassy slope that is at the foot of the cascade, they built a sunny summer home for Deirdre, and they called it the ‘Grianan,’ or sunny bower of Deirdre. It was thatched on the outside with the long-stalked fern of the dells and the red clay of the pools, and lined within with the pine of the mountains and the downy feathers of the wild birds; and round it was the apple-garden of Clan Usna, with the apple-tree of Deirdre in its midst and the apple-trees of Naisi and Ainle and Arden encircling it.


spatial は「空間の,空間に関する」という意味ですが,spacious は「広々とした」という意味です。

seat には「屋敷,邸宅」という意味があります。hunting-seat で「狩人小屋」と訳しておきました。

leaf は「葉」ですが「ドアの leaf」は「扉」です。「ルーズリーフ」のように,葉から色んな物が比喩的に意味されるわけですね。

fern は「羊歯(シダ)」です。ウィキペディアの「ウラジロ」には,“硬い葉柄を使ってカゴを編むなど、工芸品を作るのに用いることがある”とあります。


・この downy は「下(down)」と関係なく「ダウンジャケット」の「ダウン(down)」の形容詞です。2つの down は別語源です。

And Deirdre loved her life, for she was free as the brown partridge flying over the mountains, or as the vessels with ruddy sails swinging upon the loch.
But in the winter they moved down to the broad sheltered pasture-lands that lay on the western side of the loch near the island that was in olden days called Eilean Chlann Uisne or the Island of the Children of Usna, but is called Eilean nan Ron or the Isle of the Seals to-day; and there they built a mighty fortress for Deirdre and the sons of Usna which men still call the Caisteal Nighean Righ Eirinn or the Castle of the Daughter of the King of Ireland, and thence they made wars and conquered a great part of Western Alba and became powerful princes.



One sultry evening in the late autumn, Deirdre and Naisi were resting before the door of her sunny bower after a day spent by the brothers in the chase. Below, their followers were cutting up the deer, and as they brought in the bags of heavy game, and faggots for the hearth, the voice of Ainle singing an evening melody resounded through the wood. Like the sound of the wave the voice of Ainle, and the rich bass of Arden answered him, as together the two brothers came out from the shadow of the trees, gathering to the trysting-place of the evening meal.


sultry「蒸し暑い」は muggy とも言います。hot and humid「熱くて湿気がある」と分解してもいいでしょう。

Between Naisi and Deirdre a draught-board was set, but Deirdre was winning, for a mood of oppression lay upon Naisi and his thoughts were not in the game. For of late, at evening, his exile weighed upon him, and little good to him seemed his prosperity and his successes, since he did not see his own home in Ireland and his friends at the time of his rising in the morning or at the time of his lying down at night. For great as were his possessions in Alba, stronger in him than the love of his kindred in Alba was the love of his native land in Erin. He thought it strange, moreover, that of those three who in the old time loved him most, Fergus and Conall Cernach and Cuchulain, not one of them had all this time come to bring him to his own land again under his safeguard and protection.


draught-board とは「ドラフツ」または「チェッカー」と呼ばれるゲームの板です。


of late = lately は「近頃」です。

great as were his possessions in Alba は great as his possessions in Alba were

と同じで(his possessions in Albaが長すぎるので倒置した),though his possessions in Alba were great「アルバにおける彼の財産は大きかったけれども」 と同義です。アルバはスコットランド,エリンはアイルランドです。

So, as they played, Deirdre could see that the mind of Naisi was wandering from the game, and her heart smote her, as often it had smitten her before when she had seen him thus oppressed, that for her sake so much had gone from him of friends and home, and his allegiance to his king, and honourable days among his clan. Wistfully she smiled across the board at Naisi, but mournful was the answering smile he sent her back.



“Play, play,” she said, “I win the game from you.” “One game the more or less can matter little when all else is lost,” he answered bitterly. But hardly had the unkind words passed from him, the first unkindness Deirdre ever heard from Naisi’s lips, when far below, across the silent waters of the lake, he caught a distant call, his own name uttered in a ringing voice that seemed familiar, a voice that brought old days to memory.

「もっとやりましょう」彼女は言った。「私が勝っちゃいます」 「負けてばかりなんだから,1試合増えても減っても変わりはしないさ」彼は辛辣に言ったが,その辛辣な言葉が,ディアドラがそれまで聞いたことのなかったような冷たいセリフが彼の口から出るか出ないかのうちに,遥か下の方で,静かな湖の波音の向こうから,遠くからの呼び声が,響き渡る聞き慣れた声,昔を思い出すような声で自分自身の名前が呼ばれるのを聞いた。


“I hear the voice of a man from Erin call below,” he cried, and started up. Now Deirdre too had heard the cry and well she knew that it was Fergus’ voice they heard, but deep foreboding passed across her mind that all their hours of happiness were past, and grief and rending of the heart in store. So quickly she replied: “How could that be? It is some man of Alba coming from the chase, belated in returning. No voice was that from Erin; it was a Scotchman’s cry. Let us play on.”

「エリンの男が呼んでるのを聞いたぞ」と彼は叫んで身じろぎした。ディアドラもその声を聞き,自分達が聞いたのがフェルグスの声だとはっきり分かったが,自分達の幸せな日々が終わってしまい,悲しみと,心を引き裂くような気持ちが待ち受けているという深い予感が心をよぎった。それですぐに彼女は答えた。「そんなはずあるかしら? アルバの誰かが狩りから遅れて帰って来たのよ。エリンの男の声じゃないわ。スコットランド人の叫び声よ。ゲームを続けましょ」


in store は「蓄えられて」から「待ち受けて」の意があります。

・毎度ながら,アルバはスコットランドです(エリンはアイルランド)。some man of Albaa Scotchmanパラフレーズされていますね。Scotchman は Scotsman とも言います。


Three times the voice of Fergus came sounding up the glen, and at the last, Naisi sprang up. “You are mistaken, damsel; of a certainty I know this is the voice of Fergus.” “I knew it all the time, whose voice it was,” said Deirdre, when she saw he would not be put off. “Why then didst thou not tell us?” Naisi asked. “A vision that I saw last night hath hindered me,” replied the girl. “I saw three birds come to us out of Emain from the King, carrying three sips of honey in their bills; the sips of honey they left here with us, but took three sips of our red blood away with them.”

三度フェルグスの声は下から谷に響き渡り,遂にノイシュは跳び上がった。「間違いでしたねお嬢さん。確かにこれはフェルグスの声だと思いますよ」 「誰の声かは,ずっと分かっていたの」彼を引き留めることはできないと分かると彼女はそう言った。「ならどうして僕らに教えてくれなかったの?」ノイシュは尋ねた。「昨日の夜見た夢がためらわせたの」少女は答えた。「3羽の鳥がエヴァンの王の許からやってきたの。くちばしに蜂蜜をくわえながら。その蜂蜜を私たちに残していったけれど,私たちの赤い血を3羽が奪い去っていったの」

damsel は「少女」という意味です。フランス語で dame は lady ですね。damselfly は「イトトンボ」ですが,「少女のようにほっそりしている」ということでしょうね。

put off は「延期する(postpone)」という意味で非常に有名な熟語ですね。ここでも「延期する」→「遅らす」→「引き留める」ということです。

sip は「(ちびちび)飲む」で,ここではその名詞形です。東大はかつて sip と ship の聞き分けをリスニングで出題しています。


“What is thy rede of this vision, O Damsel?” Naisi asked. “Thus do I understand it,” Deirdre said; “Fergus hath come from our own native land with peace, and sweet as honey will his message be: but the three sips of blood that he will take away with him, those three are ye, for ye will go with him, and be betrayed to death.” “Speak not such words, O Deirdre,” cried they all; “never would Fergus thus betray his friends. Alas! that words like this should pass thy lips. We stay too long; Fergus awaits us at the port. Go, Ainle, and go, Arden, down to meet him, and to give him loving welcome here.”

「その夢の忠告は何だと思う,お嬢さん?」ノイシュは尋ねた。「このように理解します」ディアドラは言った。「フェルグスは私たちの生まれ故郷から平和を携えてやってきました。そして彼の伝言は蜂蜜のように甘いものでしょう。でも彼が奪い去る3羽分の血の雫,あの3つとは貴方たちのことです。というのも貴方たちは彼に同行し,裏切られて死ぬのですから」 「そんなこと言わないで,ディアドラよ」彼らは皆叫んだ。「フェルグスはそんな風に友人を裏切ったことはないよ。嗚呼,そんな言葉が貴女の口から出るなんて。私達はここに留まりすぎました。フェルグスが港で私達を待っています。行こう,アンル,行こう,アーデン。彼を迎えに降りよう。彼を心から歓迎しよう」

rede は「助言,忠告」という意味です。


So Arden went, and Ainle, and three loving kisses fervently they gave to Fergus and his sons. Gladly they welcomed the wayfarers to Naisi’s home, and led them up; and Naisi and Deirdre arose and stretched their hands in welcome; and they gave them blessing and three kisses lovingly, for old times’ sake, and eagerly they asked for tidings of Erin, and of Ulster especially. “I have no other tidings half so good as these,” said Fergus, “that King Conor waits for you to give you welcome back to Emain, and to the Red Branch House. I am your surety and your safeguard, and full well ye know that under Fergus’ safeguard ye are sure of peace.” “Heed not that message, Naisi,” Deirdre said; “greater and wider is your lordship here, than Conor’s rule in Erin.”

それでアーデンが出ていき,アンルも続き,2人はフェルグスと2人の息子に熱心なキスをした。彼らはノイシュの家にやってきた旅行者たちを喜んで歓迎し,上に案内した。そしてノイシュとディアドラが立ち上がって両手を伸ばして歓迎した。そして2人は来訪者に祝福のキスを3回,昔からの誼にかけて心から行い,エリンについての,とりわけアルスターについての知らせを熱心に聞きたがった。「この半分ほども素晴らしいと言える知らせはないぞ」とフェルグスは言った。「それはな,コノール王が君達をエヴァンに,赤枝の館に迎えたいと待っているのだ。俺は君達の身元保証人で護衛さ。そして君達はフェルグスの護衛ならば絶対に安全だとよく分かっているだろう」 「そんな伝言に耳を傾けちゃダメ」とディアドラは言った。「貴方のここの領地は,コノールのエリンの領地よりも大きくて広いのよ」

surety は「保証,抵当,保証人,引受人」です。sure の名詞形に当たりますが,「確実であること」という意味では sureness です。


“Better than any lordship is one’s native land,” said Naisi; “dearer to me than great possessions here, is one more sight of Erin’s well-loved soil.”
“My word and pledge are firm on your behalf,” said Fergus; “with me no harm or hurt can come to you.” “Verily and indeed, thy word is firm, and we will go with thee.”


「私の約束と誓約は断固として貴方のためにある」フェルグスは言った。「俺と一緒なら,どんな害も傷もつけさせない」 「まこと実際,貴方の言葉はしっかりとしたものだ。私達は貴方と共に参ろう」


But to their going Deirdre consented not, and every way she sought to hinder them, and wept and prayed them not to go to death. “Now all my joy is past,” she said; “I saw last night the three black ravens bearing three sad leaves of the yew-tree of death; and O Beloved, those three withered leaves I saw were the three sons of Usna, blown off their stem by the rough wind of Conor’s wrath and the damp dew of Fergus’ treachery.” And they were sorry that she had said that. “These are but foolish women’s fears,” said they; “the dropping of leaves in thy dream, and the howling of dogs, the sight of birds with blood-drops in their bills, are but the restlessness of sleep, O Deirdre; and verily we put our trust in Fergus’ word. To-night we go with him to Erin.”

しかし彼らが行くことにディアドラは同意せず,あらゆる方法で彼らを止めようとした。そして涙を流し,死にに行くなと彼らに嘆願した。「これで私のあらゆる喜びは失われました」彼女は言った。「私は昨夜,3羽の黒い烏が死を意味するイチイの樹の3枚の悲しい葉を運んでいる夢を見ました。そして愛する人よ,私が見たその3枚の萎れた葉はウシュナの3人の息子でした。怒ったコノールの荒々しい風と,裏切りのフェルグスの湿った露によって茎から吹き飛ばされました」 すると彼らは彼女がそんなことを言うのを悲しんだ。「それは愚かな女の心配にすぎません」彼らは言った。「貴女が夢で見た落葉,犬の唸り声,くちばしに血の雫をくわえた鳥の光景,これらは眠れずに落ち着かなかったせいです,ディアドラよ。そして私達は本当にフェルグスの言葉を信頼しています。今夜私達は,彼とエリンに行きます」


consento to... は「……に同意する」。非常に重要な動詞です。


Gladsome and gay were the three brothers then; they put all fears away from them, and set to prepare them for their journey back to Erin’s shores. And early the next morning, about the parting of night from day, at the delay of the morning dawn, they passed down to their galley that rocked upon the loch, and hoisted sail, and calmly and peacefully they sailed out into the ocean. But Deirdre sat in the stern of the boat, and her face was not set forward looking towards Erin, but it was set backward looking on the coasts of Scotland. And she cried aloud, “O Land of the East, My love to thee, with thy wondrous beauty! Woe is me that I leave thy lochs and thy bays, thy flowering delightful plains, and thy bright green-smooth hills! Dear to me the fort that Naisi built, dear the sunny bower up the glen; very dear to my heart the wooded slope holding the sunbeams where I have sat with Naisi.” And as they sailed out of Glen Etive she sang this song, sadly and sorrowfully:—

そして3人の兄弟は嬉しく,陽気になった。彼らはあらゆる不安を振り払い,エリンの沿岸へ戻る旅の準備を始めた。そして翌朝早く,夜と朝の境目くらいの,朝の夜明けがまだという時間に,彼らは湖に揺れるガレー船に向かって下りて行き,帆を上げ,静かに穏やかに湖に漕ぎ出していった。しかしディアドラは船尾に座り,彼女の顔はエリンの方を向いておらず,スコットランドの海岸の方を向いていた。そして彼女は叫んだ。「東の土地よ,貴方が恋しい,素晴らしく美しい土地よ! 貴方の湖,貴方の入り江,貴方の花咲く素晴らしい野原,貴方の明るい緑の滑らかな丘を離れるなんて,私は悲しい! ノイシュが築いた砦が恋しい,崖の上の陽の当たるあずまやが恋しい。特に恋しいのは,ノイシュと座った森の中の陽の差す坂道よ」そしてエティヴ谷から船が出ていくと,彼女はこんな歌を歌った。悲しく,寂しげに──

stern は「厳しい,厳めしい」という意味がありますが,ここは船の「船尾」です。別語源でしょう。「船首」は stem(茎に同じ),bow(ボウではなくバウ)です。


“Farewell, dear Alba of the free,
Beloved land beside the sea,
No power could drag me from my home,
Did I not come, Naisi, with thee.
Farewell, dear bowers within the Glen,
Farewell, strong fort hung over them,
Dear to the heart each shining isle,
That seems to smile beneath our ken.
Glen da Roe!










・Did I not come, Naisi, with thee の意味がよく分かりませんでした。ディアドラがスコットランドに来たのはノイシュと共にですし,去るのもノイシュと共にです。そこで,Had I not come, Naisi, with thee と解しました。これならば「仮に私がノイシュと来なかったならば」です。

・この Roeノロジカと解します。うまい具合に,ウィキペディアノロジカ(roe deer)を調べると分布図があり,アイルランドは塗られておらず,スコットランドを含むブリテン島は塗られています。アイルランドにはいないノロジカのいる土地がエティヴ谷だったのでしょう。


Where the white cherry and garlic blow,
On thy blue wave we rocked to sleep,
As on the deep, by Glen da Roe.
Glen Etive!
Whose sunny slopes these waters lave,
The rising sun we seemed to hold.
As in a fold, in Glen Etive.
Glen Masaun!









the deep は詩的表現で「海原」の意味があります。


Love to all those who here were born!
Across thy peak, at twilight’s fall,
The cuckoos call, in Glen Masaun.
Farewell, dear Land,
From Alba’s strand I ne’er had roved
Save at the call of my beloved,
Farewell, dear Land!”









The next day they reached the shores of Ireland not far from the fort of Borrach. And as they landed there, messengers from Borrach met Fergus, saying, “Borrach hath prepared a feast for the King, and it is the King’s command that the honour of this feast be given to thee. Come therefore and spend this night with me; but the King desires to hasten the sons of Usna that he may welcome them, and he bids them press onward to Emain this very night.”



When Fergus heard that, sudden fear and gloom over-shadowed him, lest in very truth Conor had evil designs towards the sons of Usna. “It was not well done, O Borrach, to offer me a feast in Conor’s stead this night, for I was pledged to bring the sons of Usna straight to Emain without delay.” “It is the King’s command,” said Borrach; “needs must a true vassal obey the King.” Still was Fergus loth to stay and he asked Naisi what he ought to do about this. “Do what they desire of thee, O Fergus,” said Deirdre, “if to partake of a banquet seems better to thee than to protect the sons of Usna. However to me it seems that the lives of thy three friends is a good price to pay for a feast.”

フェルグスはこれを聞くと,突然の不安と憂鬱が彼の気持ちを沈ませた。もしやコノールがウシュナの子らに邪悪な計画を練ってはいまいかと。「ボラッハよ,今夜コノールに代わって我に宴を催すのは都合がよくなかった。というのも我はウシュナの子らを遅滞なくエヴァンに連れて行くよう誓っているのだ」 「王の命令です」ボラッハは言った。「真の家臣は王に従わねばなりません」 それでもフェルグスは留まるのを渋り,ノイシュにどうしたものかと尋ねた。「フェルグスよ,貴方がなさりたいことをしなさい」ディアドラは言った。「ウシュナの子らを護るより,宴会に参加する方が貴方によって良いことだと思えるならば。しかし私には,貴方の3人の友人の命は宴会に払うには高い値段に思えますが」

steadplace を意味するやや古い語で,instead of...「……の代わりに」にも使われています。in Conor's stead とは instead of Conor「コノールに代わって」ということです。

partake of が「参加する」の意味でつかわれていますが現代英語では partake in,take part in が普通でしょう。


“I will not forsake them,” said Fergus; “for my two sons, Illan the Fair and Buinne the Ruthless Red will be with them to protect them, and my word of honour, moreover, with them; if all the warriors of Erin were assembled in one place, and all of one mind, they would not be able to break the pledge of Fergus.”




“Much thanks we give thee for that,” said Naisi, for he saw that Fergus feared to fall foul of Conor more than he cared for their safety; “never have we depended on any protection but that of our own right hands alone; we will then go forward to Emain Macha, and see there if the word of Fergus will be sufficient to protect us.”


fall foul of は「ぶつかる,反する」といった意味です。fall short of もありますね。



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