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Asgard Stories 17:トールの不思議な旅(2)

Asgard Stories

トールが少年シャールヴィと少女レスクヴァをお供に加えたAsgard Stories 16の続きです。

Thor’s Wonderful Journey - II

The four started off, after saying good-by to the peasant and his wife, leaving in their charge the chariot and goats, for it seemed best to finish the journey on foot. At nightfall they entered a thick forest, through which they wandered on for miles, when all at once they came upon a house, and a strange-looking house it was. The wide front door opened into a big room; at the left was a small room, and just opposite the front door were four long, narrow rooms. The travelers wondered to find a house in the depths of a forest, but they were glad to have shelter for the night, and all lay down for a good rest. Soon after midnight they were awakened by groans and strange sounds, and the earth began to tremble.


leave O in their chargeは「Oを彼らの管理に預けた」という意味です。「管理責任」のchargeは2020/3/4の記事の一番下で解説しています。


opposite... やacross from... には「…の向かい側に」の意味があります。


Thor sent his companions into the farthest room, grasped his hammer, and stood on guard by the door. At daybreak he started forth to find out what had caused the noise. He had not gone far when he came upon a huge giant, lying on the ground asleep, and Thor found that he was making the earth tremble with his snoring, which must have been the sound they had heard in the night. While Thor was looking at the giant, he awoke, and spoke to the god. “Ho, ho! I think you little fellow must be Thor, of whom I have often heard, but really, I did not think you were quite so small! Now the sun is up, and I must be off; but where is my other glove? Oh, here it is, on the ground!” And the giant stooped and picked up his glove, which was the very house in which our four travelers had spent the night, with the big front door where the hand went in, the thumb for the one side-room, and the four narrow finger-rooms opposite the door.

トールは旅の連れ達を音から1番遠い部屋に連れていき,ハンマーを握ってドアのそばに立って見張りをしました。夜明けになってトールは騒音の原因を確かめようと出ていきました。そう遠くも行かないうちに,巨人が寝そべって眠っているのを発見したので,トールはこの巨人がいびきで地面を揺らしていたと,このいびきが夜間に聞いた音に違いないと気づきました。トールが巨人を眺めている間に巨人は目覚め,トールに話しかけました。「ほっほう!おチビさんのお前はトールだな。よくお前の話を聞いたよ。しかし実際,こんなに小さいとは思わなかったよ! もう陽も出てるから,俺は行かなきゃ。でももう1個の手袋はどこだ? ああここにある,地面に落ちてら」そう言って巨人は立ち止まり手袋を拾い上げましたが,それはまさに4人が夜を過ごした家そのものでした。大きな玄関は手を入れるところで,親指を一方の部屋に入れ,玄関の向かいには指を入れる4つの狭い部屋があったのでした。

・まじかいω・`) トールと巨人のサイズの隔たりが分かりますね。トールたち神は,巨人よりは人間にずっとサイズが近いのでしょうね。

hadn't gone far when... は「…とき,遠くへは行っていなかった」ですから,「遠くへは行かないうちに…」です。


“If you are going my way, you may come along with me,” said the giant. So they journeyed together for one day, but even mighty Thor could hardly keep up with the giant’s long strides. When night came, the giant stopped under a large oak tree, and said, “I am going to sleep; you may eat your supper, if you wish; here is a bag full of things.” Saying this, he fell asleep, and was soon snoring. But when Thor tried to open the bag of food, he could not untie the cord. This made him angry, for the giant had tied up their food with his own. He looked at the huge figure lying before him asleep, and when he thought what a mean trick the giant had played upon them, Thor seized the magic hammer, and threw it at him.





“Did a leaf fall on me?” said the giant, sleepily. “Haven’t you eaten your supper yet? Well, I am going to sleep again.” And soon he was snoring louder than before. Thor grasped his hammer tighter than ever, and threw it with such strength that it seemed as though it must surely have killed the giant; but again he rubbed his eyes, and said, “I thought an acorn fell on my head!” He had hardly spoken when he was asleep again.

「葉っぱが落ちてきたのか?」と巨人は眠そうに言いました。「お前達まだ夕飯を食ってないのか? よし,また眠るよ」そして巨人は今までよりも大きないびきをかきました。トールは今までで一番強くハンマーを握りしめ,きっと巨人を殺すだろうと思えるくらいの力を込めて投げました。しかしまた巨人は目をこすり,「どんぐりが頭に落ちたのかな」と言いましたが,言うやいなや再び眠りに落ちました。

as thoughはas ifと同じで,「まるで…かのように」です。


he had hardly 過去分詞 when... は重要な文法事項で,「…とき,ほとんど~していなかった」→「~するやいなや…」です。hardlyが文頭につまみ出されるとhe hadがhad heと倒置し,hardly had he 過去分詞 when...となります。2020/2/3の記事で解説しています。


Then a third time Thor hurled his hammer with all his strength, and it seemed to hit his enemy in the forehead, and was buried out of sight, but the giant only said: “I think there must be birds overhead in this tree; I thought a feather dropped down on me. Are you awake, Thor? I think we’d better be going on with our journey, and if you are bound to go to Utgard, I will show you the way, but I advise you to go home instead; you will find bigger fellows than I in Utgard!”

すると3度めにトールはハンマーを全力で投げつけ,ハンマーは敵の額に当たったように見え,見えない所に埋もれました。しかし巨人はこう言っただけでした。「鳥達が頭上の木の中にいるに違いないな。羽が俺の所に落ちたみたいだ。トール,お前さんは起きてるかい? 俺達は旅を続けた方がいいと思うし,もしお前がウートガルズに行かなきゃならないのなら道を教えるけど,やっぱり家に帰った方が良いんじゃないかな。ウートガルズには俺よりも大きな奴らがいるよ!」

be bound to-Vは「Vしなければならない,きっとVする,Vしようと決心している」があります。


But Thor had made up his mind to go on, and nothing could make him change. At noontime the four friends left their giant guide, whose path led another way. They had not traveled far when Thor spied a large city looming up before them, and soon they came to Utgard, the home of the fierce giants. Although it was surrounded by high walls, Thor and his friends were able to creep through the bars of the great gate. When they came to the palace and found its door open, they went in, and there sat all the giants with their king, Utgard-Loki, at their head. A quite different Loki was this giant king from the mischievous fire-god, the Loki from Asgard, who now stood before him.




barは「かんぬき」の意味もありますが「かんぬきの隙間を通る」はおかしいなと思ってグーグル画像検索すると,縦(と横)に細い棒が何本も走って通れないようになっている鉄柵です。巨人の城の柵は大きいのでトールたちでも通り抜けられたのでしょう(ウィキペディア英語版には,なんとか体をねじ込んで通ったと書いてあります)。ある言葉がどういうイメージを持たれているかを,グーグル画像検索で確かめるのは有効です。試しに“cool guy”と“hot guy”と画像検索してみましょう笑

A quite different Loki was this great king from the mischievous fire-godは,This great king was a quite different Loki from the mischievous fire-god「この巨大な王は,いたずら好きの火の神とは全く異なるロキでした」からの倒置(SVCCVS)です。なおこのLokiにはaが付いていますが,「Lokiという名を持つ者の1人」だからOKです。