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  Count Rollant is a noble and brave soldier,
  Gualter del Hum's a right good chevalier,
  That Archbishop hath shewn good prowess there;
  None of them falls behind the other pair;
  Through the great press, pagans they strike again.
  Come on afoot a thousand Sarrazens,
  And on horseback some forty thousand men.
  But well I know, to approach they never dare;
  Lances and spears they poise to hurl at them,
  Arrows, barbs, darts and javelins in the air.
  With the first flight they've slain our Gualtier;
  Turpin of Reims has all his shield broken,
  And cracked his helm; he's wounded in the head,
  From his hauberk the woven mail they tear,
  In his body four spear-wounds doth he bear;
  Beneath him too his charger's fallen dead.
  Great grief it was, when that Archbishop fell.


・数詞を修飾する some は「約」です。some hundreds は「数百,何百もの」ですが some hundred は「約百(about a hundred)」なので注意。


  Turpin of Reims hath felt himself undone,
  Since that four spears have through his body come;
  Nimble and bold upon his feet he jumps;
  Looks for Rollant, and then towards him runs,
  Saying this word: "I am not overcome.
  While life remains, no good vassal gives up."
  He's drawn Almace, whose steel was brown and rough,
  Through the great press a thousand blows he's struck:
  As Charles said, quarter he gave to none;
  He found him there, four hundred else among,
  Wounded the most, speared through the middle some,
  Also there were from whom the heads he'd cut:
  So tells the tale, he that was there says thus,
  The brave Saint Giles, whom God made marvellous,
  Who charters wrote for th' Minster at Loum;
  Nothing he's heard that does not know this much.




undone の原形 undo には「(結ばれたものを)解く」とか「元通りにする(コンピューター用語)」という意味があり,undone は「やられた,もう駄目だ」と言うのに使われることがあります。

overcome は「克服する(ger over)」が最も重要ですが「やっつける」的な意味もあります。

・アルマスはテュルパンの剣として有名で FF11FF14 などゲームに登場します。

give no quarter は「容赦しない」です(no は to none に込められています)

・聖ジルは聖アエギディウスのことっぽいです。Loum (Loüm) は Laon「ラン /lɑ̃/」のことだそうです。立派な大聖堂があり,当時は修道院くらいだったかもしれません。カール大帝の母は「ランのベルトラダ」と言われているようです。テュルパンと言えばランスの大司教ですが,ランはエーヌ県,ランスはマルヌ県で,両県は隣接しています。






・最後の一文について,もう一つのバージョンでは Who knows not this, he knows not any thing です。「これを知らない者,何も知らない」→「誰でもテュルパンの事績は知っている」ということでしょうか。翻ってこのバージョンの最後の一文は「これだけのことを知らない者は何も見聞していない(=無知だ)」ということでしょうか。


  The count Rollanz has nobly fought and well,
  But he is hot, and all his body sweats;
  Great pain he has, and trouble in his head,
  His temples burst when he the horn sounded;
  But he would know if Charles will come to them,
  Takes the olifant, and feebly sounds again.
  That Emperour stood still and listened then:
  "My lords," said he, "Right evilly we fare!
  This day Rollanz, my nephew shall be dead:
  I hear his horn, with scarcely any breath.
  Nimbly canter, whoever would be there!
  Your trumpets sound, as many as ye bear!"
  Sixty thousand so loud together blare,
  The mountains ring, the valleys answer them.
  The pagans hear, they think it not a jest;
  Says each to each: "Carlum doth us bestead."


「諸侯よ」彼は言った。「実にまずい状況である! 今日この日にローランは,余の甥は死ぬであろう。彼の角笛が聞こえる。息も絶え絶えだ。行きたい者は急ぎ駆けよ。持っている角笛はできるだけ多く吹き鳴らせ!」


・この fare は副詞(ここでは evilly)を伴って「(うまく・まずく)行く」です。「行く」の意味があるため「運賃」の意味があるのです。welfare は「上手く行く」で「福祉・幸福」です。

・hardly や scarcely は程度に関して「ほどんど……ない」です(例えば can hardly V で「ほとんど V できない」)が,hardly anyscarcely any とすると数量に関して「ほとんど……ない」となります。頻度に関して「滅多に……ない」としたければ hardly ever, scarcely ever です。

jest は「冗談」です。jester は「道化師」ですね。



  The pagans say: "That Emperour's at hand,
  We hear their sound, the trumpets of the Franks;
  If Charles come, great loss we then shall stand,
  And wars renewed, unless we slay Rollant;
  All Spain we'll lose, our own clear father-land."
  Four hundred men of them in helmets stand;
  The best of them that might be in their ranks
  Make on Rollanz a grim and fierce attack;
  Gainst these the count had well enough in hand.



at hand は「手元に,すぐ近くに,近い将来に」です。


  The count Rollanz, when their approach he sees
  Is grown so bold and manifest and fierce
  So long as he's alive he will not yield.
  He sits his horse, which men call Veillantif,
  Pricking him well with golden spurs beneath,
  Through the great press he goes, their line to meet,
  And by his side is the Archbishop Turpin.
  "Now, friend, begone!" say pagans, each to each;
  "These Frankish men, their horns we plainly hear
  Charle is at hand, that King in Majesty."




begone は相手に対し命令文で「去れ,失せろ」と使うものですが,ここでは味方に「逃げるんだ」と言っていますね。


  The count Rollanz has never loved cowards,
  Nor arrogant, nor men of evil heart,
  Nor chevalier that was not good vassal.
  That Archbishop, Turpins, he calls apart:
  "Sir, you're afoot, and I my charger have;
  For love of you, here will I take my stand,
  Together we'll endure things good and bad;
  I'll leave you not, for no incarnate man:
  We'll give again these pagans their attack;
  The better blows are those from Durendal."
  Says the Archbishop: "Shame on him that holds back!
  Charle is at hand, full vengeance he'll exact."


大司教は言う。「力を惜しむ者に恥を! シャルルは近い。彼が仇を取ってくれる」

take a stand は「抵抗する,防御する」です。