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Asgard Stories 18:トールとウートガルザ・ロキの五番勝負

Asgard Stories

トール,ロキ,シャールヴィ,レスクヴァの4名がウートガルズに乗り込んだAsgard Stories 17の続きです。

Thor’s Wonderful Journey - III

Upon seeing the four strangers, the king of the giants said: “Why, this must be the god Thor. I really did not suppose that you were such a little fellow, Thor! but probably you are stronger than you look. Now, before you sit down at our table, you must each show some proof of your strength!” Then Loki, who was very hungry, said he was sure he could eat more than any one else; so the king called one of the giants to come forth, saying to Loki, “If you can indeed eat more than one of my men, you will perform a great feat.”



・on, uponには「接触」の意味があり,「時間的接触」→「即座」と発展してUpon Vingは「Vするやいなや」という意味です。「〜するやいなや」は2020/2/3の記事で紹介しています。



A huge trough, full of meat, was brought in, and Loki began eating at one end, while the giant began at the other. They reached the center together; but Loki had eaten only the meat, while the giant had devoured meat, bones, trough, and all. Thialfe, the peasant boy, took his turn next, and boasted that he was the fastest runner of them all. “Oh,” said the king, “it will be a most wonderful feat if you can win a race against one of my men!” The first time Thialfe ran the course he kept ahead until near the end, and was beaten by only a few yards. The second time he came off worse, and the third time he was only halfway around when the giant had reached the goal.



・男の子も参加して勇敢ですね。というか,歩幅が違うでしょう(´・ω・`) keep ahead (of N)は「(Nより)先に行く」です。

・1 yardは約90センチです(36インチで1インチが2.54cmだから91.44cm)。「1メートル弱」と覚えていいでしょう。

came off worse「出来が…である」のcome offにworseが付き,「もっと出来が悪い」です。


Thor, however, was not at all cast down by the failure of the others, and he proposed to try a drinking match. So the king brought forth a long drinking horn, saying, “My men usually empty this in one draught, if they are very thirsty, though sometimes they have to take it in two swallows, or even three.” Then Thor put his lips to the drinking horn, and took one long, deep pull, thinking he had surely emptied it, but to his surprise, the water had lowered only a few inches. Again he lifted the horn, feeling sure he should empty it this time, yet he did no better than before. The king said, “You have left a great deal for your last drink!”


be cast down(下に放り投げられる?)は「失望する」です。let 人 downで「人をがっかりさせる」ですから,be let downも「失望する」ですね。

draught [draft] は「一飲み」です。「下書き,草稿」のドラフト,「ドラフト制度」のドラフトと同じ単語です。2回目ではswallowパラフレーズされていますね。

「no 比較級 than」は「as 逆の意味の原級 as」と言い換えられます。no bigger than a mouseはas small as a mouseですね。今回はno better than beforeなのでas bad as before「前回同様(出来が)悪かった」です。


This made Thor try his very best; but it was of no use, he could not empty the horn. “So you are not as strong as you seemed, after all! Do you care to try anything else?” said the king of the giants, in a mocking tone. “Oh, certainly, anything you like!” replied Thor. “Well,” said the king, “I will give you something easy this time, since I see you are not as strong as I expected. You may try to lift this cat from the floor; it would be mere child’s play for one of my men.”



Thor put out his hand to lift the cat, but he could raise only one paw, though he used all his strength. “Well, it is no more than I expected!” said the king; “you boast of your strength, but you do not show it to us.” By this time Thor was getting very angry, and he spoke fiercely, “I will challenge any one of you to fight with me!” The king looked about the hall to find some one small enough to wrestle with Thor. Then he said, “All my men are too large, I shall have to send for one of the women!” Soon a bent old woman came hobbling in, and Thor thought it would be nothing to overcome her; but the longer they wrestled, the stronger the old woman became, and at last, when it was plain that she was going to win, and Thor had been thrown down upon the floor, the king called to them to stop.

トールは猫を持ち上げようと手を差し出しましたが,全力を使っても前足の一つしか持ち上げられませんでした。「ふん,期待はずれか」王は言いました。「お前は力持ちを自慢しているが,俺達に示せていないな」 トールは激怒して「誰でもいいから相手になってやる!」と激しく言いました。王はホールを見渡し,トールと格闘できそうな小ささの者を探しました。それから王は「俺達はみな大きすぎるから女を呼ぶしか無いな!」と言いました。まもなく腰の曲がった老女が足を引きずって入ってきたので,トールは彼女をやっつけるのは何でも無いと思いました。しかし時間が経てば経つほど老女は強くなっていき,ついにトールの敗色が濃くなり,トールが床に投げつけられると,王はやめるようにいました。

it is no more than I expectedは「期待した以上ではない」ということである意味「期待通り」ですが,「期待はずれ」と意訳しました。

boast of Nは「Nを鼻にかける」。boast that... 節もあります。

・このchallengeclallenge O to-Vで「OにVするよう挑む」という意味です。直訳すると「俺と戦うよう,誰に対しても挑む」です。


Thor and his friends were then invited to sit down at the feast, and the next morning, after a good breakfast, they started on their journey homeward. Utgard-Loki, the giant king, went with them to the city gate, and when he was about to leave them, said, “Do you find it as easy as you expected to overthrow the giants?” “No,” said Thor, who was too honest to hide his shame, “I am vexed that I have done so little, and I know that after this failure, you will all laugh at my weakness.” “No, indeed,” replied the king; “since you are now well outside our stronghold I will tell you the truth about what you saw there, and I will take good care not to let you get in again. You have greatly surprised us all, for we did not dream that you were so strong, and I have had to use magic to hold out against you.





“When you met the first giant in the forest you would have killed him with your hammer, if he had not put a mountain between himself and you. Loki was a wonderful eater, but we matched him against fire, and who can devour more than fire? The boy was a swift runner, and I had to make him race against thought, in order to beat him; what can be swifter than thought? The horn, from which you drank, was the ocean, and you took such a mighty draught, that the people in Midgard saw the tide ebb. It was really not a cat you tried to lift, but the Midgard Serpent, and you pulled him so far that we feared he would let go his hold. Then you wrestled with Old Age, and who is there that can overcome Old Age?” With these words the giant king vanished, and Thor, upon looking around, saw the city of Utgard was also gone. Then silently, but with many thoughts of these strange things, Thor and Loki, with the boy and the girl, made their way back to Asgard.

「森でお前が最初の巨人に会った時,あいつが山を盾にしなければお前はハンマーであいつを殺していただろう。ロキは凄い大食らいだ,でも俺達はロキを火と戦わせたのさ。火なら何でも貪るだろう? 少年は足が速いから,少年を負かすためには思考と戦わせなければならなかった。思考より早いものはないだろう? お前が飲んだ角杯は海洋さ。お前はしこたま飲んだから,ミズガルズの人どもは引き潮を見たぜ。お前が持ち上げようとしたのは実は猫じゃない。ミズガルズの蛇さ。お前が引っ張りすぎるもんだから俺達は,やつが掴んでいる物を離すんじゃないかって怖かったよ。それからお前は老齢(とし)と戦った。老齢に勝てる奴がいるか?」そう言って巨人の王は姿を消し,トールが見渡すと,ウートガルズの街も消えていました。それからトールとロキ,そして少年と少女は静かに,こうした不思議な出来事を色々考えながら,アースガルズに帰ったのでした。

・トールすごすぎひん?(´・ω・`) 海洋を数インチ下げたそうですよ。



let N go,let go Nは「Nを行かせる」の直訳から「Nから手を離す」です。let go of N「Nから手を離す」とも言います。「やつが掴んでいるものを離す」とはどういうことでしょう?ミズガルズの大蛇(ヨルムンガンド)はミズガルズ界を取り巻いているので,彼がいなくなるとミズガルズが崩壊する,と巨人は恐れたのかもしれませんね。