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Asgard Stories 26:バルドル(1)

Asgard Stories

巨人のスカディ(スカジ)がニョルズの嫁になったAsgard Stories 25の続きです。

Baldur - I

Baldur was the best beloved of all the gods. Odin was their father and king; to him they turned for help and wise advice, but it was to Baldur they went for loving words and bright smiles. The sight of his kind face was a joy to the Æsir, and to all the people of Midgard. They sometimes called him the god of light, a good name for him, because he truly gave to the world light and strength.



turn to A for Bは「Bを求めてAを頼る(Aの方を向く)」です。今回はto Aが文頭に回されてto A they turned for Bとなっています。

to Baldur they went for loving wordsも先程のto him they turned for helpと同構造ですね。なお直前にit wasがありますが,これはit was ... that 〜の強調構文です。thatが省略できるため,it was to Baldur (that) they went for loving words→it was to Baldur they went for loving wordsとなっています。it was ... that 〜の強調構文は「〜だったのは……だった」と訳せるため,「彼らは愛のある言葉を求めてバルドルのところへ行った」→「彼らが愛のある言葉を求めて行ったのはバルドルのところ(へ)だった」と訳し変えます。


Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigga; he was the most gentle and lovely of all the gods. His beautiful palace in Asgard was bright and spotless; no evil creature could enter there; no one who had wrong thoughts could stay in that palace of love and truth.




At last, after the bright summer was over, for many days Baldur had looked sad and troubled. Some of the Æsir saw it, but most of all, his loving, watchful mother, Frigga. Baldur could not bear to worry his mother, so he kept his sorrow to himself, saying nothing about it; but at last Frigga drew his secret from him, and then his friends knew that Baldur had had dreams which told of coming trouble, dreams of his leaving all his friends and going away from Asgard, to dwell in another land.


cannot bear to-V,cannot bear Vingは「Vすることが耐えられない」です。

keep N to oneselfは「Nを秘密にしておく」です。




Odin and Frigga, fearing the dreams might come true and they must lose their beloved son, began to think what they could do to prevent it. Then the loving mother said, “I will make all things in the world promise not to hurt our son.” And so Queen Frigga sent out for everything in the whole world, and everything came trooping to Asgard, to her palace. All living creatures came from the land, from the water, and from the air. All plants and trees came; all rocks, stones, and even the metals under the earth, where the busy dwarfs worked. Fire came, and water, as well as all poisons, and sickness. Everything promised not to harm the good Baldur, except one little plant called mistletoe, which was so small that Frigga did not send for it, feeling sure it could not do any harm.


promise to-Vのto-Vの前にnotを置いてpromise not to-Vで「Vしないと約束する」です。

send for Nは「Nを呼ぶために遣いをやる」です。



“Now I am happy once more,” said the queen, “for our Baldur is safe!” And she sat at peace in her beautiful palace, rejoicing that her dear son was free from all danger. But Odin, the wise Allfather, still felt uneasy, even after all these promises, fearing what might happen. So he took his eight-footed steed, Sleipnir, and rode forth from Asgard to the underworld to find Hela, the wise woman who ruled over that far-off land. She could tell everything that was going to happen, and she knew the names of all those who were coming to dwell with her. Odin was the only one wise enough to speak with Hela, for no one else knew the words that would call her forth from her dwelling; but when Odin called, she came to answer.





“Tell me,” said he, “for whom are you making ready this costly room?”

“We make ready for Baldur, the god of light,” replied Hela.

“Who, then, will slay Baldur, and bring such darkness and sorrow to Asgard?”

Again said the wise woman, “It is Hodur, Baldur’s twin brother, who will slay the sun-god.” And with these words she vanished.

Sadly Father Odin returned to Asgard, and told his wife the words of Hela; but Frigga was not troubled in her heart, for she felt sure that nothing would hurt her dear son.