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Asgard Stories 10:ドワーフ,フェンリル用の鎖を作る

Asgard Stories

トールが作った鎖ではフェンリルを拘束できなかったAsgard Stories 9の続きです。

First spoke Frey, the god of summer and king of the fairies. “Hearken to me, O lords of Asgard!” he said. “I have not won a brave name in battle, like the noble Tyr, neither have I done such mighty deeds as the great Thor and others of our heroes. Instead of fighting giants and monsters, I have spent most of my life in the woods, among the flowers, listening for hours to the birds. Many things have I watched, some perhaps that my brothers thought too small to be worthy of notice. I have learned many lessons, and the greatest of them all is to know how much power there is in little things, and to see how often the work, done quietly, and hidden from the eyes of men, is the finest and the most wonderful. Since we cannot make a chain strong enough to bind Fenrir, let us go to the little dwarfs, who work in silence and in darkness, and ask them to make us a chain!”

まず口を開いたのは夏の神で妖精たちの王,フレイでした。「お耳をお貸し下さい,アースガルズの主よ! 私はテュール君のように戦いで有名を馳せたこともなく,またトールの兄貴や他の諸兄のように力仕事をしてきたわけではありません。巨人や怪物と戦う代わりに,私は生活の大半を森の中で,花に囲まれ鳥たちの声を何時間も聞いて過ごしてきました。多くの物を見てきましたが,中には諸兄らにとっては小さすぎて目に止める価値のない物もあったかもしれません。多くの教訓を学んできましたが,中でも一番のものは小さき物の中に如何ほどの力があるのかを知り,静かに,人の目に触れずになされた仕事が最も洗練され素晴らしいということが如何に多いかを知ることでした。我々にフェンリルを縛るほど丈夫な鎖を作り得ぬのなら,静かに,暗闇の中で働いている小人達の所へ行って,彼らに鎖を作ってもらおうではありませんか」





The Allfather’s troubled face grew brighter as he heard Frey speak, and he bade him send a messenger quickly to the dwarfs, to order a chain made as soon as possible.


badeはbidの過去形ですが,古語では「命じる」の意があります。bid O to-V=order o to-V

order a chain madeはorder O (to be) 過去分詞「Oが…されるよう命令する」です。「ドワーフに命令(order)するようフレイに命令(bid)した」という構造になっています。



So Frey went out, leaving the Æsir in their trouble, and came to his own lovely home, Alfheim. There everything was bright and peaceful, and the little elves were busy and happy. Frey found a trusty messenger, and sent him with all speed to the dwarfs underground, to order the new chain, and to return as soon as he could bring it. The faithful servant found the funny little dwarf workmen all busy in their dark rock chambers, far down inside the earth, while at one side, in a lighter place, sat their king. The messenger bowed before him, and told him his errand.



in a lighter place, sat their kingのtheir king「彼らの王」をフレイと誤読しないよう注意です。これはドワーフ達の王です。lighterなので「多少は明るい」ということでしょう。ドワーフは日光を浴びると死ぬそうです。

・というわけで最後のtold him his errandのhimは「ドワーフの王」,his errandは「使者の用事(事実上フレイの用事)」と取ります。


The dwarfs were a wicked race, but they were afraid of Odin, for they had not forgotten the talk he once had with them, when he sent them down to work in darkness underground, and since that time they never had dared disobey him. The dwarf king said it would take two days and two nights to make the chain, but it would be so strong that no one could break it.


dare V「敢えてVする」は,肯定ではdare to-Vの方を好みます(例外はI dare say「たぶん」)。今回はneverがあり否定なのでdare V,ということでしょうか。

it would takeのtakeは「取る・奪う」→「かかる」ですね。「時間がかかる」のit takes… は2020/2/22の記事で詳しく解説しており,更にそれを用いて「素質」を表す方法も解説しています。


While the busy dwarfs were at work, the messenger looked about at the many wonderful things: the great central fire which burns always in the middle of the earth, watched and fed with coal by the dwarfs; above this, the beds of coal, and bright precious diamonds, which the dwarfs took from the ashes of the fire. In another place he watched them putting gold and silver, tin and copper, into the cracks in the rocks, and he drank of the pure, underground water, which gives the Midgard people fresh springs.


・looked about at... のaboutは前置詞ではなく「その辺で」という副詞でしょう。

fed with coalはfeed A with B「AにBを与える」の受動態ですね。目的語だったAは前にあるthe great central fireです。

the ashes of the fireは「火の灰」は変なので「炉の灰」です。

drank of... はdrank... と違い「…の水の一部を飲んだ」ということで,Asgard Stories 7の「ミーミルの泉」の所でも使われています。