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Asgard Stories 7:オーディン,ミーミルの泉に到達

Asgard Stories

Asgard Stories 6の続きです。


Here was one of the three fountains which watered the world tree, Yggdrasil, and near by sat the wise giant, Mimir, guarding the waters of this wonderful fountain, for whoever drank of it would have the gift of great wisdom. Mimir was a giant in size, but he was not one of the fierce giant enemies of the gods, for he was kind, and wiser than the wisest.


Here was S,near by sat S,ともに〈場所を表す副詞〉+V+Sの語順です。〈~には〉と場所に注意を惹き付けてから,「…がいた[座っていた]」と居た者を登場させるのです。

drank of itが興味深いですね。drank itだと「泉を飲んだ」みたいですから,drank of itで「泉から飲んだ」=「泉の水の一部を飲んだ」と言うわけです。

a giant in sizeのinは〈分野〉のinですね。「サイズの面では巨人だった」です。

wiser than the wisestは誇張(による強調)ですね。the wisestよりwiseな者はいないはずですから。


Mimir’s well of wisdom was in the midst of a wonderful valley, filled with rare plants and bright flowers, and among the groves of beautiful trees were strange creatures, sleeping dragons, harmless serpents, and lizards, while birds with gay plumage flew and sang among the branches. Over all this quiet valley shone a lovely soft light, different from sunlight, and in the center grew one of the roots of the great world tree. Here the wise giant Mimir sat gazing down into his well.


among the groves of beautiful trees were S,そして少し後のOver all this quiet valley shone Sin the center grew Sも〈場所を表す副詞〉+V+Sです。小説では多用されるのでしょう。今後,この点には触れないことにします。

gay plumageのgayは「鮮やかな,派手な,陽気な,楽しい」で,ここから現代の「ゲイの」が派生しました。


Odin greeted the kind old giant, and said, “Oh, Mimir, I have come from far-away Asgard to ask a great boon!” “Gladly will I help you if it is in my power,” said Mimir.


boonは「役立つもの」,ここでは「頼み事」です。「愉快な」という意味もあるらしくboon companionは「愉快な仲間,親友」です。

Gladly will I help youは倒置になっていますね。= I will help you gladly


“You know,” replied Odin, “that as father of gods and men I need great wisdom, and I have come to beg for one drink of your precious water of knowledge. Trouble threatens us, even from one of the Æsir, for Loki, the fire-god, has lately been visiting the giants, and I fear he has been learning evil ways from them. The frost giants and the storm giants are always at work, trying to overthrow both gods and men; great is my need of wisdom, and even though no one ever before has dared ask so great a gift, I hope that since you know how deep is my trouble, you will grant my request.”



Great is my need of wisdomSVCCVS型倒置です(= My need of wisdom is great)。「大きいのだよ,私のneedは」と「大きい」ことを先に言いたいのでしょう。

so great a giftはsuch a great giftを堅くした語順です。


Mimir sat silently, thinking for several moments, and then said, “You ask a great thing, indeed, Father Odin; are you ready to pay the price which I must demand?” “Yes,” said Odin, cheerfully, “I will give you all the gold and silver of Asgard, and all the jeweled shields and swords of the Æsir. More than all, I will give up my eight-footed horse Sleipnir, if that is needed to win the reward.”