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Asgard Stories 9:トール3昼夜休まず鎖を作る

Asgard Stories

Asgard Stories 8の続きです。エーシルはフェンリルをどう手懐けるのでしょうか?


He was a war-god, like Thor, and is sometimes called the Sword-god. Tyr was loved by all because he was so true and faithful.



Each day the dreadful wolf grew larger and stronger, till all at once, before the Æsir thought about it, he had become a very dangerous beast. Father Odin always looked troubled when he saw Fenrir, the wolf, come to get his evening meal of meat from Tyr’s hand, and at last one night, after the wolf had gone growling away to his lair, Odin called a meeting of the Æsir. He told them of his fears, saying they must find some plan for guarding themselves and their home against this monster. They could not slay him, for no one must ever be killed, and no blood must be shed, within the walls of the sacred city.


he saw Fenrir, the wolf, comeのcomeが原形であるので,see O V(原形)「OがVするのを見る」という知覚動詞の用法です。

lairは「ねぐら,すみか」という意味で,個人的に初めて知ったのは「リターン・オブ・イシター」のDragon’s Lairです。



Thor was the first to speak: “Do not fear, Father Odin, for by to-morrow night we shall have Fenrir so safely bound that he cannot do us any harm. I will make a mighty chain, with the help of my hammer, Miölnir, and with it we will bind him fast!” When the Æsir heard these words of Thor, they were glad, and all went home rejoicing—all save the Allfather, who was still troubled, for he well knew the danger, and feared that even the mighty Thor would find this task too much for him. But Thor seized his hammer, and strode off to his forge. There he worked the whole night long, and all through Asgard were heard the blows of Miölnir and the roaring of the bellows.

トールが初めに口を開きました。「父オーディンよ恐れることはありません。明日の夜までにフェンリルが悪さをしないように,安全に縛ってやりますから。俺がハンマーのミョルニルを使って強力な鎖を作ります。その鎖で素早く縛れますよ」 トールのこの話を聞いてエーシル達は嬉しくなり,みな喜びながら家に帰りました。ただ一人オーディンを除いては。彼はまだ不安でした,というのも彼はその試みの危険性をよく分かっていて,力持ちのトールですらこの仕事は荷が重いと感じるだろうと恐れたからです。しかしトールはハンマーを握り,自分の鍛冶場に歩いて行きました。そこで彼は一晩中仕事をして,ミョルニルを振り下ろす音とフンフンと唸る声がアースガルズ中に響き渡りました。



saveは「……を除いて」という意味の前置詞で,all save N = all but N「Nを除いて皆」です。



The next night, when the Æsir were gathered together, Thor brought forth his new-made chain, to test it. In came Fenrir, the wolf, and every one was surprised to see how willingly he let himself be bound with the chain. When Thor had riveted the last links together, the gods smiled, and began to praise him for his wonderful work; but all at once the wolf gave one bound forward, broke the great chain, and walked off to his lair as if nothing had happened. Thor was much disappointed, still he did not lose courage. He said to the Æsir that he would make another chain, yet stronger. Again he set to work, and for three nights and three days the great Thor worked at his forge without resting.


In came Fenrirに一瞬戸惑ってしまいましたが,〈場所を表す副詞〉+V+Sですね。Fenrir came in→In came Fenrirです。〈場所を表す副詞〉+V+Sの話は多用されるのでもう辞めると言いましたが,自分が詰まったので再確認しました。


as if+仮定法は「まるで……かのように」ですね。「……ように」のasの直後に「仮に……」のifが来ていますが,He walked off as (he would have walked off) if nothing had happened.「仮に何事も無かった場合(に歩き去っていたであろうようなの)と同じような様子で,歩き去って行った」からの省略です。事実は何かがあった(ちぎれるはずのない鎖がちぎれた)のですが,驚きも偉ぶりもせず,何もなかった場合と同じ様子で歩き去ったということです。

stillは「動かない」→「依然として」→「それでもなお」という意味があるのですが,形容詞・副詞であって接続詞ではないため,but stillのようにする必要がありますが,ここではstill単体で接続詞のようになっていますね。


While he worked his friends did not forget him. They came and looked on while he was busy, and, as they watched the mighty hammer falling with quick blows upon the metal, they talked to Thor or sang noble songs to cheer him; sometimes they brought him food and drink. One visitor, who was no friend, fierce Fenrir, the wolf, sometimes put his nose in at the door for a moment, and watched Thor at work; then, as he went away, Thor heard a strange sound like a wicked laugh.


look onは「傍観する」より温かみのある訳し方をすれば「そばで見守る」ですね。looker-onは「傍観者,見物人」です。


At last the chain was finished, and Thor dragged it to the place of meeting. It was so heavy that even the mighty Thor could hardly lift it, or drag it as far as Odin’s palace of Gladsheim. This time Fenrir was not so willing to be bound; but the gods coaxed him, and talked of his great strength, and told him they were sure he would easily break this chain also. After a while he agreed to let them put it around his neck.


as far as... は「……のような遠いところまで」の意味,そこから「……である限りでは」のように範囲を表す意味があります。as far as I’m concernedは「私に関する限りでは」です。


This time Thor was sure the chain would hold firm, for never before had such a strong one been made. But soon, with a great shake and a fierce bound, the wolf broke away, and went off to his lair, snarling and showing his wicked teeth, while the broken chain lay on the ground. Sadly the Æsir came together that night in Odin’s palace, and this time Thor was not the first to speak; he sat apart and was silent.


never before had such a strong one been made〈否定語文頭倒置〉です。such a strong one had never been made before→never before had such a strong one been made