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  Pride hath Rollanz, wisdom Olivier hath;
  And both of them shew marvellous courage;
  Once they are horsed, once they have donned their arms,
  Rather they'd die than from the battle pass.
  Good are the counts, and lofty their language.
  Felon pagans come cantering in their wrath.
  Says Oliver: "Behold and see, Rollanz,
  These are right near, but Charles is very far.
  On the olifant deign now to sound a blast;
  Were the King here, we should not fear damage.
  Only look up towards the Pass of Aspre,
  In sorrow there you'll see the whole rereward.
  Who does this deed, does no more afterward."
  Answers Rollanz: "Utter not such outrage!
  Evil his heart that is in thought coward!
  We shall remain firm in our place installed;
  From us the blows shall come, from us the assault."



ローランは答える。「もう恥ずかしいことは言うな! 臆病風に吹かれる者に災いあれだ! 俺たちは持ち場を絶対離れない。こちらから攻撃を仕掛けてやる」 

don は do on「身に着ける」。doff もあります。

deign to-V は「恥を忍んで[誇りを捨てて]Vする」。目上の人の行為として述べた場合は「もったいなくも V して下さる」という敬語になります。

Were the King here は基礎的な仮定法の語順で = If the king were here「仮に王がここにいれば」です。


  When Rollant sees that now must be combat,
  More fierce he's found than lion or leopard;
  The Franks he calls, and Oliver commands:
  "Now say no more, my friends, nor thou, comrade.
  That Emperour, who left us Franks on guard,
  A thousand score stout men he set apart,
  And well he knows, not one will prove coward.
  Man for his lord should suffer with good heart,
  Of bitter cold and great heat bear the smart,
  His blood let drain, and all his flesh be scarred.
  Strike with thy lance, and I with Durendal,
  With my good sword that was the King's reward.
  So, if I die, who has it afterward
  Noble vassal's he well may say it was."




・最後の Noble vassal's he well may say it was He may well say it was (a) noble vassal's (sword)「彼(デュランダルを手にした者)は,それは立派な家臣の物だったと言っていいだろう」でしょう。


  From the other part is the Archbishop Turpin,
  He pricks his horse and mounts upon a hill;
  Calling the Franks, sermon to them begins:
  "My lords barons, Charles left us here for this;
  He is our King, well may we die for him:
  To Christendom good service offering.
  Battle you'll have, you all are bound to it,
  For with your eyes you see the Sarrazins.
  Pray for God's grace, confessing Him your sins!
  For your souls' health, I'll absolution give
  So, though you die, blest martyrs shall you live,
  Thrones you shall win in the great Paradis."
  The Franks dismount, upon the ground are lit.
  That Archbishop God's Benediction gives,
  For their penance, good blows to strike he bids.


神の恩寵を祈りましょう! 神に貴方たちの罪を告白しましょう! 魂の救済のために,私が貴方たちの罪を許します。だからたとえ死んでも,祝福されし殉教者として生き続けるのです。大いなる楽園では王座を勝ち取ることになるのです」


prick は「チクリと刺す」ですが,「馬に拍車を当てる,駆り立てる」の意味もあります。

sermon は「説教」。preach a long sermon「長い説教をする」を「長い鮭をヒラく」などと誤訳してはいけません(実話)

blest = blessedblest martyrs は「祝福された殉教者たち」です。

lit = lighted ですが,light は「火をつける」の他,「馬から降りる(alight),腰を下ろす」の意味もあります。


  The Franks arise, and stand upon their feet,
  They're well absolved, and from their sins made clean,
  And the Archbishop has signed them with God's seal;
  And next they mount upon their chargers keen;
  By rule of knights they have put on their gear,
  For battle all apparelled as is meet.
  The count Rollant calls Oliver, and speaks
  "Comrade and friend, now clearly have you seen
  That Guenelun hath got us by deceit;
  Gold hath he ta'en; much wealth is his to keep;
  That Emperour vengeance for us must wreak.
  King Marsilies hath bargained for us cheap;
  At the sword's point he yet shall pay our meed."



absolve は「罪を許す」。戦いの前に兵たちを座らせ,懺悔させて,大司教テュルパンが赦免したわけですね。

meed は古語で「報酬,報い」です。mead「蜂蜜酒」と同音です。


  To Spanish pass is Rollanz now going
  On Veillantif, his good steed, galloping;
  He is well armed, pride is in his bearing,
  He goes, so brave, his spear in hand holding,
  He goes, its point against the sky turning;
  A gonfalon all white thereon he's pinned,
  Down to his hand flutters the golden fringe:
  Noble his limbs, his face clear and smiling.
  His companion goes after, following,
  The men of France their warrant find in him.
  Proudly he looks towards the Sarrazins,
  And to the Franks sweetly, himself humbling;
  And courteously has said to them this thing:
  "My lords barons, go now your pace holding!
  Pagans are come great martyrdom seeking;
  Noble and fair reward this day shall bring,
  Was never won by any Frankish King."
  Upon these words the hosts are come touching.


盟友オリヴィエはその後ろを付いていく。フランク兵たちは安心して彼に付いていく。彼はサラセン軍の方は高慢に眺めるが,フランク兵たちの方は優しい目で,謙遜して眺める。そしてこのようなことを,礼儀正しく言った。「諸君よ,この勢いのまま進みましょう! 異教軍は大いなる殉教を求めて来ているようです。今日この日,気高く公正な報酬を得ましょう。いかなるフランク王も手にしたことがないようなです」



flutter は「はためく,パタパタする」,flatter は「光栄に思わせる」。要区別です。

humble oneself は「卑下する,遜る」です。