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三国志で英語のお勉強13: 楊奉



楊奉(Yang Feng,?年-197年)

Yang Feng was a leader of the White Wave Bandits. Later, he became a subordinate of Li Jue. In 192, Li Jue, Guo Si and other former followers of the warlord Dong Zhuo banded together and attacked the Han imperial capital, Chang'an, and seized control of the central government and the figurehead Emperor Xian.

楊奉は白波賊の頭目でした。後に彼は李傕の部下になりました。192年,李傕,郭汜や,他の董卓の部下達が結束して(band together)漢の首都長安を攻め,中央政府と名目上の元首である献帝を掌握しました。



In 195, when internal conflict broke out between Li Jue and Guo Si, the former took Emperor Xian hostage while the latter took the emperor's subjects hostage to threaten each other. During this time, Yang Feng and Song Guo (宋果), another of Li Jue's subordinates, plotted to assassinate their superior but failed and were forced to leave Chang'an. After three months, Zhang Ji managed to persuade Li Jue and Guo Si to make peace, and allow Emperor Xian to return to the old imperial capital, Luoyang.


・subject と言えば「主題,教科」ですが「臣下,臣民,被験者」も覚えておきましょう。


Yang Feng was appointed as General Who Revives Righteousness (興義將軍), after which he joined Guo Si, Yang Ding (楊定) and Dong Cheng in escorting the emperor back to Luoyang. Just as they reached the vicinity of Xinfeng (新豐) and Baling (霸陵), Guo Si changed his mind and wanted to bring Emperor Xian to Mei County (郿縣) instead. The emperor fled to Yang Feng's camp for shelter. Yang Feng, Yang Ding and Dong Cheng protected the emperor when Guo Si tried to seize him back. Guo Si retreated after his defeat, while the emperor resumed his journey to Luoyang under Yang Feng's protection.



Later in 195, Li Jue and Guo Si regretted their earlier decision to let Emperor Xian leave Chang'an, so they led their troops to pursue the emperor. Yang Feng led his troops to fight Li Jue and Guo Si but lost. He then summoned the White Wave Bandits, led by Li Le (李樂), Han Xian, Hu Cai (胡才) and others, to come to Emperor Xian's aid. Xiongnu forces led by Qubei also responded to the call and came to help Emperor Xian. They continued on their journey towards Luoyang after that. Li Jue quickly returned with more troops and defeated Yang Feng and killed several officials who fled with Emperor Xian. The emperor escaped across the Yellow River and reached Anyi (安邑).







Around August 196, Emperor Xian returned to Luoyang under the escort of Yang Feng and Dong Cheng. In recognition of their contributions, he appointed Yang Feng as General of Chariots and Cavalry (車騎將軍) and ordered him to garrison at Liang State (梁國). Around the same time, the warlord Cao Cao led his forces into Luoyang, found Emperor Xian, and escorted him to his base in Xu (許; present-day Xuchang, Henan), which became the new imperial capital. Yang Feng tried to stop Cao Cao but could not catch up in time.


・escort A はもちろん「A をエスコートする(護衛する)」という意味ですが,to B を伴って「B まで護衛する」とできるのは便利です。他にも wear A to B「A を着て B に行く」があります(What should I wear to the party?)

・梁国の「国」とは (1) 帝室の分家筋,(2) 功臣(斉王・楚王韓信や魏王曹操),(3) 冊封体制に入った周辺国の指導者(漢委奴国王)が「王」として報じられる土地です。梁は漢の劉邦の功臣彭越が封じられた国で,彭越が謀反の疑いをかけられて殺された後は劉邦庶子劉恢に与えられました。



After having Emperor Xian and the new central government firmly under his control, Cao Cao led his troops to attack Yang Feng in November 196 and defeated him. Xu Huang, one of Yang Feng's subordinates, surrendered and became a general under Cao Cao. While Yang Feng fled south to join the warlord Yuan Shu, Cao Cao proceeded to conquer Liang State (Yang Feng's previous base). After joining Yuan Shu, Yang Feng and Han Xian pillaged and looted several counties in Yang and Xu provinces.


徐晃や徐州の「徐」は Xu なんですね。



In 197, Yuan Shu wanted to declare himself emperor and desired to have a neighbouring warlord, Lü Bu, as an ally. So he proposed a marriage between his son and Lü Bu's daughter. However, Lü Bu rejected the proposal after listening to Chen Gui's advice. In anger, Yuan Shu ordered his general Zhang Xun (張勳), with Yang Feng and Han Xian as his subordinates, to lead troops to attack Lü Bu. Lü Bu heeded Chen Gui's suggestion and managed to induce Yang Feng and Han Xian to turn against Yuan Shu. Yang Feng and Han Xian then joined Lü Bu in attacking Yuan Shu's forces, led by Zhang Xun, and defeated the enemy. After driving back Zhang Xun, Yang Feng and Han Xian led their men to pillage several territories until Zhongli (鍾離) before turning back. Later in 197, they were ordered by Lü Bu to lead their troops to loot the warlord Liu Bei's supplies. However Liu Bei successfully lured them into a trap and killed Yang Feng while Han Xian managed to escape.

197年,袁術は皇帝を称したくなり,近隣の将軍呂布と同盟を結びたがりました。それで袁術は自身の息子と呂布の娘との婚姻を提案しました。しかし呂布は陳珪の助言を聞いてこれを断りました。怒って袁術は将軍の張勲に部下として楊奉・韓暹を付け呂布を攻撃させました。呂布は陳珪の提案に耳を傾けて楊奉・韓暹が袁術に反抗するようけしかけました。それで楊奉・韓暹は呂布に加わり,張勲率いる袁術軍を攻撃してこれを打ち破りました。張勲を撃退し(drive back)たあと楊奉・韓暹は撤退するまでに鍾離までの幾つかの地域を掠奪しました。197年後半,二人は呂布の命令で将軍劉備の備蓄を掠奪させようとしました。しかし劉備は二人を罠にかけることに成功し,韓暹は何とか逃れましたが楊奉は討ち取られました。