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  Marvellous is the battle in its speed,
  The Franks there strike with vigour and with heat,
  Cutting through wrists and ribs and chines in-deed,
  Through garments to the lively flesh beneath;
  On the green grass the clear blood runs in streams.
  The pagans say: "No more we'll suffer, we.
  Terra Major, Mahummet's curse on thee!
  Beyond all men thy people are hardy!"
  There was not one but cried then: "Marsilie,
  Canter, O king, thy succour now we need!"


異教徒たちは言う。「俺たちはもう支えられん。大国よ,マホメットの呪いを受けよ! お前の人民はどこのよりも逞しいな!」 それでこう叫ばない者はいなかった。「マルシル王よ,駈け来たり給え。貴方の助けが必要です!」

suffer は「苦しむ,(損害)を被る」ですが,「辛抱する,耐える」の意味もあります。


  Marvellous is the battle now and grand,
  The Franks there strike, their good brown spears in hand.
  Then had you seen such sorrowing of clans,
  So many a slain, shattered and bleeding man!
  Biting the earth, or piled there on their backs!
  The Sarrazins cannot such loss withstand.
  Will they or nill, from off the field draw back;
  By lively force chase them away the Franks.


many a+単数形は many+複数形より堅い形です。

bite the earth は bite the dust, kiss the dust, lick the dust「砂を嚙む,砂を舐める」と同意でしょう。「倒れる,死ぬ」の比喩です。


  Their martyrdom, his men's, Marsile has seen,
  So he bids sound his horns and his buccines;
  Then canters forth with all his great army.
  Canters before a Sarrazin, Abisme,
  More felon none was in that company;
  Cankered with guile and every felony,
  He fears not God, the Son of Saint Mary;
  Black is that man as molten pitch that seethes;
  Better he loves murder and treachery
  Than to have all the gold of Galicie;
  Never has man beheld him sport for glee;
  Yet vassalage he's shown, and great folly,
  So is he dear to th' felon king Marsile;
  Dragon he bears, to which his tribe rally.
  That Archbishop could never love him, he;
  Seeing him there, to strike he's very keen,
  Within himself he says all quietly:
  "This Sarrazin great heretick meseems,
  Rather I'ld die, than not slay him clean,
  Neer did I love coward nor cowardice."



Abisme 土星の衛星イアペトゥスカッシーニ地域にあるクレーターで,以下に記事があり,/æbm/ という発音記号と,named after a Saracen baron in the Old French epic poem Song of Rolandローランの歌に登場するサラセンの家臣に因む)ということが書いてあります。 


Galicie はスペインのガリシアのことと思われます。




  That Archbishop begins the fight again,
  Sitting the horse which he took from Grossaille
  —That was a king he had in Denmark slain;—
  That charger is swift and of noble race;
  Fine are his hooves, his legs are smooth and straight,
  Short are his thighs, broad crupper he displays,
  Long are his ribs, aloft his spine is raised,
  White is his tail and yellow is his mane,
  Little his ears, and tawny all his face;
  No beast is there, can match him in a race.
  That Archbishop spurs on by vassalage,
  He will not pause ere Abisme he assail;
  So strikes that shield, is wonderfully arrayed,
  Whereon are stones, amethyst and topaze,
  Esterminals and carbuncles that blaze;
  A devil's gift it was, in Val Metase,
  Who handed it to the admiral Galafes;
  So Turpin strikes, spares him not anyway;
  After that blow, he's worth no penny wage;
  The carcass he's sliced, rib from rib away,
  So flings him down dead in an empty place.
  Then say the Franks: "He has great vassalage,
  With the Archbishop, surely the Cross is safe."



・Grossaile はテュルパンがデンマークで殺して馬を奪った王らしいですが,読みは適当です。綴りの似ている groseille(グロゼイユ,赤スグリ) を参考にしています。

・Admiral Galafes はもう一つのバージョンでは Emir Galafés となっており,Emir はイスラム世界の「司令官,総督」という意味のアミールです。悪魔(devil)についてはよく分かりません。Val Metase(Val-Metas) は地名でしょう。


・After that blow, he's worth no penny は「その攻撃の後では彼は1ペニーの価値もない」ですがもう一つのバージョンでは 'gainst such a blow avails the shield but little「そのような攻撃に対してはその盾はほとんど役立たない」となっていましたので「盾が役立たない」としました。盾に様々な宝石が埋め込まれていることに対する皮肉となるからです。


  The count Rollanz calls upon Oliver:
  "Sir companion, witness you'll freely bear,
  The Archbishop is a right good chevalier,
  None better is neath Heaven anywhere;
  Well can he strike with lance and well with spear."
  Answers that count: "Support to him we'll bear!"
  Upon that word the Franks again make yare;
  Hard are the blows, slaughter and suffering there,
  For Christians too, most bitter grief and care.
  Who could had seen Rollanz and Oliver
  With their good swords to strike and to slaughter!
  And the Archbishop lays on there with his spear.
  Those that are dead, men well may hold them dear.
  In charters and in briefs is written clear,
  Four thousand fell, and more, the tales declare.
  Gainst four assaults easily did they fare,
  But then the fifth brought heavy griefs to bear.
  They all are slain, those Frankish chevaliers;
  Only three-score, whom God was pleased to spare,
  Before these die, they'll sell them very dear.

ローラン伯爵はオリヴィエに呼びかける。「勇者よまざまざと見ただろう。司教殿は真に優れた騎士だ。この天の下いずこにおいても,彼ほど巧みに槍を振るえる者はいないだろう」オリヴィエは答える。「司教殿の援護に回るぞ」 その言葉にフランク兵たちは戦意を取り戻す。


・この段落に何度か登場する bear ですが,『ランダムハウス英和大辞典』の動詞 bear の14番に「〈援助・証言などを〉与える,提供する」というのが載っていて,bear witness「証言する」も載っていました。bear support は用例として載っていませんが,「援助を提供する」即ち「援護に回る」「支援部隊を送る」でしょう。support には「支援(部隊),援護」の意味があります。bear+目的語を多用している理由ですが,見て下さいこの段落,押韻が凄いですね。bear, anywhere, spear, yare, care... と韻を踏みまくっています。

yare は bear などと韻を踏んでいるわけですが,「準備ができて,活発で」といった意味の古語です。

・最後の they'll sell them very dear はやや自信がないです(もう一つのバージョンでは Ere falling, their last breath will dearly sell)。sell+dear(ly) は「高く売る,高く売れる」が直訳ですが,「大いに評価される」と解しました。