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But Sualtach, father of Cuchulain, heard of the distressed condition of his son, and well he knew that unless the warriors of Ulster woke from their magic sleep, and gathered to his help, the hero must give way before his foes. Now Sualtach was no battle-champion or warrior of renown, but just a passable good fighting-man; he had no thought or wish to stand by his son when he fought single-handed with the choicest of Meave’s host; nor had he gone to help him even when he heard that between life and death he lay, covered with gaping wounds. Yet still the news stirred some increase of courage in him, and though he would not fight in an uneven war, he now resolved to arm himself and ride to Emain’s gates and call the sleeping Ulstermen to rise and hurry down to aid Cuchulain, before it was too late.


passable は「なんとか合格できる,なんとか通れる」です。eatable「なんとか食べられる」もあります。

・choice「選択」は choose の名詞形ですが,choice には形容詞「極上の;選ばれた」もあります。choicest はその最上級です。


He caught the Grey of Macha, Cuchulain’s horse, and mounted him, and, spear and shield in hand, he rode straight up within the gates of Emain Macha. Silent and still as death was all the kingly fort. No sentinel looked forth to guard the door, no warrior strode round the deserted walls, and all within was silent as the grave, save for the weeping women and the little children’s play, and lowing of the untended cows wandering between the outer and the inner raths. Within, in Emain’s halls, each warrior sat apart sunk deep in sleep, his head upon his hands, his arms clasping his knees, or stretched in slumber full-length upon the floor; and round them lay their weapons, idle and rusting from long want of use, dropped from their nerveless hands. Mighty they looked, well-built and good men all, but no more strength had they than little babes but newly come to birth.


spear and shield in hand は分詞構文(の being の省略)です。分詞構文によって名詞だけになる場合,裸名詞(無冠詞単数)になれます。それで If the weather permits は weather permitting と the が取れています。

・save... は前置詞で「……を除いて」という意味ですが,save for... とも言います。except... も except for... と言いますね。

・牛の鳴き声は moo /muː/ または low /loʊ/ です。


Even when the women shook them, thy looked up but for one moment with lack-lustre eyes, and straightway sank to sleep again. Young children played about and over them, as though they had been statues made of stone, and yet they heeded not. Beside them, at their feet, lay crouched their noble hounds, loose from the leash, stretched out asleep, each one his muzzle lying on his paws. From time to time, the war-dogs turned and growled, as though they dreamed bad dreams; the warriors moaned as if they were in pain, but no one moved or rose.


Within the inner fort King Conor lay, surrounded by his chiefs, sunk deep in coward slumber each upon his couch; for Macha’s hand lay heavy on them all, and her revenge was come.
But in the playing-fields outside, the Boy-corps still kept up their sports, and played at mimic warfare as of yore, though all their chiefs and teachers were asleep; and still their laughter, shrill and bright, rang through the silent halls, as one boy caught the hurley ball a good swing with his club, or threw his fellow in their feats of strength. The little son of Conor, Follaman, had made himself their leader, and willingly they mustered under him.



Then up rode Sualtach upon the Grey, and three times over he gave forth his cry. The first shout went up from the playing-fields, the second from the rampart wall, the third he gave standing aloft upon the summit of the mound where lay imprisoned the hostages of Ulster chained in their hut beside the kingly fort.


n times over は「n回以上」ではなく「n回繰り返して」です。『ウィズダム英和辞典』には many [three] times over「何度も[3回]繰り返して」というのが載っています。

“Your men are being slain,” he cried, “your cattle driven away, your women fall as captives to the men of Erin. In wild Murthemne’s plain Cuchulain all alone still held the foemen back until the fight with Ferdia robbed him of his strength. Wounded in every joint Cuchulain lies, his gaping sores stuffed in with sops and bits of grass, his clothes held on with spikes of hazel twigs. On Emain Macha press the enemy, all eastern Ulster is in their hands; Ailill and Meave have harried all your coasts. Ulster, Arise, arise!”


On Emain Macha press the enemy the enemy press on Emain Macha「敵はエヴァン・マハに迫る」です。press on O, press upon O「Oに迫る」を知っていることでこの語順は解けます。


Three times he gave the shout, ringing and clear upon the silent air, but still no watchman’s voice gave forth reply.
Now in the kingly fort a rule of courtesy forbad that any man should speak before the King, save only his three Druids, who were his counsellors. After a while, as for the third time the voice of Sualtach came floating through the hall, one of the Druids stirred and said, “Who is the fellow brawling in the court? Fitting it were to take his head from him.” “Fitting it were, indeed,” replied the King, “and yet I think the thing he says is true.” And all the warriors muttered in their sleep, “Fitting it were, indeed.”


ところで王の砦では宮廷の規則で,王の助言者である3人のドルイドを除いて,王の面前で声を上げてはならなかった。暫くして,3回目にスアルタムの声が集会所を漂った頃,ドルイドの1人がピクリと動いて言った。「宮廷で騒いでいるのは何者ぞ? その者の首を取るのが適切ぞ」 王は答えた。「いかにもそうすべし。しかし彼の言うことは真実だと思うぞ」 そして戦士達はみな眠りながら呟いた。「いかにもそうすべし」










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