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Anon the door was opened without hands, and forthwith came thereout so great a splendour as if all the torches of the world had been alight together. But when he would have entered in, a voice forbad him; wherefore he drew back, and looked, standing upon the threshold of the door. And there he saw a table of silver, and the holy vessel covered with red samite, and many angels round it holding burning candles and a cross and all the ornaments of the altar.

Then a priest stood up and offered mass, and when he took the vessel up, he seemed to sink beneath that burden. At that Sir Lancelot cried, “O Father, take it not for sin that I go in to help the priest, who hath much need thereof.” So saying, he went in, but when he came towards the table he felt a breath of fire which issued out therefrom and smote him to the ground, so that he had no power to rise.


それから僧が立ち上がってミサを開き,彼が聖杯を取り上げると,その重みに沈むように見えた。それを見てランスロット卿は叫んだ。「ああ父よ,この僧を助けるのに私が入るのを罪と捉えなされるな。彼は助けを必要としています」 そう言うと彼は中に入ったが,テーブルに向かうとそこから出て来て彼を地面に打ちのめす火の息を感じて,立ち上がる力もなかった。


Then felt he many hands about him, which took him up and laid him down outside the chapel door. There lay he in a swoon all through that night, and on the morrow certain people found him senseless, and bore him to an inner chamber and laid him on a bed. And there he rested, living, but moving no limbs, twenty-four days and nights.

On the twenty-fifth day he opened his eyes and saw those standing round, and said, “Why have ye waked me? for I have seen marvels that no tongue can tell, and more than any heart can think.”

Then he asked where he was, and they told him, “In the Castle of Carbonek.”

“Tell your lord, King Pelles,” said he, “that I am Sir Lancelot.”

At that they marvelled greatly, and told their lord it was Sir Lancelot who had lain there so long.


25日目になって彼は目を開くと,周囲に人々が立っていたのでこう言った。「どうして私を起こしたのです? 私は言葉にできない,どんな考えにもよらない不思議を目にしました」





Then was King Pelles wondrous glad and went to see him, and prayed him to abide there for a season. But Sir Lancelot said, “I know well that I have now seen as much as mine eyes may behold of the Sangreal; wherefore I will return to my own country.” So he took leave of King Pelles, and departed towards Logris.

Now after Sir Galahad had parted from Sir Lancelot, he rode many days, till he came to the monastery where the blind King Evelake lay, whom Sir Percival had seen. And on the morrow, when he had heard mass, Sir Galahad desired to see the king, who cried out, “Welcome, Sir Galahad, servant of the Lord! long have I abided thy coming. Take me now in thine arms, that I may die in peace.”

するとペレス王は非常に喜んで彼に会いたがり,暫くの間自分の許に留まるよう頼んだ。しかしランスロット卿は言った。「私はもう十分に聖杯を目にしたとよく分かっています。それゆえ国に帰ろうと思います」 そう言って彼はペレス王に暇乞いをし,ログリスに向け出発した。

さてガラハド卿はランスロット卿と別れた後,何日も馬を駆け,パーシヴァル卿が以前会った盲目のイヴレイク王が伏せっている修道院にやって来た。そして翌朝,ミサを聞いた後,ガラハド卿は王に会いたいと言い,王はこう叫んだ。「ようこそガラハド卿よ,主の僕よ! そなたが来るのを長い間待っておった。さあ私をそなたの腕に抱いて,私を安らかに死なせておくれ」



At that Sir Galahad embraced him; and when he had so done the king’s eyes were opened, and he said, “Fair Lord Jesus, suffer me now to come to Thee;” and anon his soul departed.

Then they buried him royally, as a king should be; and Sir Galahad went on his way.

Within a while he came to a chapel in a forest, in the crypt whereof he saw a tomb which always blazed and burnt. And asking the brethren what that might mean, they told him, “Joseph of Arimathea’s son did found this monastery, and one who wronged him hath lain here these three hundred and fifty years and burneth evermore, until that perfect knight who shall achieve the Sangreal doth quench the fire.”

Then said he, “I pray ye bring me to the tomb.”

それを聞いてガラハド卿は王を腕に抱いた。そしてそうし終わると王の目が開き,彼はこう言った。「主イエス様よ,今から貴方の許へ参ります」 そして間もなく王の魂は旅立った。





And when he touched the place immediately the fire was quenched, and a voice came from the grave and cried, “Thanks be to God, who now hath purged me of my sin, and draweth me from earthly pains into the joys of paradise.”

Then Sir Galahad took the body in his arms and bore it to the abbey, and on the morrow put it in the earth before the high altar.

Anon he departed from thence and rode five days in a great forest; and after that he met Sir Percival, and a little further on Sir Bors. When they had told each other their adventures, they rode together to the Castle of Carbonek: and there King Pelles gave them hearty welcome, for he knew they should achieve the Holy Quest.




・❌heartly(ハートリィ)という英単語は存在しません。存在するのは,形容詞 hearty(ハーティ)「心からの」の副詞形である,⭕️heartily(ハーティリィ)「心から」です。副詞を綴る時は i の字を忘れないようにしましょう。



As soon as they were come into the castle, a voice cried in the midst of the chamber, “Let them who ought not now to sit at the table of the Lord rise and depart hence!” Then all, save those three knights, departed.

Anon they saw other knights come in with haste at the hall doors and take their harness off, who said to Sir Galahad, “Sir, we have tried sore to be with you at this table.”

“Ye be welcome,” said he, “but whence are ye?”

So three of them said they were from Gaul; and three from Ireland; and three from Denmark.

彼らが城内に入ると,部屋の真ん中で叫び声がした。「今は主のテーブルに着くべきでない者をここから立ち去らせよ!」 それでこの3人の騎士を除いた皆が部屋を去った。





Then came forth the likeness of a bishop, with a cross in his hand, and four angels stood by him, and a table of silver was before them, whereon was set the vessel of the Sangreal. Then came forth other angels also — two bearing burning candles, and the third a towel, and the fourth a spear which bled marvellously, the drops wherefrom fell into a box he held in his left hand. Anon the bishop took the wafer up to consecrate it, and at the lifting up, they saw the figure of a Child, whose visage was as bright as any fire, which smote itself into the midst of the wafer and vanished, so that all saw the flesh made bread.

Thereat the bishop went to Galahad and kissed him, and bade him go and kiss his fellows; and said, “Now, servants of the Lord, prepare for food such as none ever yet were fed with since the world began.”

With that he vanished, and the knights were filled with a great dread and prayed devoutly.







Then saw they come forth from the holy vessel the vision of a man bleeding all openly, whom they knew well by the tokens of His passion for the Lord Himself. At that they fell upon their faces and were dumb. Anon he brought the Holy Grale to them and spake high words of comfort, and, when they drank therefrom, the taste thereof was sweeter than any tongue could tell or heart desire. Then a voice said to Galahad, “Son, with this blood which drippeth from the spear anoint thou the maimed king and heal him. And when thou hast this done, depart hence with thy brethren in a ship that ye shall find, and go to the city of Sarras. And bear with thee the holy vessel, for it shall no more be seen in the realm of Logris.”

At that Sir Galahad walked to the bleeding spear, and therefrom anointing his fingers went out straightway to the maimed King Pelles, and touched his wound. Then suddenly he uprose from his bed as whole a man as ever he was, and praised God passing thankfully with all his heart.



passion は「情熱」ですが,「(キリストの)受難」も忘れないようにしましょう。passive は「受け身の」です。


Then Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Percival departed as they had been told; and when they had ridden three days they came to the sea-shore, and found the ship awaiting them. Therein they entered, and saw in the midst the silver table and the vessel of the Sangreal, covered with red samite. Then were they passing glad, and made great reverence thereto. And Sir Galahad prayed that now he might leave the world and pass to God. And presently, the while he prayed, a voice said to him, “Galahad, thy prayer is heard, and when thou asketh the death of the body thou shalt have it, and find the life of thy soul.”



But while they prayed and slept the ship sailed on, and when they woke they saw the city of Sarras before them, and the other ship wherein was Sir Percival’s sister. Then the three knights took up the holy table and the Sangreal and went into the city; and there, in a chapel, they buried Sir Percival’s sister right solemnly.

Now at the gate of the town they saw an old cripple sitting, whom Sir Galahad called to help them bear their weight.

“Truly,” said the old man, “it is ten years since I have gone a step without these crutches.”

“Care ye not,” said Sir Galahad; “rise now and show goodwill.”






So he assayed to move, and found his limbs as strong as any man’s might be, and running to the table helped to carry it.

Anon there rose a rumour in the city that a cripple had been healed by certain marvellous strange knights.

But the king, named Estouranse, who was a heathen tyrant, when he heard thereof took Sir Galahad and his fellows, and put them in prison in a deep hole. Therein they abode a great while, but ever the Sangreal was with them and fed them with marvellous sweet food, so that they fainted not, but had all joy and comfort they could wish.

At the year’s end the king fell sick and felt that he should die. Then sent he for the three knights, and when they came before him prayed their mercy for his trespasses against them. So they forgave him gladly, and anon he died.





・サラスの王(Estouranse)は日本語の諸ページでは「エストラウス」と表記され,また英語の別のページでは Estourase という綴りも見られました。なおサラスの王は異教徒とありますが,Wikipedia にはサラスは「サラセン」から来ているのではと書かれていました。またサラスは中東にあるとも書かれていましたが,キリスト教が中東で起こったことを考えると不思議ではありませんね。



Then the chief men of the city took counsel together who should be king in his stead, and as they talked, a voice cried in their midst, “Choose ye the youngest of the three knights King Estouranse cast into prison for your king.” At that they sought Sir Galahad and made him king with the assent of all the city, and else they would have slain him.

But within a twelvemonth came to him, upon a certain day, as he prayed before the Sangreal, a man in likeness of a bishop, with a great company of angels round about him, who offered mass, and afterwards called to Sir Galahad, “Come forth, thou servant of the Lord, for the time hath come thou hast desired so long.”




Then Sir Galahad lifted up his hands and prayed, “Now, blessed Lord! would I no longer live if it might please Thee.”

Anon the bishop gave him the sacrament, and when he had received it with unspeakable gladness, he said, “Who art thou, father?”

“I am Joseph of Arimathea,” answered he, “whom our Lord hath sent to bear thee fellowship.”

When he heard that, Sir Galahad went to Sir Percival and Sir Bors and kissed them and commended them to God, saying, “Salute for me Sir Lancelot, my father, and bid him remember this unstable world.”

Therewith he kneeled down and prayed, and suddenly his soul departed, and a multitude of angels bare it up to heaven. Then came a hand from heaven and took the vessel and the spear and bare them out of sight.

Since then was never man so hardy as to say that he had seen the Sangreal.

And after all these things, Sir Percival put off his armour and betook him to an hermitage, and within a little while passed out of this world. And Sir Bors, when he had buried him beside his sister, returned, weeping sore for the loss of his two brethren, to King Arthur, at Camelot.

それでガラハド卿は両手を掲げて「さあ,聖なる主よ! 宜しければ,もうこの世に未練はありません」と祈った。






これで聖杯探索編は終了です。ところで,これはハッピーエンディングだったのでしょうか? ガラハド卿は「聖杯探索」には成功しましたが,聖杯を国に持ち帰ってはいませんね? 聖杯を持ち帰れば平和と繁栄が約束されるはずでしたが,聖杯は天に召されてしまいました。そして実際アーサー王の国には最後,悲劇が待ち受けています。なんだかもやっとする終わり方でした。