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Anon they came to a hermitage and a chapel, whereunto the hart entered, and the lions with it. Then a priest offered mass, and presently they saw the hart change into the figure of a man, most sweet and comely to behold; and the four lions also changed and became a man, an eagle, a lion, and an ox. And suddenly all those five figures vanished without sound. Then the knights marvelled greatly, and fell upon their knees, and when they rose they prayed the priest to tell them what that sight might mean.


・この most sweet ... to behold「眺めるのに心地よい(眺めると心地よい)」は dangerous to swim in「泳ぐのに危険だ(泳ぐと危険だ)」の構造です(to-不定詞の副詞的用法:形容詞修飾


“What saw ye, sirs?” said he, “for I saw nothing.” Then they told him.

“Ah, lords!” said he, “ye are full welcome; now know I well ye be the knights who shall achieve the Sangreal, for unto them alone such mysteries are revealed. The hart ye saw is One above all men, white and without blemish, and the four lions with Him are the four evangelists.”

When they heard that they heartily rejoiced, and thanking the priest, departed.

「貴方がたは何が見えたのですか?」と彼は言った。「私は何も見えていませんが」 それで彼らは見えた光景を説明した。「ああ,騎士様がた!」彼は言った。「貴方がたは大歓迎です。これでやっと貴方がたが聖杯を手に入れる騎士様がただとよく分かりました。そういう方々にしか,そのような不思議な事は顕現しないのです。貴方がたが見た雄鹿は全ての者の上に立つ唯一神で,真っ白で疵がありません。そして神に随行した4頭の獅子は4人の使徒です」 彼らはそれを聞くと心から喜び,僧に謝意を述べて出発した。

・大書される One は「超越的存在,絶対者,神」(ランダムハウス英和大辞典)です。


Anon, as they passed by a certain castle, an armed knight suddenly came after them, and cried out to the damsel, “By the holy cross, ye shall not go till ye have yielded to the custom of the castle.”

“Let her go,” said Sir Percival, “for a maiden, wheresoever she cometh, is free.”

“Whatever maiden passeth here,” replied the knight, “must give a dishful of her blood from her right arm.”





“It is a foul and shameful custom,” cried Sir Galahad and both his fellows, “and sooner will we die than let this maiden yield thereto.”

“Then shall ye die,” replied the knight, and as he spake there came out from a gate hard by, ten or twelve more, and encountered with them, running upon them vehemently with a great cry. But the three knights withstood them, and set their hands to their swords, and beat them down and slew them.

At that came forth a company of threescore knights, all armed. “Fair lords,” said Sir Galahad, “have mercy on yourselves and keep from us.”

“Nay, fair lords,” they answered, “rather be advised by us, and yield ye to our custom.”

“It is an idle word,” said Galahad, “in vain ye speak it.”

“Well,” said they, “will ye die?”

“We be not come thereto as yet,” replied Sir Galahad.








would rather V1 than V2「V2 するよりもむしろ V1 したい」を would sooner V1 than V2 と言えます。今回の sooner will we die than についても,sooner を「(より)早く」と訳さないよう気をつけましょう。


idle は「仕事をしていない」ですが,「無駄な,虚しい,根拠のない」といった意味も重要です。


Then did they fall upon each other, and Sir Galahad drew forth his sword, and smote on the right hand and on the left, and slew so mightily that all who saw him thought he was a monster and no earthly man. And both his comrades helped him well, and so they held the field against that multitude till it was night. Then came a good knight forward from the enemy and said, “Fair knights, abide with us to-night and be right welcome; by the faith of our bodies as we are true knights, to-morrow ye shall rise unharmed, and meanwhile maybe ye will, of your own accord, accept the custom of the castle when ye know it better.”



So they entered and alighted and made great cheer. Anon, they asked them whence that custom came. “The lady of this castle is a leper,” said they, “and can be no way cured save by the blood of a pure virgin and a king’s daughter; therefore to save her life are we her servants bound to stay every maid that passeth by, and try if her blood may not cure our mistress.”

Then said the damsel, “Take ye of my blood as much as ye will, if it may avail your lady.”



try if her blood may not cure の not は〈あってもなくても良い not〉です。例えば「いつ……するとも分からない」は「いつ……しないとも分からない」と言っても同じです。ここは not があるので「彼女の血が治療できないか試す」と訳しましたが,not がなくても「彼女の血が治療できるか試す」となり同じことです。「彼女の血が治療できないか試す」=「彼女の血が治療できるか試す」=「彼女の血が治療できるかできないか試す」ということですね。


And though the three knights urged her not to put her life in that great peril, she replied, “If I die to heal another’s body, I shall get health to my soul,” and would not be persuaded to refuse.

So on the morrow she was brought to the sick lady, and her arm was bared, and a vein thereof was opened, and the dish filled with her blood. Then the sick lady was anointed therewith, and anon she was whole of her malady. With that Sir Percival’s sister lifted up her hand and blessed her, saying, “Madam, I am come to my death to make you whole; for God’s love pray for me;” and thus saying she fell down in a swoon.


それで翌日彼女は病気の女城主の所へ連れて行かれ,腕を捲られ,腕の血管から皿一杯の血を抜かれた。それから女城主は聖油を塗られ間もなく病気から全快した。それを見てパーシヴァル卿の妹は手を掲げて彼女を祝福し,「奥様,私は貴女をお助けする為に命を捧げに来ました。というのも神の愛が私の為に祈って下さっているのです」 そう言うと彼女は気を失って倒れた。


Then Sir Galahad, Sir Percival, and Sir Bors started to lift her up and staunch her blood, but she had lost too much to live. So when she came to herself she said to Sir Percival, “Fair brother, I must die for the healing of this lady, and now, I pray thee, bury me not here, but when I am dead put me in a boat at the next haven and let me float at venture on the sea. And when ye come to the city of Sarras, to achieve the Sangreal, shall ye find me waiting by a tower, and there I pray thee bury me, for there shall Sir Galahad and ye also be laid.” Thus having said, she died.

Then Sir Percival wrote all the story of her life and put it in her right hand, and so laid her in a barge and covered it with silk. And the wind arising drove the barge from land, and all the knights stood watching it till it was out of sight.

それでガラハド卿,パーシヴァル卿,ボールス卿は彼女を引き上げて止血したが,彼女は助かるには血を失いすぎていた。それで意識を取り戻すと彼女はパーシヴァル卿に「兄さん,私はこの方を癒す為に死なねばなりません。それでお願いがあります。私をここに埋葬しないで下さい。私が死んだら一番近くの港で私をボートに乗せ,海に流して下さい。そして聖杯を取りにサラスの街に来たら,私は塔の傍で待っていることでしょう。だからそこに埋葬して下さい。というのもガラハド卿も兄さんもそこで眠ることになるからです」 このように言うと,彼女は息を引き取った。



Anon they returned to the castle, and forthwith fell a sudden tempest of thunder and lightning and rain, as if the earth were broken up: and half the castle was thrown down. Then came a voice to the three knights which said, “Depart ye now asunder till ye meet again where the maimed king is lying.” So they parted and rode divers ways.

間もなく彼らは城に戻ったが,直ちに雷嵐と稲妻と雨が襲い,まるで大地がばらばらになったかのようであった。そして城が半壊した。すると3人の騎士には声が聞こえてこう言った。「汝らは直ぐにばらばらに別れ,傷を負った王が伏せっている所で再会せよ」 それで3人は別れて異なった道を進んだ。


Now after Sir Lancelot had left the hermit, he rode a long while till he knew not whither to turn, and so he lay down to sleep, if haply he might dream whither to go.

And in his sleep a vision came to him saying, “Lancelot, rise up and take thine armour, and enter the first ship that thou shalt find.”

When he awoke he obeyed the vision, and rode till he came to the sea-shore, and found there a ship without sails or oars, and as soon as he was in it he smelt the sweetest savour he had ever known, and seemed filled with all things he could think of or desire. And looking round he saw a fair bed, and thereon a gentlewoman lying dead, who was Sir Percival’s sister. And as Sir Lancelot looked on her he spied the writing in her right hand, and, taking it, he read therein her story. And more than a month thereafter he abode in that ship and was nourished by the grace of Heaven, as Israel was fed with manna in the desert.







And on a certain night he went ashore to pass the time, for he was somewhat weary, and, listening, he heard a horse come towards him, from which a knight alighted and went up into the ship; who, when he saw Sir Lancelot, said, “Fair sir, ye be right welcome to mine eyes, for I am thy son Galahad, and long time I have sought for thee.” With that he kneeled and asked his blessing, and took off his helm and kissed him, and the great joy there was between them no tongue can tell.

Then for half a year they dwelt together in the ship, and served God night and day with all their powers, and went to many unknown islands, where none but wild beasts haunted, and there found many strange and perilous adventures.

そしてある日の晩,彼は幾分飽きていたので時間を過ごそうと海岸へ行った。そして耳を澄ますと馬が近づいて来るのが聞こえ,その馬から1人の騎士が降りて船に向かって行った。その騎士はランスロット卿を見かけると言った。「騎士様,大歓迎致します,というのも私は貴方の息子,ガラハドです。長い間貴方を探していました」 そう言って彼は跪き,彼の祝福を求め,兜を脱いで彼にキスをし,2人の間には言葉にできない程の喜びがあった。



And upon a time they came to the edge of a forest, before a cross of stone, and saw a knight armed all in white, leading a white horse. Then the knight saluted them, and said to Galahad, “Ye have been long time enough with your father; now, therefore, leave him and ride this horse till ye achieve the Holy Quest.”

Then went Sir Galahad to his father and kissed him full courteously, and said, “Fair father, I know not when I shall see thee again.”

And as he took his horse a voice spake in their hearing, “Ye shall meet no more in this life.”

“Now, my son, Sir Galahad,” said Sir Lancelot, “since we must so part and see each other never more, I pray the High Father of Heaven to preserve both you and me.”






Then they bade farewell, and Sir Galahad entered the forest, and Sir Lancelot returned to the ship, and the wind rose and drove him more than a month through the sea, whereby he slept but little, yet ever prayed that he might see the Sangreal.

So it befell upon a certain midnight, the moon shining clear, he came before a fair and rich castle, whereof the postern gate was open towards the sea, having no keeper save two lions in the entry.

Anon Sir Lancelot heard a voice: “Leave now thy ship and go within the castle, and thou shalt see a part of thy desire.”

Then he armed and went towards the gate, and coming to the lions he drew out his sword, but suddenly a dwarf rushed out and smote him on the arm, so that he dropt his sword, and heard again the voice, “Oh, man of evil faith, and poor belief, wherefore trustest thou thine arms above thy Maker?” Then he put up his sword and signed the cross upon his forehead, and so passed by the lions without hurt.




それで彼は武装して門に向かい,獅子の所に来ると剣を抜いたが,突然ドワーフが飛び出て来て彼の腕を叩いたので彼は剣を落とした。するとまた声が聞こえた。「おお,不信心者め,何ゆえ汝の造物主よりも汝の腕を信じる?」 それで彼は剣をしまって額に十字のサインを描き,それで傷つくことなく獅子達の傍を通り過ぎた。


And going in, he found a chamber with the door shut, which in vain he tried to open. And listening thereat he heard a voice within, which sang so sweetly that it seemed no earthly thing, “Joy and honour be to the Father of Heaven!” Then he kneeled down at the door, for he knew well the Sangreal was there within.

そして中に入ると戸の閉まった部屋があり,開けようとしても開かなかった。そこで耳を澄ますと中から声が聞こえ,それはとても甘い歌声だったのでこの世の物とも思えなかった。「喜びも名誉も父と神へ!」 それで彼は戸の所で跪いた。というのも聖杯が中にあると確信したからだ。