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Chapter 7  King Arthur and Sir Accolon of Gaul

Being now happily married, King Arthur for a season took his pleasure, with great tournaments, and jousts, and huntings. So once upon a time the king and many of his knights rode hunting in a forest, and Arthur, King Urience, and Sir Accolon of Gaul, followed after a great hart, and being all three well mounted, they chased so fast that they outsped their company, and left them many miles behind; but riding still as rapidly as they could go, at length their horses fell dead under them. Then being all three on foot, and seeing the stag not far before them, very weary and nigh spent — “What shall we do,” said King Arthur, “for we are hard bested?” “Let us go on afoot,” said King Urience, “till we can find some lodging.”


for a season には「しばらくの間」という意味があります。規模感は数か月なんでしょうかね。

spent は「費やされた」ですが「体力が費やされた」と考えれば「疲れ切った」です。exhausted「へとへとに疲れた」の exhaust (イグゾースト)も「使い果たす」です。

・この bested も spent のパラフレーズです。

ウリエンス王 King Urience には気になることがあります。「アーサー王と騎士達(5)」に,ロト王と共に当初アーサーに敵対した王としてウリエン王King Urien)という人物が登場するんですね。名前が似すぎていて気になったのですが,英語版 Wikipedia の Accolon の記事に “At an early stage in Malory's book, Accolon is hunting together with King Arthur and King Urien when they become lost and are forced to camp in the woods” と記述されています。これ今回の話のことですよね。そしてここでは King Urien となっていますので,ウリエンス王はウリエン王のことと判断しました。なおウリエン王はモーガン・ル・フェイの夫です。

ウリエン王に関し更に情報があります。イングランド北部からスコットランド南部にかけてレゲド(Rheged)王国というのがあり,そこに Urien 王がいました(6世紀)。彼がアーサー王伝説の Urien 王のモデルだそうです。発音記号は /ˈjʊəriən/ であるため「ユアリアン王」が比較的正確ですね……

アコロンAccolon については上で記事があると述べました。/ˈækəlɒn/ という発音記号が書いており,「アカロン」の方が近そうですね。なお日本語版ウィキペディアでは「アコーロン」と記述されていますが,誤りと思われます。/kə/ は伸ばしたりする発音ではありません。


At that they saw the stag lying upon the bank of a great lake, with a hound springing at his throat, and many other hounds trooping towards him. So, running forward, Arthur blew the death-note on his horn, and slew the hart. Then lifting up his eyes he saw before him on the lake a barge, all draped down to the water’s edge, with silken folds and curtains, which swiftly came towards him, and touched upon the sands; but when he went up close and looked in, he saw no earthly creature. Then he cried out to his companions, “Sirs, come ye hither, and let us see what there is in this ship.” So they all three went in, and found it everywhere throughout furnished, and hung with rich draperies of silk and gold.

そのとき彼らには雄ジカが大きな湖の岸に横たわっているのが見えた。その喉に向かって猟犬が飛びかかり,他の多くの猟犬もそれに向かっていった。それでアーサーは前進し,角笛で死の音色を吹き,雄ジカを仕留めた。それから目を上げると目の前の湖に(はしけ)があり,水面まで絹の掛け布やカーテンで覆われていた。艀は素早く彼の方へやって来て,砂浜に乗り上げた。しかし彼が近づいて中を覗き込むと,誰も乗っていなかった。それで仲間に声をかけた。「卿らよこちらに来て下さい。この船には何があるのでしょう」 それで彼ら3人はみな乗り込むと,至る所に家具が備え付けられており,絹や金糸の厚い掛け布がかかっていた。



By this time eventide had come, when suddenly a hundred torches were set up on all sides of the barge, and gave a dazzling light, and at the same time came forth twelve fair damsels, and saluted King Arthur by his name, kneeling on their knees, and telling him that he was welcome, and should have their noblest cheer, for which the king thanked them courteously. Then did they lead him and his fellows to a splendid chamber, where was a table spread with all the richest furniture, and costliest wines and viands; and there they served them with all kinds of wines and meats, till Arthur wondered at the splendour of the feast, declaring he had never in his life supped better, or more royally. After supper they led him to another chamber, than which he had never beheld a richer, where he was left to rest. King Urience, also, and Sir Accolon were each conducted into rooms of like magnificence. And so they all three fell asleep, and being very weary slept deeply all that night.


・「案内する,導く」という意味で leadconduct が使われています。conductor は「案内者,導く者」ですから「指揮者」「添乗員・ガイド(ツアーコンダクター),車掌」「伝導体」の意味があります。semiconductor は「半導体」です。


But when the morning broke, King Urience found himself in his own house in Camelot, he knew not how; and Arthur awaking found himself in a dark dungeon, and heard around him nothing but the groans of woful knights, prisoners like himself. Then said King Arthur, “Who are ye, thus groaning and complaining?” And some one answered him, “Alas, we be all prisoners, even twenty good knights, and some of us have lain here seven years — some more — nor seen the light of day for all that time.”

しかし夜が明けると,ウリエン王はどういうわけかキャメロットの自分の家にいるのに気付いた。またアーサーは暗いダンジョンにおり,周りには悲しげな騎士や,自分と同様に囚われた者の呻き声が聞こえた。それでアーサー王は「ここでこのように嘆き悲しんでいる君達は何者だ?」 すると彼らの1人が答えた。「ああ,私達はみな囚人なのです。20人もの優れた騎士です。ここに7年間もいる者もいますし,もっと長い者もいます。その間陽の光を見ていません」

・「夜が明ける」は×the night breaks とは言いません。○the morning breaks,○the day breaks,○the day dawns などと言います。この break は「終わる」ではなく「始まる」という意味です。例えば break out は「勃発する(=突然始まる)」です。

woeful, wofulwoe「悲痛,災難」の形容詞です。


“For what cause?” said King Arthur. “Know ye not then yourself?” they answered — “we will soon tell you. The lord of this strong castle is Sir Damas, and is the falsest and most traitorous knight that liveth; and he hath a younger brother, a good and noble knight, whose name is Outzlake. This traitor Damas, although passing rich, will give his brother nothing of his wealth, and save what Outzlake keepeth to himself by force, he hath no share of the inheritance. He owneth, nevertheless, one fair rich manor, whereupon he liveth, loved of all men far and near.

「何ゆえにだ?」アーサー王は言った。「自分らでも分からないのか?」 彼らは答えた。「今からお話しします。この堅固な城の主はダマス卿です。この世で最も不誠実で裏切り者の騎士です。彼には弟がおり,弟は優れた気高き騎士で,名前をアウツレイクと言います。この裏切りのダマスは非常に裕福ですが,弟に富を分け与えるつもりはありませんし,アウツレイクが無理やり自分のものにしたものを除けば,何も相続していません。しかしながら彼は1軒の美しい豪華な邸宅を持っており,そこに住んでいます,近くの者からも遠くの者からも愛されながら」


But Damas is as altogether hated as his brother is beloved, for he is merciless and cowardly: and now for many years there hath been war between these brothers, and Sir Outzlake evermore defieth Damas to come forth and fight with him, body to body, for the inheritance; and if he be too cowardly, to find some champion knight that will fight for him. And Damas hath agreed to find some champion, but never yet hath found a knight to take his evil cause in hand, or wager battle for him. So with a strong band of men-at-arms he lieth ever in ambush, and taketh captive every passing knight who may unwarily go near, and bringeth him into this castle, and desireth him either to fight Sir Outzlake, or to lie for evermore in durance. And thus hath he dealt with all of us, for we all scorned to take up such a cause for such a false foul knight — but rather one by one came here, where many a good knight hath died of hunger and disease. But if one of us would fight, Sir Damas would deliver all the rest.”


defieth defies のことですが,defy(ディファイ)とは「無視する,侮る」そこから defy O to-V で「O に対して V できないだろうと言う」→「O に対して V できるものならやってみろと言う」という意味です。今回 defieth Damas to come forth and fight ですので「出てきて戦ってみろと言う」です。

take O captive は「O を虜にする」ですが,O(=every passing knight who... near) が長いので take captive O となっています(SVOC→SVCO)

durance って「耐久(endurance)」的な意味を想像しますよね。durance は「監禁」という意味です。“dur” は前置詞 during「……の間」にも含まれており,「一定期間」といった意味と思われますが,「一定期間」→「耐久」,「一定期間」→「監禁」というイメージと思われます。


God of his mercy send you deliverance,” said King Arthur, and sat turning in his mind how all these things should end, and how he might himself gain freedom for so many noble hearts.


God of his mercy send you deliverance が最初わけわかめだったのですが,まず気づいたのは his mercy の his がダマス卿ではなく,直前の God を指しているということでした。God of his mercy(その慈悲を持つ神?)は分かりにくいですが「慈悲の神」といった意味でしょう。次に重要なのは send が3単現活用していないことで,そこから祈願文 May God of his mercy send you deliverance であると分かります(May God bless you→God bless you)。つまり「慈悲の神が send you deliverance しますように」という意味です。deliver が「助ける」という意味であることは今まで何度か登場しているので,「慈悲の神が貴方達を救済に導きますように」という意味でしょう。


Anon there came a damsel to the king, saying, “Sir if thou wilt fight for my lord thou shalt be delivered out of prison, but else nevermore shalt thou escape with thy life.” “Nay,” said King Arthur, “that is but a hard choice, yet had I rather fight than die in prison, and if I may deliver not myself alone, but all these others, I will do the battle.” “Yea,” said the damsel, “it shall be even so.” “Then,” said King Arthur, “I am ready now, if but I had a horse and armour.” “Fear not,” said she, “that shalt thou have presently, and shalt lack nothing proper for the fight.” “Have I not seen thee,” said the king, “at King Arthur’s court? for it seemeth that thy face is known to me.” “Nay,” said the damsel, “I was never there; I am Sir Damas’ daughter, and have never been but a day’s journey from this castle.” But she spoke falsely, for she was one of the damsels of Morgan le Fay, the great enchantress, who was King Arthur’s half-sister.

間もなく1人の少女が王の所にやって来て,「騎士様もし我が殿のために戦って下さるなら,牢屋から出してもらえますよ。さもなければ一生出られません」と言った。「いや」アーサー王は言った。「難しい選択ではあるが,牢獄で死ぬくらいなら戦った方がましだし,もし自分自身だけでなく,他の皆も助けられるなら,戦ってもよい」 「はい」少女は言った。「そのようになります」 「ならば」アーサー王は言った。「もう出られるぞ。馬と装備があればだが」 「ご心配なく」彼女は言った。「すぐに用意できます。戦いに必要なものは全部あります」 「私は君を」王は言った。「アーサー王の宮廷で見なかったか? 君の顔に見覚えがあるのだ」 「いいえ」少女は言った。「そこに居たことはありません。私はダマス卿の娘です。1日たりともこの城から出たことはありません」 しかし彼女は嘘を話していた。というのも彼女は偉大なる魔女でアーサー王の義姉であるモーガン・ル・フェイの従者の1人だったのだ。

would rather V1 than V2 は「V2するよりはむしろV1したい」ですが,これを had rather V1 than V2, would sooner V1 than V2, would (just) as soon V1 as V2 と言ったりもします。まとめて覚えておきましょう。特に soon(er) を使っている場合これを「すぐに」などと訳出しないよう気を付けましょう。




When Sir Damas knew that there had been at length a knight found who would fight for him, he sent for Arthur, and finding him a man so tall and strong, and straight of limb, he was passingly well pleased, and made a covenant with him, that he should fight unto the uttermost for his cause, and that all the other knights should be delivered. And when they were sworn to each other on the holy gospels, all those imprisoned knights were straightway led forth and delivered, but abode there one and all to see the battle.


at length は「長々と,詳細に」という意味と「ついに,ようやく」という意味があります。


In the meanwhile there had happened to Sir Accolon of Gaul a strange adventure; for when he awoke from his deep sleep upon the silken barge, he found himself upon the edge of a deep well, and in instant peril of falling thereinto. Whereat, leaping up in great affright, he crossed himself and cried aloud, “May God preserve my lord King Arthur and King Urience, for those damsels in the ship have betrayed us, and were doubtless devils and no women; and if I may escape this misadventure, I will certainly destroy them wheresoever I may find them.”


cross himself は「十字を切る」です。


With that there came to him a dwarf with a great mouth, and a flat nose, and saluted him, saying that he came from Queen Morgan le Fay. “And she greeteth you well,” said he, “and biddeth you be strong of heart, for to-morrow you shall do battle with a strange knight, and therefore she hath sent you here Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword, and the scabbard likewise. And she desireth you as you do love her to fight this battle to the uttermost, and without any mercy, as you have promised her you would fight when she should require it of you; and she will make a rich queen for ever of any damsel that shall bring her that knight’s head with whom you are to fight.”


as you do love her「貴方(=アコロン)は本当に彼女(モーガン・ル・フェイ)を愛しているので」が唐突に感じました。確かにウィキペディアアーサー王伝説に登場する人物一覧」には「アコロン」の項目に「モーガン・ル・フェイの恋人」と書いてあります。しかしこの小説では今のところその説明がないまま進んでいます。しかし,となるとウリエン王はモーガン・ル・フェイの夫,アコロンはモーガン・ル・フェイの恋人,と複雑な関係ですね。


“Well,” said Sir Accolon, “tell you my lady Queen Morgan, that I shall hold to that I promised her, now that I have this sword — and,” said he, “I suppose it was to bring about this battle that she made all these enchantments by her craft.” “You have guessed rightly,” said the dwarf, and therewithal he left him.

「ふむ」アコロン卿は言った。「私の恋人モーガン女王に伝えてくれ。私はこの剣を受け取ったからには彼女に約束したことを果たすつもりだ。それに」彼は言った。「彼女がその魔術でこうした素晴らしい物を造り出したのは,この戦いを引き起こすためだったのだろうと思う」 「ご明察です」とドワーフは言い,そう言って彼の許を去った。


Then came a knight and lady, and six squires, to Sir Accolon, and took him to a manor house hard by, and gave him noble cheer; and the house belonged to Sir Outzlake, the brother of Sir Damas, for so had Morgan le Fay contrived with her enchantments. Now Sir Outzlake himself was at that time sorely wounded and disabled, having been pierced through both his thighs by a spear-thrust. When, therefore, Sir Damas sent down messengers to his brother, bidding him make ready by to-morrow morning, and be in the field to fight with a good knight, for that he had found a champion ready to do battle at all points, Sir Outzlake was sorely annoyed and distressed, for he knew he had small chance of victory, while yet he was disabled by his wounds; notwithstanding, he determined to take the battle in hand, although he was so weak that he must needs be lifted to his saddle. But when Sir Accolon of Gaul heard this, he sent a message to Sir Outzlake offering to take the battle in his stead, which cheered Sir Outzlake mightily, who thanked Sir Accolon with all his heart, and joyfully accepted him.



So, on the morrow, King Arthur was armed and well horsed, and asked Sir Damas, “When shall we go to the field?” “Sir,” said Sir Damas, “you shall first hear mass.” And when mass was done, there came a squire on a great horse, and asked Sir Damas if his knight were ready, “for our knight is already in the field.” Then King Arthur mounted on horseback, and there around were all the knights, and barons, and people of the country; and twelve of them were chosen to wait upon the two knights who were about to fight. And as King Arthur sat on horseback, there came a damsel from Morgan le Fay, and brought to him a sword, made like Excalibur, and a scabbard also, and said to him, “Morgan le Fay sendeth you here your sword for her great love’s sake.”

それで翌朝,アーサー王武装し,立派な馬に乗り,ダマス卿に尋ねた。「いつ戦場に行くのか?」 「騎士殿」ダマス卿は言った。「まずはミサを聞いて下され」 そしてミサが終わると,1人の従者が大きな馬に乗ってやって来て,ダマス卿に騎士の準備は良いかと尋ねた。「というのも我々の方の騎士は既に戦場におります」 それでアーサー王は馬に乗り,周りにはその国の全ての騎士,諸侯たち,そして人々が同行した。そして12人が選ばれて今から戦う2人の騎士の世話をすることになった。そしてアーサー王が馬の上に座ると,モーガン・ル・フェイの許から1人の少女がやって来て,彼にエクスカリバーのような剣と鞘を渡し,「モーガン・ル・フェイ様が愛情ゆえに貴方様にこの剣をお送りになりました」と言った。

mass は「塊,質量」や「大衆」といった大事な意味がありますが,同じ綴りで「ミサ」という語もあります。


And the king thanked her, and believed it to be as she said; but she traitorously deceived him, for both sword and scabbard were counterfeit, brittle, and false, and the true sword Excalibur was in the hands of Sir Accolon. Then, at the sound of a trumpet, the champions set themselves on opposite sides of the field, and giving rein and spur to their horses urged them to so great a speed that each smiting the other in the middle of the shield, rolled his opponent to the ground, both horse and man. Then starting up immediately, both drew their swords and rushed swiftly together. And so they fell to eagerly, and gave each other many great and mighty strokes.







↓宣伝 クー・フーリンの物語『アルスターの猟犬』(全61回)




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