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When Abellius heard this, he trembled greatly, and was sore afraid, and yielded to Sir Tor, and prayed his mercy.

“I cannot now, Sir knight,” said he, “lest I be false to my promise. Ye would not take my mercy when I offered it; and now it is too late.”

Therewith he unlaced his helmet, and took it off; but Abellius, in dismal fear, struggled to his feet, and fled, until Sir Tor overtook him, and smote off his head entirely with one blow.




lest S should V または lest S V(原形)は「SがVしないように」です。lest I be false to my promise「私が約束を違えることのないように」とは何のことでしょうか。アーサー王に宣誓した,「必ず女性の味方であれ」というものでしょうか。


“Now, sir,” said the damsel, “it is near night, I pray ye come and lodge at my castle hard by.”

“I will, with a good will,” said he, for both his horse and he had fared but poorly since they left Camelot.

So he went to the lady’s castle and fared sumptuously, and saw her husband, an old knight, who greatly thanked him for his service, and urged him oftentimes to come again.





On the morrow he departed, and reached Camelot by noon, where the king and queen rejoiced to see him, and the king made him Earl; and Merlin prophesied that these adventures were but little to the things he should achieve hereafter.

Now while Sir Gawain and Sir Tor had fulfilled their quests, King Pellinore pursued the lady whom the knight had seized away from the wedding-feast. And as he rode through the woods, he saw in a valley a fair young damsel sitting by a well-side, and a wounded knight lying in her arms, and King Pellinore saluted her as he passed by.



to には〈対応〉「……に対して」の意味があり,関連して〈比較〉「……と比べれば」の意味があります。はっきりと compared to...「……と比較すれば」という言い方もありますね。these adventures were but little to the things he should achieve hereafter these adventures were but little, compared to the things he should achieve hereafter「これらの出来事はほんの小さな事だ。彼が今後成し遂げる事と比較すれば」とすると読みやすいです。



As soon as she perceived him she cried out, “Help, help me, knight, for our Lord’s sake!” But Pellinore was far too eager in his quest to stay or turn, although she cried a hundred times to him for help; at which she prayed to heaven he might have such sore need before he died as she had now. And presently thereafter her knight died in her arms; and she, for grief and love slew herself with his sword.


prayed to heaven he might について,prayed to O S might V は「SがVするようにとOに祈る」です。

such sore need as she had now について,such A as S V は「SがVするようなA」です。sore need が she had の had の目的語になっており,この as は〈関係代名詞のas〉と言えます。such sore need as she had now は「彼女が今持っているような悲痛な必要」です。


But King Pellinore rode on till he met a poor man and asked him had he seen a knight pass by that way leading by force a lady with him.

“Yea, surely,” said the man, “and greatly did she moan and cry; but even now another knight is fighting with him to deliver the lady; ride on and thou shalt find them fighting still.”



deliver は「配達する」ですが,from を伴うなどして「救出する」の意味があります。つまり deliver A from B で B が「危険」であれば「危険から運ぶ」わけですから「助ける」の意味になるわけです。今回はその from... すらありませんが文脈から分かるだろうというわけです。


At that King Pellinore rode swiftly on, and came to where he saw the two knights fighting, hard by where two pavilions stood. And when he looked in one of them he saw the lady that was his quest, and with her the two squires of the two knights who fought.

“Fair lady,” said he, “ye must come with me unto Arthur’s court.”




“Sir knight,” said the two squires, “yonder be two knights fighting for this lady; go part them, and get their consent to take her, ere thou touch her.”

“Ye say well,” said King Pellinore, and rode between the combatants, and asked them why they fought.



go and V は「V しに行く」という意味で,and が略され得ます。go part them とは go and part them のことで,「彼らを引き離しに行ってこい」という意味です。


“Sir knight,” said the one, “yon lady is my cousin, mine aunt’s daughter, whom I met borne away against her will, by this knight here, with whom I therefore fight to free her.”

“Sir knight,” replied the other, whose name was Hantzlake of Wentland, “this lady got I, by my arms and prowess, at King Arthur’s court to-day.”




“That is false,” said King Pellinore; “ye stole the lady suddenly, and fled away with her, before any knight could arm to stay thee. But it is my service to take her back again. Neither of ye shall therefore have her; but if ye will fight for her, fight with me now and here.”

“Well,” said the knights, “make ready, and we will assail thee with all our might.”



・if you come with me のように,if 節には will は要らないはずです。if ye will fight for her は if you will come with me と言っているようなものです。この,if 節中で不要な will とは〈単純未来の will〉であって,〈意志未来の will〉「……するつもりがある」の場合は別です。だから「もし君達に戦うつもりがあるなら」と訳しています。例として I would appreciate it if you would V「V してくださればありがたいのですが」では if 節中に would が使われています。



Then Sir Hantzlake ran King Pellinore’s horse through with his sword, so that they might be all alike on foot. But King Pellinore at that was passing wroth, and ran upon Sir Hantzlake, with a cry, “Keep well thy head!” and gave him such a stroke upon the helm as clove him to the chin, so that he fell dead to the ground. When he saw that, the other knight refused to fight, and kneeling down said, “Take my cousin the lady with thee, as thy quest is; but as thou art a true knight, suffer her to come to neither shame nor harm.”



So the next day King Pellinore departed for Camelot, and took the lady with him; and as they rode in a valley full of rough stones, the damsel’s horse stumbled and threw her, so that her arms were sorely bruised and hurt. And as they rested in the forest for the pain to lessen, night came on, and there they were compelled to make their lodging. A little before midnight they heard the trotting of a horse. “Be ye still,” said King Pellinore, “for now we may hear of some adventure,” and therewith he armed him. Then he heard two knights meet and salute each other, in the dark; one riding from Camelot, the other from the north.

それで翌日ペリノア王はキャメロットへ出発し,少女を連れて行った。ごつごつした岩で一杯の谷を走っている時,少女の馬が躓いて彼女を投げだしたので,彼女の腕はひどい打ち身と傷を負った。痛みを和らげるために森で休んでいると,夜になって,そこで宿泊する羽目になった。夜中の少し前に2人は馬が近づく音を聞いた。「ここにいて下さい」とペリノア王は言った。「何かあるかもしれないから」 そう言って彼は武装した。それから彼は2人の騎士が暗闇の中で会って互いに挨拶するのを聞いた。1人はキャメロットからやって来て,もう1人は北から向かってきていた。


“What tidings at Camelot?” said one.

“By my head,” said the other, “I have but just left there, and have espied King Arthur’s court, and such a fellowship is there as never may be broke or overcome; for wellnigh all the chivalry of the world is there, and all full loyal to the king, and now I ride back homewards to the north to tell our chiefs, that they waste not their strength in wars against him.”



broke は break の過去形ですが be broke という言い方があり,「破産した,一文無しだ」という意味です(I'm broke.)


“As for all that,” replied the other knight, “I am but now from the north, and bear with me a remedy, the deadliest poison that ever was heard tell of, and to Camelot will I with it; for there we have a friend close to the king, and greatly cherished of him, who hath received gifts from us to poison him, as he hath promised soon to do.”



“Beware,” said the first knight, “of Merlin, for he knoweth all things, by the devil’s craft.”

“I will not fear for that,” replied the other, and so rode on his way.

Anon King Pellinore and the lady passed on again; and when they came to the well at which the lady with the wounded knight had sat, they found both knight and Damsel utterly devoured by lions and wild beasts, all save the lady’s head.




craft は「不思議な力」といったニュアンスがあり「技術,技巧」といった訳語があります。witchcraft「魔術」や aircraft「飛行機」,hovercraft「ホバークラフト」などに使われていますが飛行機もホバークラフトも不思議な力で動いていますね。余談ですが aircraft,hovercraft は単複同形です。


When King Pellinore saw that, he wept bitterly, saying, “Alas! I might have saved her life had I but tarried a few moments in my quest.”

Wherefore make so much sorrow now?” said the lady.

“I know not,” answered he, “but my heart grieveth greatly for this poor lady’s death, so fair she was and young.”

ペリノア王はそれを見ると,激しく泣いて言った。「何ということだ! 少し任務を遅らせれば彼女の命を救うこともできたのに」



wherefore はほぼ why ですが,wherefore のあとが原形動詞(make)になってますね。Why+原形動詞...? という言い方があります。「どうして……するのか」「……することはないじゃないか」といった意味です。Why not+原形動詞...? もありますね。


Then he required a hermit to bury the remains of the bodies, and bare the lady’s head with him to Camelot, to the court.

When he was arrived, he was sworn to tell the truth of his quest before the King and Queen, and when he had entered the Queen somewhat upbraided him, saying, “Ye were much to blame that ye saved not that lady’s life.”

“Madam,” said he, “I shall repent it all my life.”




be to blame は「責められるべきである,悪い」という意味です。be to... には「……するべきだ」という意味がありますが,×be to be blamed とは言いません。


“Ay, king,” quoth Merlin, who suddenly came in, “and so ye ought to do, for that lady was your daughter, not seen since infancy by thee. And she was on her way to court, with a right good young knight, who would have been her husband, but was slain by treachery of a felon knight, Lorraine le Savage, as they came; and because thou wouldst not abide and help her, thy best friend shall fail thee in thine hour of greatest need, for such is the penance ordained thee for that deed.”





Then did King Pellinore tell Merlin secretly of the treason he had heard in the forest, and Merlin by his craft so ordered that the knight who bare the poison was himself soon after slain by it, and so King Arthur’s life was saved.




これで3人の冒険譚が終わり,第6章が終わりました。この記事のアイキャッチ画像は英語版 Wikipedia にあるもので,ペリノア王に助けを求めるエレインです。ペリノア王の後の運命が気になりますね。次回から第7章に入ります。



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