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On the day after, Sir Tristram met a herald, who told him of a tournament proclaimed between King Carados of Scotland, and the King of North Wales, to be held at the Maiden’s Castle. Now King Carados sought Sir Lancelot to fight there on his side, and the King of North Wales sought Sir Tristram. And Sir Tristram purposed to be there. So as he rode, he met Sir Key, the seneschal, and Sir Sagramour, and Sir Key proffered to joust with him. But he refused, desiring to keep himself unwearied for the tourney. Then Sir Key cried, “Sir knight of Cornwall, joust with me, or yield as recreant.” When Sir Tristram heard that, he fiercely turned and set his spear in rest, and spurred his horse towards him. But when Sir Key saw him so madly coming on, he in his turn refused, whereat Sir Tristram called him coward, till for shame he was compelled to meet him. Then Sir Tristram lightly smote him down, and rode away. But Sir Sagramour pursued him, crying loudly to joust with him also. So Sir Tristram turned and quickly overthrew him likewise, and departed.

その翌日,トリスタン卿は1人の使者に会い,使者は彼に,スコットランドのカラドス王と,北ウェールズの王との間で,乙女の城にてトーナメントが宣言されたことを伝えた。それでカラドス王はランスロット卿を探して自分の側で戦ってもらうよう頼み,北ウェールズの王はトリスタン卿を探していた。そしてトリスタン卿は参加することを決意した。それで馬を進めていると彼は家宰のケイ卿及びサグラモー卿に会い,ケイ卿はトリスタンに馬上試合を申し出た。しかし彼はトーナメントに備えて体力を温存することを望んでいたので断った。するとケイ卿は叫んだ。「コーンウォールの騎士よ,私と試合するか,腰抜けとして降伏するが良い」 トリスタン卿がこれを聞くと,猛然と振り返って槍をレストに構え,馬に拍車を当てて彼に向かって行った。しかしケイ卿は彼が狂ったように突っ込んで来るのを見ると,今度は彼が試合を拒み,それに対してトリスタン卿は彼を臆病者と呼び,遂に彼は恥を感じて彼と対峙する羽目となった。それからトリスタン卿は軽々と彼を撃ち落とし,走り去った。しかしサグラモー卿は彼を追い,彼もまた試合をすると叫んだ。それでトリスタン卿は振り返って同様に素早く彼を打ち負かし,去って行った。


Anon a damsel met him as he rode, and told him of a knight adventurous who did great harm thereby, and prayed him for his help. But as he went with her he met Sir Gawain, who knew the damsel for a maiden of Queen Morgan le Fay. Knowing, therefore, that she needs must have evil plots against Sir Tristram, Sir Gawain demanded of him courteously whither he went.



“I know not whither,” said he, “save as this damsel leadeth me.”

“Sir,” said Sir Gawain, “ye shall not ride with her, for she and her lady never yet did good to any;” and, drawing his sword, he said to the damsel, “Tell me now straightway for what cause thou leadest this knight or else shalt thou die; for I know of old thy lady’s treason.”

“Mercy, Sir Gawain,” cried the damsel, “and I will tell thee all.” Then she told him that Queen Morgan had ordained thirty fair damsels to seek out Sir Lancelot and Sir Tristram, and by their wiles persuade them to her castle, where she had thirty knights in wait to slay them.

“Oh shame!” cried Sir Gawain, “that ever such foul treason should be wrought by a queen, and a king’s sister.” Then said he to Sir Tristram, “Sir knight, if ye will stand with me, we will together prove the malice of these thirty knights.”



「お慈悲を」と少女は叫んだ。「全てお話しします」 それから彼女は,女王モーガン・ル・フェイが30人の少女に命じてランスロット卿とトリスタン卿を見つけさせ,計略で彼らを女王の城に連れて来させ,そこで30人の騎士を伏せさせて彼らを殺させようとしていると話した。

「恥ずべき事だ!」とガウェイン卿は叫んだ。「このような邪な裏切りを女王が,王の義姉が企んでいるとは」 それからトリスタン卿に言った。「騎士殿,私の味方をしてくれるなら,一緒に行ってこの30人の悪事を暴きましょう」


“I will not fail you,” answered he, “for but few days since I had to do with thirty knights of that same queen, and trust we may win honour as lightly now as then.”

So they rode together, and when they came to the castle, Sir Gawain cried aloud, “Queen Morgan le Fay, send out thy knights that we may fight with them.”

Then the queen urged her knights to issue forth, but they durst not, for they well knew Sir Tristram, and feared him greatly.




issue は「出す,出る」という意味があり,そこから「(出版物を)発行する;(雑誌の)号」という意味があり,しかし最も重要なのは「問題,論点」です。「湧き出て来る問題」ということでしょう。political issue(s) は「政治問題」です。special issue なら「特別号」でしょう。


So Sir Tristram and Sir Gawain went on their way, and as they rode they saw a knight, named Sir Brewse-without-pity, chasing a lady, with intent to slay her. Then Sir Gawain prayed Sir Tristram to hold still and let him assail that knight. So he rode up between Sir Brewse and the lady, and cried, “False knight, turn thee to me and leave that lady.” Then Sir Brewse turned and set his spear in rest, and rushed against Sir Gawain and overthrew him, and rode his horse upon him as he lay, which when Sir Tristram saw, he cried, “Forbear that villainy,” and galloped at him. But when Sir Brewse saw by the shield it was Sir Tristram, he turned and fled. And though Sir Tristram followed swiftly after him, yet he was so well horsed that he escaped.

それでトリスタン卿とガウェイン卿は道を進み,途中で無慈悲のブルーズ卿という騎士が1人の女性を殺そうと追いかけているのを見かけた。それでガウェイン卿はトリスタン卿に,見ていてくれ,自分があの騎士を攻撃するからと頼んだ。それでガウェイン卿はブルーズ卿と女性の間に乗り入れて「偽騎士め,俺に向かって来い。その女性に構うな」 それでブルーズ卿は振り返って槍をレストに構え,ガウェイン卿に突進して彼を撃ち飛ばし,倒れた彼を馬で踏みつけようとした。トリスタン卿がそれを見ると,「悪行は慎み給え」と叫んで彼めがけて全速で駆けた。しかしブルーズ卿が彼を盾で判断するに,それがトリスタン卿だったので振り返って逃走した。そしてトリスタン卿が素早く彼を追ったが,彼の馬が優れていたので彼は逃げおおせた。


Anon Sir Tristram and Sir Gawain came nigh the Maiden’s Castle, and there an old knight named Sir Pellonnes gave them lodging. And Sir Persides, the son of Sir Pellonnes, a good knight, came out to welcome them. And, as they stood talking at a bay window of the castle, they saw a goodly knight ride by on a black horse, and carrying a black shield. “What knight is that?” asked Tristram.

“One of the best knights in all the world,” said Sir Persides.

“Is he Sir Lancelot?” said Sir Tristram.

“Nay,” answered Sir Persides, “it is Sir Palomedes, who is yet unchristened.”





bay は本当に色んな意味がありますね。『ランダムハウス英和大辞典』では bay1 から bay5 まであります。「アルスターの猟犬」では at bay「窮地にあって」が登場しました。また「アーサー王と騎士達」では a bay courser「鹿毛の駿馬」が登場しました。今回の a bay window は「張り出し窓,出窓」です。他に「吠える(bark),吠え声」「月桂樹」があります。もちろん最重要は「湾」です。


Within a while one came and told them that a knight with a black shield had smitten down thirteen knights. “Let us go and see this jousting,” said Sir Tristram. So they armed themselves and went down. And when Sir Palomedes saw Sir Persides, he sent a squire to him and proffered him to joust. So they jousted, and Sir Persides was overthrown. Then Sir Tristram made ready to joust, but ere he had his spear in rest, Sir Palomedes took him at advantage, and struck him on the shield so that he fell. At that Sir Tristram was wroth out of measure and sore ashamed, wherefore he sent a squire and prayed Sir Palomedes to joust once again. But he would not, saying, “Tell thy master to revenge himself to-morrow at the Maiden’s Castle, where he shall see me again.”

So on the morrow Sir Tristram commanded his servant to give him a black shield with no cognizance thereon, and he and Sir Persides rode into the tournament and joined King Carados’ side.




Then the knights of the King of North Wales came forth, and there was a great fighting and breaking of spears, and overthrow of men and horses.

Now King Arthur sat above in a high gallery to see the tourney and give the judgment, and Sir Lancelot sat beside him. Then came against Sir Tristram and Sir Persides, two knights with them of North Wales, Sir Bleoberis and Sir Gaheris; and Sir Persides was smitten down and nigh slain, for four horsemen rode over him. But Sir Tristram rode against Sir Gaheris and smote him from his horse, and when Sir Bleoberis next encountered him, he overthrew him also. Anon they horsed themselves again, and with them came Sir Dinadan, whom Sir Tristram forthwith smote so sorely, that he reeled off his saddle. Then cried he, “Ah! Sir knight, I know ye better than ye deem, and promise nevermore to come against ye.” Then rode Sir Bleoberis at him the second time, and had a buffet that felled him to the earth. And soon thereafter the king commanded to cease for that day, and all men marvelled who Sir Tristram was, for the prize of the first day was given him in the name of the Knight of the Black Shield.

Now Sir Palomedes was on the side of the King of North Wales, but knew not Sir Tristram again. And, when he saw his marvellous deeds, he sent to ask his name. “As to that,” said Sir Tristram, “he shall not know at this time, but tell him he shall know when I have broken two spears upon him, for I am the knight he smote down yesterday, and whatever side he taketh, I will take the other.”

それから北ウェールズ王側の騎士たちが出て来て大いに争い槍を折り合い,人も馬も倒れて行った。さてアーサー王は高くの観覧席からトーナメントを眺めて審判も行っており,傍にはランスロット卿が座っていた。それからトリスタン卿とパーシデス卿が,北ウェールズ側のブレオベリス卿,ガヘリス卿と対戦し,パーシデス卿は敗れて,4人の騎士に轢き殺されかけた。しかしトリスタン卿がガヘリス卿に突進して彼を馬から落とし,次にブレオベリス卿が立ち向かうと彼も落とした。直ぐに彼らは馬に乗り,彼らと共にディナダン卿がやって来たが,トリスタン卿は直ちに彼を強打したので彼はよろめいて鞍から外れた。それで彼は叫んだ。「ああ騎士殿! 僕は君を君よりよく知ってる。もう二度と君とは戦わないぞ」 次にブレオベリス卿が再度彼に向かい,地面に撃ち落とされる攻撃をもらった。そしてその後直ぐ王が,今日は終わりにするよう命令して,皆はトリスタン卿とは何者なのか知りたがった。というのも彼が黒盾の騎士という名前で初日の賞を貰ったからだ。さてパロメデス卿は北ウェールズ王の側にいたが,またもやトリスタン卿が分からなかった。そして彼の驚くべき行為を見ると,人を送って彼の名を尋ねた。「それについては」トリスタン卿は言った。「今は教えられませんが,私が彼と戦って槍を2本折った時にお教えしましょう。というのも私は昨日彼に打ち倒された騎士なのです。彼がどちらに就いても,私は逆側に就きましょう」


So when they told him that Sir Palomedes would be on King Carados’ side — for he was kindred to King Arthur — “Then will I be on the King of North Wales’ side,” said he, “but else would I be on my lord King Arthur’s.”

Then on the morrow, when King Arthur was come, the heralds blew unto the tourney. And King Carados jousted with the King of a Hundred Knights and fell before him, and then came in King Arthur’s knights and bare back those of North Wales. But anon Sir Tristram came to aid them and bare back the battle, and fought so mightily that none could stand against him, for he smote down on the right and on the left, so that all the knights and common people shouted his praise.

“Since I bare arms,” said King Arthur, “never saw I a knight do more marvellous deeds.”

それでパロメデス卿がカラドス王の側に就く— 彼はアーサー王の血族であった — という話を聞くと,彼は「ならば私は北ウェールズ王の側に就こう」と言った。「そうでなければアーサー王の側に就きたかったのだが」




Then the King of the Hundred Knights and those of North Wales, set upon twenty knights who were of Sir Lancelot’s kin, who fought all together, none failing the others. When Sir Tristram beheld their nobleness and valour, he marvelled much. “Well may he be valiant and full of prowess,” said he, “who hath such noble knights for kindred.” So, when he had looked on them awhile, he thought it shame to see two hundred men assailing twenty, and riding to the King of a Hundred Knights, he said, “I pray thee, Sir king, leave your fighting with those twenty knights, for ye be too many and they be too few. For ye shall gain no honour if ye win, and that I see verily ye will not do unless ye slay them; but if ye will not stay, I will ride with them and help them.”

“Nay,” said the king, “ye shall not do so; for full gladly I will do you courtesy,” and with that he withdrew his knights.

それから百騎士の王と北ウェールズの騎士達がランスロット卿の血族の20人の騎士と戦ったが,ランスロットの騎士達は皆一緒に戦い,仲間の期待を裏切らなかった。トリスタン卿は彼らの気高さと勇敢さを見ると大いに驚いた。「彼はきっと勇敢で武勇の高い人だろう」と彼は言った。「あんなに気高い騎士が血族にいるのだから」 それで暫く眺めていると,200人の騎士が20人の騎士を攻撃しているのは恥ずべきことだと思い,百騎士の王の所へ駆けて行って,「王よ,その20人の騎士と戦うのはお辞め下さい。貴方がたは多過ぎ,彼らは少な過ぎます。たとえ勝っても名誉は得られませんし,彼らを殺さない限り勝てません。しかし王様が戦いを辞めなければ,私が彼らの味方をします」



Then Sir Tristram rode his way into the forest, that no man might know him. And King Arthur caused the heralds to blow that the tourney should end that day, and he gave the King of North Wales the prize, because Sir Tristram was on his side. And in all the field there was such a cry that the sound thereof was heard two miles away—“The knight with the black shield hath won the field.”



“Alas!” said King Arthur, “where is that knight? it is shame to let him thus escape us.” Then he comforted his knights, and said, “Be not dismayed, my friends, howbeit ye have lost the day; be of good cheer; to-morrow I myself will be in the field, and fare with you.” So they all rested that night.

And on the morrow the heralds blew unto the field. So the King of North Wales and the King of a Hundred Knights encountered with King Carados and the King of Ireland, and overthrew them. With that came King Arthur, and did mighty deeds of arms, and overthrew the King of North Wales and his fellows, and put twenty valiant knights to the worse. Anon came in Sir Palomedes, and made great fight upon King Arthur’s side. But Sir Tristram rode furiously against him, and Sir Palomedes was thrown from his horse. Then cried King Arthur, “Knight of the Black Shield, keep thyself.” And as he spake he came upon him, and smote him from his saddle to the ground, and so passed on to other knights. Then Sir Palomedes having now another horse rushed at Sir Tristram, as he was on foot, thinking to run over him. But he was aware of him, and stepped aside, and grasped Sir Palomedes by the arms, and pulled him off his horse. Then they rushed together with their swords, and many stood still to gaze on them. And Sir Tristram smote Sir Palomedes with three mighty strokes upon the helm, crying at each stroke, “Take this for Sir Tristram’s sake,” and with that Sir Palomedes fell to the earth.

「ああ」王は言った。「あの騎士はどこだ? こんなに彼を逃がしているのは我々にとっても恥だ」 それから王は配下の騎士達を慰めて言った。「今日の試合は落としたが,友よ落ち込むな。元気を出すのだ。明日は私自身が出て,卿らと共に行こう」 それでその晩は皆休んだ。そして翌朝,伝令が開始の笛を吹いた。それで北ウェールズ王と百騎士の王が,カラドス王とアイルランド王と戦い,後者が敗れた。それと共にアーサー王が現れて強力な武芸を示し,北ウェールズ王と配下を破り,20名の勇敢な騎士達を下した。間もなくパロメデス卿が入場し,アーサー王の側に就いて大いに戦った。しかしトリスタン卿が猛烈に彼に突進し,パロメデス卿は馬から放り出された。するとアーサー王が「黒い盾の騎士よ,身を護り給え」と叫んだ。そう言って彼を攻撃し,彼を鞍から地面に落とし,他の騎士に任せた。それでパロメデス卿は新たに別の馬で,まだ徒歩状態のトリスタン卿を轢こうと突進した。しかし彼は彼に気づいていて,脇に避けてパロメデス卿の腕を掴み,彼を馬から引き摺り下ろした。それから2人は剣で戦い,多くの者が立ち尽くして彼らを観戦した。そしてトリスタン卿がパロメデス卿の兜に3回強力な攻撃を浴びせ,攻撃する度に「トリスタン卿の仇だ」と叫んだ。それでパロメデス卿は地面に倒れた。



Anon the King of North Wales brought Sir Tristram another horse, and Sir Palomedes found one also. Then did they joust again with passing rage, for both by now were like mad lions. But Sir Tristram avoided his spear, and seized Sir Palomedes by the neck, and pulled him from his saddle, and bore him onward ten spears’ length, and so let him fall. Then King Arthur drew forth his sword and smote the spear asunder, and gave Sir Tristram two or three sore strokes ere he could get at his own sword. But when he had it in his hand he mightily assailed the king. With that eleven knights of Lancelot’s kin went forth against him, but he smote them all down to the earth, so that men marvelled at his deeds.



And the cry was now so great that Sir Lancelot got a spear in his hand, and came down to assay Sir Tristram, saying, “Knight with the black shield, make ready.” When Sir Tristram heard him he levelled his spear, and both stooping their heads, they ran together mightily, as it had been thunder. And Sir Tristram’s spear brake short, but Sir Lancelot struck him with a deep wound in the side and broke his spear, yet overthrew him not. Therewith Sir Tristram, smarting at his wound, drew forth his sword, and rushing at Sir Lancelot, gave him mighty strokes upon the helm, so that the sparks flew from it, and Sir Lancelot stooped his head down to the saddle-bow. But then Sir Tristram turned and left the field, for he felt his wound so grievous that he deemed he should soon die. Then did Sir Lancelot hold the field against all comers, and put the King of North Wales and his party to the worse. And because he was the last knight in the field the prize was given him.


level は「レベル・水準」ですが「水平」の意味もあり,ここでは動詞で「(銃・槍)を水平に構える」です。


But he refused to take it, and when the cry was raised, “Sir Lancelot hath won the day,” he cried out, “Nay, but Sir Tristram is the victor, for he first began and last endured, and so hath he done each day.” And all men honoured Lancelot more for his knightly words than if he had taken the prize.

Thus was the tournament ended, and King Arthur departed to Caerleon, for the Whitsun feast was now nigh come, and all the knights adventurous went their ways. And many sought Sir Tristram in the forest whither he had gone, and at last Sir Lancelot found him, and brought him to King Arthur’s court, as hath been told already.



than if... は「もし……たらよりも」となってしまいますが,「……する・した場合よりも」と訳すことができます。