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三国志で英語のお勉強8: 董卓(董仲穎)後半



In the same year, regional officials and warlords around the country formed a coalition force and launched a punitive campaign against Dong Zhuo. In response, he sent a detachment to intercept the coalition vanguard led by Sun Jian, and ordered his son-in-law, Niu Fu, to supply the fortress of Mei with 30 years' worth of rations. After his subordinates Hua Xiong, Hu Zhen, and Lu Bu were defeated by Sun Jian at Yangren, Dong Zhuo sent Li jue to propose a marriage between Sun's son and Dong's daughter, and split the empire between the two families. Sun Jian refused and prepared to attack Luoyang.

同年(190年),国中の地方官僚・領主達が連合軍を結成し,董卓に対する懲罰的作戦(punitive campaign)を開始しました。これに対し董卓は,孫堅(Sun Jian)率いる先陣を妨害するため軍を派遣し,娘婿の牛輔(Niu Fu)に命じて眉県の城塞に30年分の糧食(ration)を備蓄させました。董卓の部下の華雄(Hua Xiong),胡軫(Hu Zhen),呂布(Lu Bu)が陽人(Yangren)で孫堅に敗れると,董卓は李傕を派遣して孫堅の息子と董卓の娘を結婚させ,帝国を二家で分けようではないかと提案しました。孫堅はこれを拒否し,洛陽攻撃の準備をしました。

三国志演義華雄関羽が討ち取る話は有名ですが,正史で華雄を討ったのは孫堅軍です。なお「雄」は日本語では「ユウ」ですが,Xiong となっていますね。例えば台湾の高雄は「カオシュン(Gāoxióng,Kaohsiung)」ですね。「華」の方はファーウェイ(華為;华为)が Huawei ですから分かりやすいでしょう。



Dong evacuated everyone in Luoyang and moved them to Chang'an in the west. Before the relocation, Dong ordered his troops to ransack the tombs of the late Han emperors for treasures, seize valuables from the wealthy residents in Luoyang, and burn down the palaces and anything that might be useful to the coalition.


relocation は「配置転換」ですが,ここでは capital relocation「遷都」でしょう。



Then the chancellor assembled his forces in the city and personally led them to ambush the approaching army. Dong's ambush failed and he was driven back by Sun Jian. He ordered Lu Bu to lead a cavalry force back to the city to halt Sun's progress before he took flight for Mianchi. Sun Jian broke through one of the eastern gates and defeated Lu Bu, taking the city. Despite taking Luoyang, the city was so heavily damaged that Sun Jian chose to retreat rather than to try to hold it.


ambush という語は,やはり bush「藪」に関係しているようです。


Dong Zhuo then sent his generals Li Jue, Guo Si, and Zhang Ji to the frontline against the eastern warlords. By this time the coalition had already fallen into disarray and internal bickering. The only ones who actively opposed Dong were the senior imperial officer,  Zhu Jun and his old friend, Tao Qian. Tao ... sent 3,000 elite troops from Danyang to aid Zhu in the battle with Dong's forces at Zhongmu. Zhu was defeated.

次いで董卓は将軍の李傕,郭汜,張済を東の諸侯に対する前線に派遣しました。この頃までに連合軍は混乱(disarray)に陥り,内部で口論(bickering)が起こっていました。積極的に董卓に対抗したのは朱儁と旧友の陶謙(Tao Qian)でした。陶謙は丹楊(現丹陽)から三千の精鋭を派遣して,中牟で董卓軍と戦っていた朱儁を助けましたが,朱儁は敗れました。


Two months after he moved the capital, Dong Zhuo revived the title of Grand Master, an antiquated title once reinvigorated by Wang Mang, but scrapped in the Eastern Han. He appointed his younger brother Dong Min as General of the Left and gave official posts to several of his kin.

遷都の2か月後,董卓は太師という古代の称号(一度王莽 Wang Mang が復活させたが後漢で廃止された)を復活させました。彼は弟の董旻を左将軍に任命し,親族を官職に就かせました。


For Yuan Shao's role as leader of the coalition against him, Dong Zhuo had the entire Yuan clan in Luoyang wiped out. Within two years, thousands of public servants were wrongly accused and executed, and numerous commoners were kidnapped or killed. In order to purchase materials for further development of the Mei citadel, he had bells and bronze statues, among which were nine of the Twelve Metal Colossi melted and recast into coins. However, the coins did not weigh the same, resulting in all copper cash being devalued.

袁紹が自身に敵対する軍事連合の盟主だったため,董卓は洛陽の袁一族全体を一掃しました。2年以内に数千人の公務員が讒訴されて処刑され,多くの平民が攫われるか殺されました。眉県の城塞(Mei citadel;郿城・郿塢(びう))を更に発展させる素材を購入するため,彼は鐘や銅像を溶かさせて硬貨を鋳造させました。溶かされた像には(秦の始皇帝が造らせた)十二金人のうちの九体も含まれました。しかしそれらの硬貨は見合う価値がなく,結果として全ての銅貨の価値が下落(devalue)しました。



Dong Zhuo kept Lü Bu as a personal bodyguard and swore an oath as father and son. However, after an argument, Dong threw a hand-axe at Lü Bu, who dodged the weapon. Lü Bu's relationship with Dong Zhuo further deteriorated when Lü had an affair with a woman in Dong's harem.




In 192, with encouragement from Interior Minister Wang Yun, Lü Bu made his decision to kill Dong Zhuo. On the morning of May 22, 192, Lü greeted Dong at the palace gate with a dozen trusted men led by Cavalry Captain Li Su. Li stepped forward and stabbed Dong. Dong cried out for Lü Bu to save him, but Lü merely answered, "This is an imperial order," after which he delivered a fatal blow to Dong. It was recorded that Dong's corpse was left on the streets with a lit wick placed on his navel. The wick burned for several days on the fat of the corpse... A special order stated that anyone who went forth to collect the body would be killed. However, three officials, including Cai Yong, still challenged the order and were executed.

192年,司徒王允(Wang Yun)から勧められたこともあり,呂布董卓を殺す決意をしました。192年5月22日の朝,呂布は騎都尉の李粛(Li Su)が率いる信頼した10名ほどと共に,董卓を宮廷の門で出迎えました。李粛が前に進んで董卓を刺しました。董卓呂布に助けを求めて叫びましたが,呂布はただ「これは詔勅である」とのみ答え,董卓を討ち取りました。董卓の遺体は火を付けた蠟燭の芯を臍(navel)に刺した状態で街に放置されましたが,蝋燭の芯は遺体の脂肪(fat)のせいで数日燃えていたと記録されています。遺体を回収しに来た者は誰あろうと死刑にするという特別な命令が出されましたが,それでも蔡邕(Cai Yong)を含む3人の官僚が命令を無視して処刑されました。

王允(王子師)の所の Interior Minister は内務相ということかと思われますが,司徒ということでいいのでしょうか(王允は司徒として有名)

攻撃によってダメージを与えることに deliver「配達する」が使えます。