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水滸伝で英語のお勉強2: 張清(没羽箭)

Wikipedia 英語版の水滸伝の記事を読みながら英語・英単語の勉強をしていきます。「瓊英」に続き第2回は張清(瓊英の夫)です。




・張青(孫二娘の夫)との混同に注意。張清も張青も Zhang Qing

The novel depicts Zhang Qing as a handsome, energetic and agile warrior with waist like that of a wolf, arms like those of an ape and a body like that of a tiger. Originally from Zhangde Prefecture (彰德府; present-day Anyang, Henan), he serves as the garrison commandant of Dongchang Prefecture (東昌府; present-day Liaocheng, Shandong). He is nicknamed "Featherless Arrow" because he can fling stones with deadly accuracy.


張清は元はならず者ではなく,宋国の武官だったということですね。没羽箭の英訳 featherless arrow は「羽の無い矢」で,正確な英訳ですね。


When a force from Liangshan Marsh led by Lu Junyi comes to demand food from Dongchang, Zhang Qing rides out to fight them. He awes the outlaws when he injures Hao Siwen with a stone.



Song Jiang comes to reinforce Lu Junyi. As Zhang Qing takes on one after another on horseback some of Liangshan's top warriors, he again displays his deadly stone-hurling skill. He injures or shocks Xu Ning, Yan Shun, Han Tao, Peng Qi, Xuan Zan, Huyan Zhuo, Yang Zhi, Zhu Tong, Lei Heng, and Suo Chao with his stones. He even captures Liu Tang, who, challenging him on foot, is knocked over with a stone. Guan Sheng could feel the impact of Zhang's stone when his sabre quivers as he whacks it away.

宋江(呼保義)が盧俊義の援軍にやって来る。張清が馬に乗って梁山泊の一流の戦士たちと次から次へと対決する際,彼はまたしても必中の石礫の技を披露する。彼は徐寧(金鎗手),燕順(錦毛虎),韓滔(かんとう)(百勝将),彭玘(天目将),宣贊(醜郡馬),呼延灼(双鞭),楊志(青面獣),朱仝(しゅどう)(美髯公),雷横(挿翅虎),索超(急先鋒)を石礫で負傷させるか驚かせる。徒歩で彼に挑んだ劉唐(赤髪鬼)に至っては石で打ち倒された。関勝(大刀)は張清の石を刀で打ち払った(whack away)際,その衝撃を感じた。

・take on は「相手をする」です。


Dong Ping, who knows Zhang Qing well having been the commandant in neighbouring Dongping prefecture, manages to dodge his stones and gets close to him. The two tussle on horseback when Zhang, abandoning his spear, seizes the far ends of Dong's two spears.


・董平と東平府の東平が共に Dong-ping なのが面白いですね。董平は渾名が双槍将で,槍二刀流です。彼も元は宋国の武官で,張清より先に梁山泊入りしたことになりますね。


Meanwhile, Gong Wang and Ding Desun, Zhang's two lieutenants, are captured, the first by Lin Chong and Hua Rong and the other by Lü Fang and Guo Sheng. Finding himself now unaided, Zhang feels nervous and gallops back to his own ranks. Dong pursues him and, forgetting to dodge, is nearly hit by a stone which scrapes past his ear.


・なかなか見所ですね。「栄」って Rong なんですね。

・lieutenant は「中尉,大尉」といった意味で有名ですが,「副官」という意味もあります。米語では「ルーナント」「リューナント」/l(j)utɛnənt/ですが英英語では「レフテナント」/lɛftɛnənt/と難読です。


Angry over the injuries of his men but appreciative of Zhang's stone-flinging skill, Song Jiang is determined to capture and win over the commandant. Wu Yong, Liangshan's chief strategist, proposes setting up an ambush. When told that a convoy of ration is approaching Song Jiang's camp, Zhang, seeing a chance to cut off Liangshan's food supply, leaves the city to intercept it.




Lu Zhishen, who is leading the convoy, is knocked over by Zhang's stone. Wu Song drags Lu away. Thinking he could succeed a second time, Zhang Qing moves to attack Liangshan's ration-loaded boats moored at a riverbank. But Gongsun Sheng engulfs him in darkness with his magic. Losing his way, Zhang Qing falls into the river and is captured.



Song Jiang's sincere and warm treatment convinces Zhang Qing to surrender. Zhang then tricks the prefect of Dongchang to open the city's gate, causing its fall. Zhang also recommends veterinary physicain Huangfu Duan to Song, whose recruitment greatly benefits Liangshan as its horses require expert care.

宋江から誠実で温かい扱いを受け,張清は降伏を決意。それから張清は東昌府を騙して城門を開けさせ,その陥落を助ける。張清はまた獣医(veterinary physicain)の皇甫端(紫髯伯)を宋江に推薦する。梁山泊の馬は専門家の世話を必要としたため,彼を入れたことは梁山泊を大いに利した。

・獣医は vet と略すと簡単です。皇甫端は最後(108番目)に梁山泊に加わった人物です(序列は57位)。ということで宋国の有能な武将,張清を負かして皇甫端と共に梁山泊に加えたことは物語前半のクライマックスなのでしょうね。



Zhang Qing is appointed as one of the Eight Tiger Cub Vanguard Generals of the Liangshan cavalry... He participates in the campaigns against the Liao invaders and rebels in Song territory following amnesty from Emperor Huizong for Liangshan.




In the battle of Dusong Pass (獨松關; located south of present-day Anji County, Zhejiang) in the campaign against Fang La, Zhang Qing and Dong Ping come to combat with Li Tianrun, one of Fang's top warriors. Although injured in an arm by a projectile, Dong Ping continues to fight Li on horseback. When he retreats to treat his wound, Zhang Qing takes over the fight. He misses a stab on Li and has his spear stuck in a tree. As he struggles to pull it out, Li stabs him in the abdomen and kills him. When the campaign ends, the remains of Zhang Qing are sent back to Zhangde for burial.

方臘(ほうろう)Fang La)討伐戦における独松関の戦い(現在の浙江省湖州市安吉県)で,張清と董平は方臘の四大将軍の一人厲天閏(れいてんじゅん)と戦う。投射物(弾丸;projectile)によって腕に負傷をしたにもかかわらず,董平は馬に乗って厲天閏と戦い続ける。董平が治療のため退却すると,張清が戦いを引き継ぐ。厲天閏を突こうとして外し,槍が木に刺さった。槍を抜こうと悪戦苦闘していると,厲天閏が張清の腹部(abdomen)を突き殺した。戦いが終わると,張清の遺体は葬儀のため故郷彰徳府へ送られた。