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  Rollant hath set the olifant to his mouth,
  He grasps it well, and with great virtue sounds.
  High are those peaks, afar it rings and loud,
  Thirty great leagues they hear its echoes mount.
  So Charles heard, and all his comrades round;
  Then said that King: "Battle they do, our counts!"
  And Guenelun answered, contrarious:
  "That were a lie, in any other mouth."




virtue は「美徳;美点,長所」ですが「力,効能」という意味もあります。例えば天使の「ヴァーチュー(メガテンではヴァーチャー)」は「力天使」ですね。with great virtue は「全力で」ということでしょう。


・最後のガヌロンのセリフはよく分かりませんが,もう一つのバージョンでは "If thus another dared / To speak, we should denounce it as a lie." となっています。直訳すれば「もしそのように誰かが敢えて言えば,我々はそれを嘘だと非難すべきだ」です。要するにガヌロンは「ローランたちが戦っている」と言うシャルルに反論したいのだと思われます。


  The Count Rollanz, with sorrow and with pangs,
  And with great pain sounded his olifant:
  Out of his mouth the clear blood leaped and ran,
  About his brain the very temples cracked.
  Loud is its voice, that horn he holds in hand;
  Charles hath heard, where in the pass he stands,
  And Neimes hears, and listen all the Franks.
  Then says the King: "I hear his horn, Rollant's;
  He'ld never sound, but he were in combat."
  Answers him Guenes "It is no battle, that.
  Now are you old, blossoming white and blanched,
  Yet by such words you still appear infant.
  You know full well the great pride of Rollant
  Marvel it is, God stays so tolerant.
  Noples he took, not waiting your command;
  Thence issued forth the Sarrazins, a band
  With vassalage had fought against Rollant;
      A He slew them first, with Durendal his brand,
  Then washed their blood with water from the land;
  So what he'd done might not be seen of man.
  He for a hare goes all day, horn in hand;
  Before his peers in foolish jest he brags.
  No race neath heav'n in field him dare attack.
  So canter on! Nay, wherefore hold we back?
  Terra Major is far away, our land."





・この but he were は「しかし彼は……」ではなく「彼が……であった場合を除いて」です(「以外」の but)。もう一つのバージョンでは save in battle で,この save も「……を除いて」です。



  The count Rollanz, though blood his mouth doth stain,
  And burst are both the temples of his brain,
  His olifant he sounds with grief and pain;
  Charles hath heard, listen the Franks again.
  "That horn," the King says, "hath a mighty strain!"
  Answers Duke Neimes: "A baron blows with pain!
  Battle is there, indeed I see it plain,
  He is betrayed, by one that still doth feign.
  Equip you, sir, cry out your old refrain,
  That noble band, go succour them amain!
  Enough you've heard how Rollant doth complain."


ネーム大公は答える。「ローランが苦しみながら吹いているのだ! 戦が行われているのだ。私にははっきりと分かる。彼は裏切られたのだ。今でも偽りを言う者に。陛下,鬨の声を。全速で彼らを救いに行きましょう!ローランの泣き声を,今しかと聞いたでしょう」

・全て -ain で揃えるってすごいですね。


  That Emperour hath bid them sound their horns.
  The Franks dismount, and dress themselves for war,
  Put hauberks on, helmets and golden swords;
  Fine shields they have, and spears of length and force
  Scarlat and blue and white their ensigns float.
  His charger mounts each baron of the host;
  They spur with haste as through the pass they go.
  Nor was there one but thus to 's neighbour spoke:
  "Now, ere he die, may we see Rollant, so
  Ranged by his side we'll give some goodly blows."
  But what avail? They've stayed too long below.




Scarlat and blue and white their ensigns float はフランスの三色旗(トリコロール)のことかと思われますが,この旗はフランス革命の頃に定められたらしく,百年戦争の頃のフランス国旗は青地にアヤメ科の花のマーク(直下の記事参照)がたくさんちりばめられている物です。またフランク王国の旗は,更にそれとも違うようです(二つ下の記事参照)



  That even-tide is light as was the day;
  Their armour shines beneath the sun's clear ray,
  Hauberks and helms throw off a dazzling flame,
  And blazoned shields, flowered in bright array,
  Also their spears, with golden ensigns gay.
  That Emperour, he canters on with rage,
  And all the Franks with wonder and dismay;
  There is not one can bitter tears restrain,
  And for Rollant they're very sore afraid.
  The King has bid them seize that county Guene,
  And charged with him the scullions of his train;
  The master-cook he's called, Besgun by name:
  "Guard me him well, his felony is plain,
  Who in my house vile treachery has made."
  He holds him, and a hundred others takes
  From the kitchen, both good and evil knaves;
  Then Guenes beard and both his cheeks they shaved,
  And four blows each with their closed fists they gave,
  They trounced him well with cudgels and with staves,
  And on his neck they clasped an iron chain;
  So like a bear enchained they held him safe,
  On a pack-mule they set him in his shame:
  Kept him till Charles should call for him again.


王はかのガヌロン伯爵を捕らえるように命じ,宮廷の台所係に預けた。ベスグンという名の厨房長を呼んだ。「この者をしっかり見張っておれ。この者の重罪は明白だ。余の宮廷で,酷い裏切りを働きおった」 料理長は伯爵を取り押さえ,厨房から百人の下男たちを連れて来る。そしてガヌロンは両頬の髭を剃られ,固く握りしめられた拳で四度ずつ殴られ,棍棒や桶板で打ち据えられ,鉄の鎖で首を拘束され,熊のように鎖で繋がれ,荷騾馬に見せしめとして乗せられ,シャルルが再び呼ぶまで拘束された。

scullion は台所で皿洗いなどの水仕事をする人です。

Besgun(ベスグン)はもう一つのバージョンでは Bègue(ベーグ?)です。土星の衛星イアペトゥスカッシーニが発見)のクレーター名はローランの歌の登場人物に因んでいますが,ベスグンもあります(以下の記事の「クレーター」参照)