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Long and tedious seemed that night to Nacrantal, for eagerly he watched the coming of the hour when he should meet Cuchulain at the ford, and make an end of him. Early he rose, and bade his charioteer to bring his heavy weapons in a cart, while he went forwards to the meeting-place. There at the ford he saw Cuchulain stand, awaiting his coming, as he had promised.


make an end of は「殺す」の婉曲です。

“Are you Cuchulain?” said Nacrantal, for now he stood much closer to him and observed his youthfulness.
“What if I were?” said he. “If you are Cuchulain, indeed, I am come here to tell you that I will not fight with any beardless boy; not in the least inclined am I to carry back to camp the head of a little playful lamb!”
“I am not the man you seek at all,” Cuchulain cried; “go round the hill and you will find him there.”





Now while Nacrantal made his way to the other side of the hill, Cuchulain came to Laeg, his charioteer. “Smear me a false beard with blackberry juice,” he said. “No warrior of fame will fight with me, because I have no beard.” Laeg took the juice of blackberries, and sheep’s wool, and with it made a long two-pointed beard, such as prime warriors wore, and twined the ends and caught them in his belt, dyeing it black with juice. Then on the hero came anger and his battle-fury, such as came on him when a combat lay before him with a good warrior, or when he alone should fight a host.

そこでナクランタルが丘の反対側へ行く間,クー・フーリンは御者のロイグのところに来て「ブラックベリーの汁で偽のあご髭を描いて」と言った。「有名な戦士は僕に髭がないからと言って戦おうとしないんだ」 ロイグはブラックベリーの汁と羊毛を取ってきて,一級の戦士が蓄えるような先が2つに別れた長い髭を造り,先端を対にして彼のベルトに入れ,汁で黒く染めた。すると英雄に,優れた戦士との戦いを前にした時に,或いは1人で軍勢と戦う必要がある時に起こるような,怒りと熱狂的な闘争心が沸き起こった。

smear /smɪər/ は「シミ,汚す,液体をなすりつける」です。「スミア」から「シミ,スミ」を連想しますか。


A subtle change came over all his face. The radiant youthfulness passed away, and all the boyishness Nacrantal had seen a while ago, and in its place a stern ferocious look, as of a prime warrior waiting for his foe. His stature seemed to grow, his form to enlarge, and terrible in its strength and fierceness was his aspect as he donned his fighting-gear. He grasped his weapons in his hand, and with great strides he hastened round the hill.


pass awayはここの「消え去る」以外に「亡くなる(dieの婉曲)」が重要です。

donはいつか出てきましたが,「身につける(do onの短縮)」です。反意のdoff(=do off)は〈やや古〉です。

So great his wrath and eagerness for combat, that as he passed a standing pillar-stone no smaller than himself, in flinging his mantle round him as he went he caught the stone up in his mantle’s folds and carried it along with him, but never was he conscious of its weight, or even knew he carried it.
Now in this guise Nacrantal knew him not. “Where is Cuchulain?” inquired he of the men who came with him. “The lad said that we should find him round the hill.”



guiseは「外見,身なり」です。disguise「変装させる」の方が重要ですね(be disguised,disguise oneselfで「変装する」)


“Cuchulain stands before you yonder,” said the Ulstermen who had come out to watch the fight.
“It was not thus that he appeared before me yesterday,” Nacrantal said. “Cuchulain seemed a stripling, and his beard not grown, but this prime warrior hath a mighty beard.”



“Nevertheless, I counsel you, defend yourself from this prime warrior,” Fergus replied; “that will be much the same to you as though you did contend with Cuchulain himself.”
Then Nacrantal made a furious onset at Cuchulain with his sword, but it struck on the pillar-stone that he carried beneath his cloak, and broke off short, close to his hand. Before he could recover from the thrust, Cuchulain sprang upon him, and lifting his sword on high with both hands, he brought it down on his adversary’s head, and there on his own shield he fell dead, smitten with one blow. “Alas!” said Nacrantal as he fell, “they said true who said that you were the best warrior in all Ireland.”

「しかしながら,この立派な戦士から身を守ることをお勧めします」とフェルグスは答えた。「クー・フーリン自身と戦っていると考えて差し支えありません」 するとナクランタルは剣でクー・フーリンに猛烈に斬りかかったが,剣は彼がマントの下に引いていた石柱に挟まり,柄に近い方で折れてしまった。突きの動作から体勢を戻す間もなく,クー・フーリンは彼に飛びかかり,両手で剣を高く掲げ,敵の頭に叩き下ろし,彼は自分の盾の上に斃れた。一撃であった。「ああ」ナクランタルは倒れながら声を発した。「お前がアイルランド中で一番の戦士だと言っていた奴らは正しかった」


From that time forward, it was not easy for Meave to get her men of war to enter into combat with Cuchulain; for each one of them said, “Not I; I will not go, why should my clan furnish a man to go out to certain death?” So Meave was forced to promise great rewards and possessions to her warriors before she could induce them to take arms against Cuchulain.

それから先は,メーヴは部下をクー・フーリンとの戦いに赴かせるのに苦労し始めた。皆が「私は行きません。どうして私の一族が,確実に死ぬと分かっている戦いに武器を持たせて行かせましょうか」 そこでメーヴは部下の戦士に武器を持ってクー・フーリンとの戦いに行く気にさせるのに膨大な褒美と財産を約束することを余儀なくされた。


アルスターの猟犬(12)」でネフタンの息子らが次々と瞬殺されていったのと同じような戦いでしたね。次回から第14章に入ります。第14章のタイトルはThe Combat with Ferdiaです。遂に兄弟子フェルディアとの決闘ですね。


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