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“O Cuchulain of the beautiful feats,” Ferdia replied, “though together we have learned the secrets of knowledge, and though I have listened now to thy recital of our bonds of fellowship, it is from me that thy first wounds shall come; think not upon our old comradeship, O Hound, for it shall not profit thee; O Hound, it shall not profit thee. We lose our time in this wise; let us choose our weapons and begin. What arms shall we use to-day, O Cuchulain?”


・この wise は「賢い」ではなく「やり方(way)」です。likewise「同様にして」,otherwise「違ったふうに;さもなければ」,clockwise「時計回りに」などに使われているwise です。この二重性を使った言葉遊びが Some are wise, and some are otherwise.「賢い人もいればそうでない人もいる」です。

“It is thine to choose our arms to-day, for it was thou who first didst reach the ford.”
“Dost thou remember,” said Ferdia, “the missile weapons we used to practise with Scáth?” “Full well I remember them,” said Cuchulain.
“If thou dost remember them, let us have recourse to them now,” said Ferdia.


「覚えているか」フェルディアは答えた。「スカアハの許で修行した頃,飛び道具を使ったことを」 「もちろん覚えているさ」クー・フーリンは言った。


have recourse to O resort to O,appeal to O に同じで,「O(という手段)に訴える,頼る」です。


So they took in their hands their two great protecting shields, engraved with emblematic devices, to cover their bodies, and their eight small sharp-edged shields to throw horizontally, and their eight light javelins, and their eight dirks with ivory handles, and their eight little darts for the fight. Backward and forward flew the weapons between them like bees on the wing on a sunny day. From the dim light of early dawn until midday they continued to throw those weapons, yet although their aim was so good that not one of them missed its mark, so skilful also was the defence, that not a drop of blood was drawn on either side; all the missiles being caught full on their protecting shields.



dirks は最初 dirts と読み誤りましたが,dirk は「短刀」です。

Backward and forward back and forth とも言います。最近鉄緑会『鉄壁』という単語集を入手して,感心しているのですが,back and forth の方が載っています。

“Let us drop these feats now, O Cuchulain,” said his adversary, “for it is not by them that our contest will be decided.”
“Let us drop them, indeed, if the time be come.” Then they ceased from casting, and threw their weapons into the hands of their charioteers.
“What weapons shall we resort to next, O Cuchulain?” said Ferdia.
“With thee is the choice of weapons to-day,” said Cuchulain again.


「確かにやめよう,時間が来たのなら」 それで彼らは投げるのをやめ,武器を御者の手に投げて寄越した。



・さきほど have recourse to だったのが今度は resort to パラフレーズされていますね。

“Let us then take our straight, polished, hardened spears,” said Ferdia, “with their flaxen strings to cast them with.” So they took their great protecting shields in their hands, and their well-trimmed spears, and they continued to shoot and harass each other from the full middle of the day till eventide. And although the defence was not less careful than before, yet was the casting so good, that each of them drew blood and inflicted wounds upon the other that afternoon.
“Let us now stop casting for the present, O Cuchulain,” said his adversary. “Let us stop, indeed, for the evening has come.”

「では真っすぐで磨かれ,固められた槍を取ろう」フェルディアは言った。「投げるための亜麻の紐がついたやつだ」 それで彼らは大きな防御用盾と,よく削られた槍を取って,真っ昼間から夕方まで互いを苦しめるために投げ続けた。そして防御の注意力が一向に落ちないにもかかわらず,投擲も正確で,その日の午後は互いに血を流し傷を付けあった。


tide は「潮汐」ですが time の意味で使われることがあります。Christmastime を古めかしく Christmastide と言ったりもします。

They ceased, and threw their weapons into their charioteers’ hands, and they ran towards each other, and each put his hands round his comrade’s neck, and they gave three loving kisses of old-time friendship to each other before they separated for the night. That night their horses were stabled in the same paddock, and their charioteers lay beside the same fire; and for the two combatants their charioteers spread beds of green rushes, with pillows such as are needed for wounded men.




And the wise physicians and men of healing came to heal and tend them, and they applied salves made from plants, such as wise men know, to their hurts and gashes, and soothing herbs to their wounds; and of every herb and soothing salve that was applied to the wounds of Cuchulain, he sent an equal portion over the ford to Ferdia, so that no man among the host of Meave should be able to say, if Ferdia fell by him, that it was because Cuchulain had better means of healing than he. Also of every kind of food and of pleasant delicious drink that the men of Erin sent to Ferdia, he would send a fair half over the ford northward to Cuchulain, because Cuchulain had few to attend to his wants, whereas all the people of Meave’s host were ready to help Ferdia.


apply は「塗る,当て(はめ)る」という意味です。もっと重要なのが抽象的な意味の,「当てはめる,応用する」ですね。

So for that night they rested, but early the next morning they arose and came forward to the ford of combat. “What weapons shall we use to-day, O Ferdia?” said Cuchulain. “Thine is the choice to-day,” said Ferdia, “because I chose yesterday.”


thine は母音またはhで始まる語の前でthy「汝の」の代わりに用いられるもののほか,所有代名詞として「汝のもの(yours)」の意にも使われます。Thine is the choice は倒置と考えられ,Thine is the choice=The choice is yours「今回の選択は君の選択」です。

“Let us then take our broad-bladed heavy spears to-day, for more grave will be the fight between us from the thrusting of our massive spears, than from the shooting of our light casting weapons yesterday, and let our chariots be yoked and our horses harnessed, that we may fight to-day from our chariots.” “Let us do so,” said the other.
Then the two warriors took their great protecting shields in their hands, and their broad-bladed spears, and they continued to thrust at, to wound and pierce each other from the dim light of early morning till the close of day.

「では今日は幅広の重い槍を使おう。昨日みたいな軽い投擲武器を投げ合うより,重い槍で突き合った方が,僕達の戦いは一層烈しいものになるだろうから。そして戦車に軛をはめて馬を繋ぎ,今日は戦車に乗って戦えるようにしよう」 「そうしよう」相手も言った。それで2人の戦士は大きな防御用盾と,幅広の槍を取り,早朝の暗がりから1日の終りまで互いに突き合い,傷つけ貫き合った。


Great and gaping cuts and wounds were upon both of them before the evening-tide. Even their horses were exhausted, and the heroes themselves were fatigued and worn out and dispirited. At length Cuchulain said, “O Ferdia, let us now cease from this, for even our very horses are fatigued, and our charioteers are exhausted. We are not like the Fomors, the giants of the sea, who must be for ever combating against each other; let the clamour of battle now cease between us, and let us be friends once more.”
And Ferdia said, “Let us be at peace, indeed, if the time has come.”

夕方までに大きく口を開いた切り傷が両者に残った。馬達までも疲労しきっており,2人の英雄自身も疲れ,疲弊しきって,気力が失くなっていた。遂にクー・フーリンが言った。「フェルディアよ,もうこれは終わりにしよう。馬自身すら疲れ切って,御者もヘトヘトだ。僕らは永遠に戦い続けなければならない,海の巨人フォモール族じゃない。僕らの騒々しい戦いは終わりにしよう。もう一度仲直りを」 それでフェルディアも言った。「もう時間なら,停戦だな,本当に」

dispirited は dis+spirit で s が1つ減り,「スピリットがディスになる」つまり「気力が失せる」でしょう。

the Fomorsフォモール族」はアイルランド神話に出てくる巨人族です。水木しげるが『妖精なんでも入門』で触れるほど有名のようです。魔眼のバロールもフォモールの勇将で,孫である長腕のルーに討ち取られます。クー・フーリンはルーの血を引いています。

Then they ceased fighting, and threw their arms into the hands of their charioteers, and they ran to each other, and each of them put his arms about the neck of the other, and gave him three loving kisses of old friendship.

Their horses were again in the same paddock that night, and their charioteers slept by the same fire; and beds of green rushes were made for the warriors, with pillows to ease their wounds; for their injuries that night were so terrible, that the men of healing and the physicians could do nothing for them except to try to stanch the blood that flowed from them with charms and incantations.



stanch は「止血する」です。

And of all the charms and healing salves that were applied to sooth Cuchulain, he bade them take the same to Ferdia, and of every sort of dainty food and of pleasant satisfying drink that Ferdia received, he sent a good half to Cuchulain.






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