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When Cuchulain heard these scoffing words, up he sprang with the swiftness of the wind, with the fierceness of a dragon, and with the strength of a lion, and his countenance was changed, and he became mighty and terrible in appearance, towering like a Giant or like a Fomor of the sea above Ferdia. A fearsome fight they made together, gripping and striking each other from middle day to fall of eve; and their charioteers and the men of Erin who stood by shivered as they watched the conflict. So close was the fight they made that their heads met above and their feet below, and their arms around the middle of their mighty shields. So close was the fight they made, that their shields were loosened at their centres, and the bosses that were on them started out. So close was the fight they made, that their spears and swords were bent and shivered in their hands.


countenance は「顔つき,容貌」です。

tower は「塔のように聳える」です。

・so 形容詞・副詞 that ... 構文は〈So 形容詞・副詞〉部分を文頭に回すことができ,その際倒置が起こります。

    The fight they made was so close that...

So close was the fight they made that...



The fairy people of the glens and the wild demon folk of the winds, and the sprites of the valleys of the air, screamed from the rims of their shields and from the points of their spears and from the hafts of their swords. So closely were they locked together in that deadly strife, that the river was cast out of its bed, and it was dried up beneath them, so that a king or a queen might have made a couch in the middle of its course without a drop of water falling on them, though drops of blood might have fallen on them from the bodies of the two champions contending in the hollow of the stream. Such was the terror of the fight they made, that the horses of the Gaels broke away from their paddocks, bursting their bonds and rushing madly in their fright into the woods, and the women and young people and camp followers fled away southwards out of the camp.


bed は「川床,苗床,鉱床」などの意味があります。

Such was the terror of the fight they made, that... は前の段落と同じく,

The terror of the fight they made was such that... の強調変化形です。

Just at that time Ferdia caught Cuchulain in an unguarded moment, and he smote him with a stroke of his straight-edged sword, and buried it in his body, so that his blood streamed down to his girdle, and all the bottom of the ford became crimsoned with his blood. So rapid were the strokes of Ferdia, blow after blow, and cut after cut, that Cuchulain could abide it no longer. And he turned to Laeg, and asked him to give him the Gae Bolga. Now, when the Gae Bolga was laid upon the water, it would move forward of itself to seek its enemy, and no one could stand before its deadly dart. So when Ferdia heard Cu ask for the Gae Bolga, he made a downward stroke of his shield to protect his body. But when Cuchulain saw that, he flung his spear above the shield and it entered the hero’s chest; and as he fell, the Gae Bolga struck him and entered his body from below. “It is all over now, I fall by that,” said Ferdia. “But alas that I fall by thy hand. It is not right that I should die by thee, O Hound.”



・動詞の繰り返しは〈動詞 and 動詞〉です(He ran and ran)が名詞の繰り返しは〈名詞 after 名詞〉です(Time after time)



But Cuchulain ran towards him, and clasped him in his two arms, and carried him in his fighting array across the ford to the Northern side of the stream and laid him down there. And over Cuchulain himself there came a weakness and faintness when he saw Ferdia lying dying at his feet, and he heeded not the warnings of his charioteer telling him that the men of Erin were gathering across the ford to do battle with him and to avenge the death of their champion. For Cuchulain said, “What availeth me to arise, now that my friend is fallen by my hand? For when we were with Scáth, Mother of great gifts, we vowed to each other that for ever and for ever we should do no ill to each other. And now alas! by my hand hast thou fallen, my comrade, through the treachery of the men of Erin, who sent thee to thy fate. And oh! Ferdia, ruddy, well-built son of Daman, until the world’s end will thy like not be found among the men of Erin; would that I had died instead of thee, for then I should not now be alive to mourn thy death. Brief and sorrowful will be my life after thee.

しかしクー・フーリンは彼の方へ駆け寄り,2本の腕で彼を抱きかかえ,闘いの衣装を身に着けた彼を川の北側の浅瀬まで運び,そこに寝かせた。そして足下で死にかけて横たわっているフェルディアを見ると,弱気と意気地のなさが彼自身を襲い,エリンの者達が浅瀬の周りに集まり,彼と闘って自分たちの勇者の死に復讐しようとしていると御者が言って警告するのに耳を傾けなかった。というのはクー・フーリンはこう言ったのである。「起き上がって何になる,友が自分の手で斃れたのに? 僕達が偉業の母スカアハの許にいた頃,永遠に害を為し合わないと誓い合ったのだ。それなのに嗚呼! 君は僕の手で斃れた。僕の戦友が。君に死の運命をもたらしたエリンの者達の奸計で。そしておおフェルディアよ! 爽健で頑強なダマンの息子よ。世界が終わるまで君に匹敵する者はエリンには見つからないだろう。君の代わりに僕が斃れたらと思う。そうすればこうして生きて君の死を嘆かずともよいのだから。君亡き後,僕の人生は短く悲しみに満ちたものになるだろう」

・thy は所有格です。thy like = your like で「君のような人」という意味であり,like の名詞用法です。

・以下に示すように would thatI wish の言い換えの1つです。

 I wish...「……であればいいのに」

 =If only...「……であればいいのに」

 =Oh that... [O that...]「……であればいいのに」

 =Would that...「……であればいいのに」

would that は助動詞wouldにthat節が続いており語法的に意味不明と思えるかもしれませんが,wouldはもともと「願う」という意味の動詞であり,

 I wish (that)...「……であればいいのにと私は願う」

 =(I) would that...「……であればいいのにと私は願う」


“Dear was to me thy comely form,
 Dear was thy youthful body warm,
 Dear was thy clear-blue dancing eye,
 Dear thy wise speech when I was by.






“Let me see, now, O Laeg, the brooch that was given to Ferdia by Meave; the brooch for which he lost his life, and did combat with his friend.” Then Laeg loosened the brooch from the mantle of Ferdia, and Cuchulain took it in his hand and looked upon it, and tears such as strong warriors weep poured from his eyes, and he lamented over Ferdia, and over the brooch for which he had given his life.

「ロイグよ,メーヴからフェルディアに与えられたブローチ,それと引き換えに彼が命を落としたブローチ,彼が友と闘ったブローチを見せておくれ」 それでロイグはブローチを彼のマントから取り外し,クー・フーリンは彼の手からブローチを受け取ってそれを眺め,猛き戦士が流すような涙が彼の目から流れ,彼はフェルディアのことを嘆き,彼が命を賭したブローチのことを嘆いた。

lament は「ラーメン無いと嘆く」と覚えましょう。


“And now,” said Cuchulain, “we will leave the ford, O Laeg; but every other fight that I have made till now when I came to fight and combat with Ferdia, has been but play and sport to me compared with this combat that we have made together, Ferdia and I.” And as he moved away he sang this lay:—

「さあもう」クー・フーリンは言った。「浅瀬を去ろう,ロイグ。それにしても,フェルディアとの闘いに臨んだ今日までに行ったどんな闘いも,僕達,フェルディアと僕が行ったこの闘いに比べれば,遊びやスポーツに過ぎなかった」 そして去りながら彼は以下の歌を歌った。


“Play was each, pleasure each,
Till Ferdia faced the beach;
One had been our student life,
One in strife of school our place,
One our gentle teacher’s grace,
Loved o’er all and each.







“Play was each, pleasure each,
Till Ferdia faced the beach;
One had been our wonted ways,
One the praise for feat of fields,
Scáthach gave two victor shields
Equal prize to each.







“Play was each, pleasure each,
Till Ferdia faced the beach;
Dear that pillar of pure gold
Who fell cold beside the ford
Hosts of heroes felt his sword
First in battle-breach.







“Play was each, pleasure each,
Till Ferdia faced the beach;
Lion fiery, fierce, and bright,
Wave whose might no thing withstands,
Sweeping, with the shrinking sands,
Horror o’er the beach.







“Play was each, pleasure each,
Till Ferdia faced the beach;
Loved Ferdia, dear to me;
I shall dree his death for aye
Yesterday a Mountain he,—
But a shade to-day.”









for aye は for ever です。なおこの aye は「アイアイサー」の「アイ //」と違って,「エイ //」と発音します。




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