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ローランの歌(30) ローラン,デュランダルで巨岩を斬りつける



  The count Rollanz wakes from his swoon once more,
  Climbs to his feet; his pains are very sore;
  Looks down the vale, looks to the hills above;
  On the green grass, beyond his companions,
  He sees him lie, that noble old baron;
  'Tis the Archbishop, whom in His name wrought God;
  There he proclaims his sins, and looks above;
  Joins his two hands, to Heaven holds them forth,
  And Paradise prays God to him to accord.
  Dead is Turpin, the warrior of Charlon.
  In battles great and very rare sermons
  Against pagans ever a champion.
  God grant him now His Benediction!


sermon /sɜː(r)mən/ は「説教」です。salmon /sæmən/「鮭」と混同せぬよう。高校時代,preach a long sermon を「長い鮭をひらく」と訳してしまった友人がいました。正しくは「長い(お)説教をする」です。



  The count Rollant sees the Archbishop lie dead,
  Sees the bowels out of his body shed,
  And sees the brains that surge from his forehead;
  Between his two arm-pits, upon his breast,
  Crossways he folds those hands so white and fair.
  Then mourns aloud, as was the custom there:
  "Thee, gentle sir, chevalier nobly bred,
  To the Glorious Celestial I commend;
  Neer shall man be, that will Him serve so well;
  Since the Apostles was never such prophet,
  To hold the laws and draw the hearts of men.
  Now may your soul no pain nor sorrow ken,
  Finding the gates of Paradise open!"



the Apostles は「十二使徒」です。なお castle と同じで t は発音されません。

Finding the gates of Paradise open は「楽園の門が開くのを見つける」ですが,「のを見つける」と訳すを避けるため「目の前で開く」と工夫しました。


  Then Rollanz feels that death to him draws near,
  For all his brain is issued from his ears;
  He prays to God that He will call the peers,
  Bids Gabriel, the angel, t' himself appear.
  Takes the olifant, that no reproach shall hear,
  And Durendal in the other hand he wields;
  Further than might a cross-bow's arrow speed
  Goes towards Spain into a fallow-field;
  Climbs on a cliff; where, under two fair trees,
  Four terraces, of marble wrought, he sees.
  There he falls down, and lies upon the green;
  He swoons again, for death is very near.



  High are the peaks, the trees are very high.
  Four terraces of polished marble shine;
  On the green grass count Rollant swoons thereby.
  A Sarrazin him all the time espies,
  Who feigning death among the others hides;
  Blood hath his face and all his body dyed;
  He gets afoot, running towards him hies;
  Fair was he, strong and of a courage high;
  A mortal hate he's kindled in his pride.
  He's seized Rollant, and the arms, were at his side,
  "Charles nephew," he's said, "here conquered lies.
  To Araby I'll bear this sword as prize."
  As he drew it, something the count descried.




Araby ってなんざんしょ(笑)と思ったら Wiktionary に「Arabia の古めかしい形」と載っていました。さすが Wiktionary

・descry「見つける」の過去形 descried は,described「叙述した」と見間違えやすいです。


  So Rollant felt his sword was taken forth,
  Opened his eyes, and this word to him spoke
  "Thou'rt never one of ours, full well I know."
  Took the olifant, that he would not let go,
  Struck him on th' helm, that jewelled was with gold,
  And broke its steel, his skull and all his bones,
  Out of his head both the two eyes he drove;
  Dead at his feet he has the pagan thrown:
  After he's said: "Culvert, thou wert too bold,
  Or right or wrong, of my sword seizing hold!
  They'll dub thee fool, to whom the tale is told.
  But my great one, my olifant I broke;
  Fallen from it the crystal and the gold."





let go は「行かせる」→「手を放す」です。let go of とも言います。

・この dub は call「称する」ですね。I dub thee. は「汝を騎士に叙する」です。他に映画の「吹き替える」の意味なんかもあります。



  Then Rollanz feels that he has lost his sight,
  Climbs to his feet, uses what strength he might;
  In all his face the colour is grown white.
  In front of him a great brown boulder lies;
  Whereon ten blows with grief and rage he strikes;
  The steel cries out, but does not break outright;
  And the count says: "Saint Mary, be my guide
  Good Durendal, unlucky is your plight!
  I've need of you no more; spent is my pride!
  We in the field have won so many fights,
  Combating through so many regions wide
  That Charles holds, whose beard is hoary white!
  Be you not his that turns from any in flight!
  A good vassal has held you this long time;
  Never shall France the Free behold his like."




boulder  /boʊldə(r)/「巨岩」は孫堅の所で出て来ましたね。このように歴史・伝説系の文章で出て来やすい語です。「ボルダリング」の元となる語です。


Be you not his は「彼の物にはなるな」ですが his がカール大帝を指していると取ってはなりません。これは anyone who...he who... と言うことがある he で,一般人称です。今回 who は that となっており「turn from するような者(he)の物にはなるな」です。つまり「君(=デュランダル)には臆病者の手に渡って欲しくない」ということです。