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When King Anguish of Ireland saw this, he marvelled what that knight could be who seemed at one time green and at another blue; for so at every course he changed his colour that none might know him. Then he ran towards him and encountered him, and Sir Gareth smote the king from his horse, saddle and all. And in like manner he served the King of Scotland, and King Urience of Gore, and King Bagdemagus.


・あれ,ウリエン(ウリエンス)も“King Urien of Gorre”だし,バグデマグス王も Gorre の王ですよね。どういうこと?


Then Sir Galahaut, the noble prince, cried out, “Knight of the many colours! thou hast jousted well; now make thee ready to joust with me.” When Sir Gareth heard him, he took a great spear and met him swiftly. And the prince’s spear broke off, but Sir Gareth smote him on the left side of the helm, so that he reeled here and there, and had fallen down had not his men recovered him. “By my faith,” said King Arthur, “that knight of the many colours is a good knight. I pray thee, Sir Lancelot du Lake, encounter with him.” “Lord,” said Sir Lancelot, “by thy leave I will forbear. I find it in my heart to spare him at this time, for he hath done enough work for one day; and when a good knight doth so well it is no knightly part to hinder him from this honour. And peradventure his quarrel is here to-day, and he may be the best beloved of the Lady Lyones of all that be here; for I see well he paineth and forceth himself to do great deeds. Therefore, as for me, this day he shall have the honour; for though I were able to put him from it, I would not.” “You speak well and truly,” said the king.

すると気高き大公ガラホート卿が叫んだ。「色とりどりの騎士よ,天晴な戦いぶり! さあ私と戦う準備をせよ」 ガレス卿はこれを聞くと,大きな槍を取って迅速に彼に向き合った。そして大公の槍は折れたが,ガレス卿は彼の兜の左側を打ち,その結果彼はふらふらとよろめいて,周りの者も救いきれず落馬した。「きっと」アーサー王は言った。「あのカラフルな騎士は優れた騎士だ。湖のランスロット卿よ,どうか彼と対決して欲しい」 「陛下」ランスロット卿は言った。「お許し頂けるならば控えたいと存じます。今回は彼を負かしたくはないという気持ちがあります。というのも彼はこの1日で十分な働きを示しました。そして優れた騎士がこれほどの働きを示す時,こうした名誉から引き離すのは騎士道に悖る行為です。それにひょっとするとこの度は彼の言い分が正しく,彼はここにいる者全ての中で,ライオネス夫人に最も愛される者かも知れないのです。というのは彼が自らに鞭打って大きな働きを上げているのが分かるのです。それゆえ私めに関しては,今日の所は彼に名誉を持たせたいのです。たとえ彼を名誉から引き離すことが可能だとしても,気が進みません」 「もっともな話だ」王は言った。



Then after the tilting, they drew swords, and there began a great tournament, and there Sir Lancelot did marvellous deeds of arms, for first he fought with both Sir Tristram and Sir Carados, albeit they were the most perilous in all the world. Then came Sir Gareth and put them asunder, but would not smite a stroke against Sir Lancelot, for by him he had been knighted. Anon Sir Gareth’s helm had need of mending, and he rode aside to see to it and to drink water, for he was sore athirst with all his mighty feats of strength. And while he drank, his dwarf said to him, “Give me your ring, lest ye lose it while ye drink.” So Sir Gareth took it off. And when he had finished drinking, he rode back eagerly to the field, and in his haste forgot to take the ring again. Then all the people saw that he wore yellow armour. And King Arthur told a herald, “Ride and espy the cognizance of that brave knight, for I have asked many who he is, and none can tell me.”

Then the herald rode near, and saw written round about his helmet in letters of gold, “Sir Gareth of Orkney.” And instantly the herald cried his name aloud, and all men pressed to see him.


tilt は「傾ける」という重要動詞ですが,槍を傾けて構える様から tilting は「馬上槍試合(ジョスト)」の意味です。映画『ロック・ユー』を見て頂くと馬上槍試合のトーナメント,剣試合のトーナメントなどがあることが分かります。映画はチョーサーが登場人物におり(演ポール・ベタニー),14世紀が舞台です。アーサー王物語とは随分時代が違いますね。

・なんとなくアルバイトに見えてしまう albeit(オールビーイト)ですが,though の意味です。although be it that... かららしいです。

・cognition「認識」は知っていましたが cognizance には初めて出会いました。「認識」という意味もありますがここは「記章,紋章」です。なおこれに関し,herald を最初「使者」と訳していたのですが,「伝令」と改め,最終的に「紋章官」の意味だと気づきました。



But when he saw he was discovered, he pushed with haste through all the crowd, and cried to his dwarf, “Boy, thou hast beguiled me foully in keeping my ring; give it me again, that I may be hidden.” And as soon as he had put it on, his armour changed again, and no man knew where he had gone. Then he passed forth from the field; but Sir Gawain, his brother, rode after him.

And when Sir Gareth had ridden far into the forest, he took off his ring, and sent it back by the dwarf to the Lady Lyones, praying her to be true and faithful to him while he was away.

しかし正体が明かされたと知ると,彼は全力で群衆の中を押し分け,ドワーフに「おい,僕の指輪を騙し取るなんて酷いぞ。指輪を返してくれ。正体を隠したいんだ」 そして指輪を嵌めるや否や,彼の鎧は変色し,彼がどこに消えたか分からなくなった。それで彼は戦場から出たが,兄のガウェイン卿が彼を追いかけた。


・この Boy は間投詞で,『ランダムハウス英和大辞典』には「驚き・承認・愉快・不快・落胆・軽蔑」を表すとあります。しかし,自分が返してもらい忘れたのにドワーフを責めるなんて,ガレス卿も興奮していますね。

that I may... については何度か解説したことがあるので最近は解説していないのですが,これは so that I may... からの so の省略です。「僕が……できるように」ですね。


Then rode Sir Gareth long through the forest, till night fell, and coming to a castle he went up to the gate, and prayed the porter to let him in. But churlishly he answered “that he should not lodge there.” Then said Sir Gareth, “Tell thy lord and lady that I am a knight of King Arthur’s court, and for his sake I pray their shelter.” With that the porter went to the duchess who owned the castle. “Let him in straightway,” cried she; “for the king’s sake he shall not be harbourless!” and went down to receive him. When Sir Gareth saw her coming, he saluted her, and said, “Fair lady, I pray you give me shelter for this night, and if there be here any champion or giant with whom I must needs fight, spare me till to-morrow, when I and my horse shall have rested, for we are full weary.” “Sir knight,” she said, “thou speakest boldly; for the lord of this castle is a foe to King Arthur and his court, and if thou wilt rest here to-night thou must agree, that wheresoever thou mayest meet my lord, thou must yield to him as a prisoner.” “What is thy lord’s name, lady?” said Sir Gareth. “The Duke de la Rowse,” said she. “I will promise thee,” said he, “to yield to him, if he promise to do me no harm; but if he refuse, I will release myself with my sword and spear.”

それからガレス卿は森の中を夜になるまで長く駆け,ある城に来ると門に進み,門番に入れてくれるよう頼んだ。しかし門番は無愛想に「ここは泊まれない」旨の返事をした。それでガレス卿は「貴方の主人に,僕がアーサー王の宮廷の騎士であることを伝えて下さい。王の名にかけて,泊めて下さい」と言った。そう言われて門番は城を所有している公爵夫人の所へ行った。「直ぐに入れてあげて」と彼女は叫んだ。「王のためにも,宿なしの経験などさせてはいけません」 そう言って彼を迎えに降りて行った。彼女がやって来るのを見ると,彼は挨拶して言った。「ご夫人,今晩泊めて頂きたいと思いまして。もし私が戦うべき勇者か巨人でもいれば,私も馬も回復する明日まで待って下さい。今は疲れ切っているのです」 「騎士さま」彼女は言った。「良くぞ言って下さいました。この城の主人はアーサー王とその宮廷の敵対者で,貴方が今晩お休みになりたいなら,どこで主人に会っても,囚人として降伏することに同意して下さい」 「奥さん,ご主人のお名前は?」ガレス卿は言った。「ラウズ公です」彼女は言った。「約束しましょう」彼は言った。「ご主人に降伏することを。私に危害を及ぼさないのならです。でもそれを拒まれたら,この剣と槍で脱出します」

he answered “that he should not lodge there.” は that 節を使っており,間接話法なのにカギ括弧を使っていて面白いですね。

・Rowse が「ロウズ」なのか「ラウズ」なのか「ラウス」なのか分かりませんでした。



“It is well,” said the duchess; and commanded the drawbridge to be let down. So he rode into the hall and alighted. And when he had taken off his armour, the duchess and her ladies made him passing good cheer. And after supper his bed was made in the hall, and there he rested that night. On the morrow he rose and heard mass, and having broken his fast, took his leave and departed.



And as he rode past a certain mountain there met him a knight named Sir Bendelaine, and cried unto him “Thou shalt not pass unless thou joust with me or be my prisoner!” “Then will we joust,” replied Sir Gareth. So they let their horses run at full speed, and Sir Gareth smote Sir Bendelaine through his body so sorely that he scarcely reached his castle ere he fell dead. And as Sir Gareth presently came by the castle, Sir Bendelaine’s knights and servants rode out to revenge their lord. And twenty of them fell on him at once, although his spear was broken. But drawing his sword he put his shield before him. And though they brake their spears upon him, one and all, and sorely pressed on him, yet ever he defended himself like a noble knight. Anon, finding they could not overcome him, they agreed to slay his horse; and having killed it with their spears, they set upon Sir Gareth as he fought on foot. But every one he struck he slew, and drave at them with fearful blows, till he had slain them all but four, who fled. Then taking the horse of one of those that lay there dead, he rode upon his way.

そしてある山を馬で越えると,ベンデライン卿という騎士が彼に対峙し「ここは通さない! 我と馬上槍試合をするか,我に降伏せよ」と叫んだ。 「じゃあ試合をしよう」とガレス卿は答えた。それで2人は全速で馬を走らせ,ガレス卿はベンデライン卿の体を余りに激しく貫いたので,落馬して死ぬまでにもう少しで自身の城近くまで達する所だった。そして間もなくガレス卿が城に来ると,ベンデライン卿の騎士や召使達が主人の復讐だと言って乗り出てきた。そしてガレス卿の槍が折れていたにも拘らず一度に20人の騎士が襲いかかった。そして彼らが一人残らず槍を突き出しながら激しく彼を攻め立てたが,彼は高貴な騎士らしく自身を護った。間もなく,彼には勝てないと悟って,彼らは彼の馬を殺そうということで一致した。そして槍で馬を殺すと,徒歩で戦い始めたガレス卿を襲った。しかし彼は狙った者をみな殺し,恐ろしい攻撃で彼らを攻撃し,逃げた4騎を除いて殺した。そして死んで横たわっている1人の馬を取り,馬で進んだ。

revenge O は「O に復讐する」ではなく「O の復讐を(誰かに)する」という意味だから気をつけましょう。よって I want to be revenged. という言い方はおかしくないのです。Avenge me! も「俺に復讐してみろよ!」という意味ではなく「私の仇をとって下さい!」という意味です。



Anon he came to another castle and heard from within a sound as of many women moaning and weeping. Then said he to a page who stood without, “What noise is this I hear?” “Sir knight,” said he, “there be within thirty ladies, the widows of thirty knights who have been slain by the lord of this castle. He is called the Brown Knight without pity, and is the most perilous knight living, wherefore I warn thee to flee.” “That will I never do,” said Sir Gareth, “for I fear him not.” Then the page saw the Brown Knight coming and said to Gareth, “Lo! my lord is near.”

間もなく彼は別の城に着いて,中から多くの女性が嘆き,泣いているのが聞こえた。それで外に立っていた従者に「今聞こえている泣き声は何だ?」と言った。「騎士様」彼は言った。「中には30人の女性がいます。ここの城主に殺された30人の騎士の未亡人達です。彼は無慈悲の茶色騎士と言いまして,この世で最も危険な騎士です。だからお逃げなさい」 「逃げたりはしないよ」ガレス卿は言った。「そんな奴怖くないね」 すると従者には茶色騎士が来るのが見えたのでガレス卿に言った。「ほら,主人が来ますよ!」


So both knights made them ready and galloped their horses towards each other, and the Brown Knight brake his spear upon Sir Gareth’s shield; but Sir Gareth smote him through the body so that he fell dead. At that he rode into the castle and told the ladies he had slain their foe. Then were they right glad of heart and made him all the cheer they could, and thanked him out of measure. But on the morrow as he went to mass he found the ladies weeping in the chapel upon divers tombs that were there. And he knew that in those tombs their husbands lay. Then he bade them be comforted, and with noble and high words he desired and prayed them all to be at Arthur’s court on the next Feast of Pentecost.



So he departed and rode past a mountain where was a goodly knight waiting, who said to him, “Abide, Sir knight, and joust with me!” “How are ye named?” said Sir Gareth. “I am the Duke de la Rowse,” answered he. “In good sooth,” then said Sir Gareth, “not long ago I lodged within your castle, and there promised I would yield to you whenever we might meet.” “Art thou that proud knight,” said the duke, “who was ready to fight with me? Guard thyself therefore and make ready.” So they ran together, and Sir Gareth smote the duke from his horse. Then they alighted and drew their swords, and fought full sorely for the space of an hour; and at the last Sir Gareth smote the duke to the earth and would have slain him, but he yielded. “Then must ye go,” said Sir Gareth, “to my lord King Arthur at the next Feast of Pentecost and say that I, Sir Gareth, sent ye.” “As ye will be it,” said the duke; and gave him up his shield for pledge.

それで彼は出発し,ある山を越えると見目良い騎士が待っていて,彼に「騎士殿待たれよ,我と槍試合をせよ!」と言った。「貴方のお名前は?」ガレス卿は言った。「私はラウズ公だ」と彼は答えた。するとガレス卿は「実は少し前,貴方の城に泊まりました。そこで,いつ出会っても貴方に降伏すると約束したのです」 「貴殿が」公爵は言った。「我と戦う覚悟があるという例の誇り高き騎士だな。ならば身を護り,戦いに備え給え」 それで2人は馬を駆け,ガレス卿は公爵を馬から打ち落とした。それから下馬して剣を抜き,1時間ほども激しく戦った。そして遂にガレス卿は公爵を地面に倒し彼を殺さんとしたが,彼は降参した。「ならば貴方は」ガレス卿は言った。「我が主君アーサー王の所に,次の聖霊降臨祭の日に行き,私,ガレス卿が貴方を寄越したと言いなさい」 「言う通りにしましょう」と公爵は言い,誓いの印として自身の盾を彼に渡した。



And as Sir Gareth rode alone he saw an armed knight coming towards him. And putting the duke’s shield before him he rode fast to tilt with him; and so they ran together as it had been thunder, and brake their spears upon each other. Then fought they fiercely with their swords and lashed together with such mighty strokes that blood ran to the ground on every side. And after they had fought together for two hours and more, it chanced the damsel Linet passed that way; and when she saw them she cried out, “Sir Gawain and Sir Gareth, leave your fighting, for ye are brethren!” At that they threw away their shields and swords, and took each other in their arms and wept a great while ere they could speak. And each gave to the other the honour of the battle, and there was many a kind word between them. Then said Sir Gawain, “O my brother, for your sake have I had great sorrow and labour! But truly I would honour you though ye were not my brother, for ye have done great worship to King Arthur and his court, and sent more knights to him than any of the Table Round, except Sir Lancelot.”

そしてガレス卿が1人で駆けていると,武装した騎士がやって来た。それで公爵の盾を構え,彼はその騎士と馬上試合をしようと速度を上げた。そして2人は雷の如く衝突し,互いに槍を折った。それから2人は剣で激しく戦い,互いに強力な剣撃を繰り出し合ったのであらゆる方向に血が流れた。そして互いに2時間以上戦った後,たまたまたライネット嬢がその道を通りがかった。そして2人を見かけると「ガウェイン卿にガレス卿,戦いを止めなさい! 兄弟なのですよ」 それを聞いて2人は剣と盾を捨て,互いを腕に抱いて話ができるようになるまでしばらく泣いた。そして互いが相手の健闘を讃え,優しい言葉を交わし合った。それからガウェイン卿が言った。「弟よ,お前のために大いに悲しみ,苦労をした! しかしお前が弟でなくともお前を讃えただろう。お前はアーサー王と宮廷に大いに尽くしたし,誰よりも多くの騎士を円卓に送り込んだ。いやランスロット卿を除いてだが」


Then the damsel Linet staunched their wounds, and their horses being weary she rode her palfrey to King Arthur and told him of this strange adventure. When she had told her tidings, the king himself mounted his horse and bade all come with him to meet them. So a great company of lords and ladies went forth to meet the brothers. And when King Arthur saw them he would have spoken hearty words, but for gladness he could not. And both Sir Gawain and Sir Gareth fell down at their uncle’s knees and did him homage, and there was passing great joy and gladness among them all.



Then said the king to the damsel Linet, “Why cometh not the Lady Lyones to visit her knight, Sir Gareth, who hath had such travail for her love?” “She knoweth not, my lord, that he is here,” replied the damsel, “for truly she desireth greatly to see him.” “Go ye and bring her hither,” said the king. So the damsel rode to tell her sister where Sir Gareth was, and when she heard it she rejoiced full heartily and came with all the speed she could. And when Sir Gareth saw her, there was great joy and comfort between them.

それから王はライネット嬢に「ライオネス夫人はどうして愛する騎士,ガレス卿に会いに来ないのだ? 彼女の愛の為にこんなに骨を折っているのに」と言った。「王様,彼女は彼がここにいることを知らないのです」少女は答えた。「本当はとても彼に会いたがっています」 「君が彼女をここに連れてくるのだ」王は言った。それで少女は馬を走らせ,姉にガレス卿の居場所を伝えた。彼女はそれを聞くと心から喜び,全速力でやって来た。ガレス卿が彼女の姿を見ると,2人は大いに喜び元気づけ合った。


Then the king asked Sir Gareth whether he would have that lady for his wife? “My lord,” replied Sir Gareth, “know well that I love her above all ladies living.” “Now, fair lady,” said King Arthur, “what say ye?” “Most noble king,” she answered, “my lord, Sir Gareth, is my first love and shall be my last, and if I may not have him for my husband I will have none.” Then said the king to them, “Be well assured that for my crown I would not be the cause of parting your two hearts.”

それから王はガレス卿に,この女性を妻に迎えたいか尋ねた。「王様」ガレス卿は答えた。「私は彼女をこの世のどの女性よりも愛しています」 「では,お嬢さん」アーサー王は言った。「貴女はどうです?」 「立派な王様」彼女は答えた。「私の騎士様,ガレス卿は最初で最後の人です。もしこの方を夫にできなければ,夫を持ちません」 それで王は2人に言った。「安心するが良い。我が王冠にかけて,2人の心を分け隔てたりはせぬ」


Then was high preparation made for the marriage, for the king desired it should be at the Michaelmas next following, at Kinkenadon-by-the-Sea.

So Sir Gareth sent out messages to all the knights whom he had overcome in battle that they should be there upon his marriage-day.

Therefore, at the next Michaelmas, came a goodly company to Kinkenadon-by-the-Sea. And there did the Archbishop of Canterbury marry Sir Gareth and the Lady Lyones with all solemnity. And all the knights whom Sir Gareth had overcome were at the feast; and every manner of revels and games was held with music and minstrelsy. And there was a great jousting for three days. But because of his bride the king would not suffer Sir Gareth to joust. Then did King Arthur give great lands and fair, with store of gold, to Sir Gareth and his wife, that so they might live royally together to their lives’ end.




revel(s) は「どんちゃん騒ぎ,酒宴」です。rebel(s) は「反逆者,謀反人」(rebellion を行う人)です。