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Then Sir Gawain rode over a river to save himself, and Sir Prianius after him, and so they both fled till they came to his companions who were in the meadow, where they spent the night. When Sir Whishard saw Sir Gawain so hurt, he ran to him weeping, and asked him who it was had wounded him; and Sir Gawain told him how he had fought with that man — pointing to Prianius — who had salves to heal them both. “But I can tell ye other tidings,” said he — “that soon we must encounter many enemies, for a great army is close to us in our front.”



Then Prianius and Sir Gawain alighted and let their horses graze while they unarmed, and when they took their armour and their clothing off, the hot blood ran down freshly from their wounds till it was piteous to see. But Prianius took from his page a vial filled from the four rivers that flow out of Paradise, and anointed both their wounds with a certain balm, and washed them with that water, and within an hour afterwards they were both as sound and whole as ever they had been. Then, at the sound of a trumpet, all the knights were assembled to council; and after much talking, Prianius said, “Cease your words, for I warn you in yonder wood ye shall find knights out of number, who will put out cattle for a decoy to lead you on; and ye are not seven hundred!”



“Nevertheless,” said Sir Gawain, “let us at once encounter them, and see what they can do; and may the best have the victory.”

Then they saw suddenly an earl named Sir Ethelwold, and the Duke of Duchmen come leaping out of ambush of the woods in front, with many a thousand after them, and all rode straight down to the battle. And Sir Gawain, full of ardour and courage, comforted his knights, saying, “They all are ours.” Then the seven hundred knights, in one close company, set spurs to their horses and began to gallop, and fiercely met their enemies. And then were men and horses slain and overthrown on every side, and in and out amidst them all, the knights of the Round Table pressed and thrust, and smote down to the earth all who withstood them, till at length the whole of them turned back and fled.




“By heaven!” said Sir Gawain, “this gladdeneth well my heart, for now behold them as they flee! they are full seventy thousand less in number than they were an hour ago!”

Thus was the battle quickly ended, and a great host of high lords and knights of Lombardy and Saracens left dead upon the field. Then Sir Gawain and his company collected a great plenty of cattle, and of gold and silver, and all kind of treasure, and returned to King Arthur, where he still kept the siege.

「確かにこれは」ガウェイン卿は言った。「大いに満足だ。奴らが逃げるのが眺められるのだから! 1時間前よりも7万は減らしたぞ!」




“Now God be thanked,” cried he; “but who is he that standeth yonder by himself, and seemeth not a prisoner?”

“Sir,” said Sir Gawain, “he is a good man with his weapons, and hath matched me; but cometh hither to be made a Christian. Had it not been for his warnings, we none of us should have been here this day. I pray thee, therefore, let him be baptized, for there can be few nobler men, or better knights.”

So Prianius was christened, and made a duke and knight of the Round Table.




Had it not been for..., we none of us should have been here this day のところは割と綺麗な仮定法ですね。Had it not been for... = If it had not been for...  は「仮に(あの時)……がなかったならば」。But for... や Without... とも言えます。またイギリス英語では仮定法の結果節の would have been...「……だったであろう」を should have been と言えます(他にイギリス英語は would like to を should like to と言える)。ということで「プリアニウスの警告がなかったならば,我々は誰1人とも今日ここにはいなかっただろう」と言っているのですが,仮定(If 側)は過去の話,結果(主節側)は今の話なので,結果は we none of us should be here this day と仮定法過去にすることも可能です。if 節を仮定法過去完了(過去の反実仮想)としながら,結果節を仮定法過去(現在の反実仮想)にしてもいいわけですね。

christen は「洗礼を施す,キリスト教徒にする」という意味です。hasten(ヘイスン)と同様に t が脱音するため「クリステン」ではなく「クリスン」なので注意です。


Presently afterwards, they made a last attack upon the city, and entered by the walls on every side; and as the men were rushing to the pillage, came the Duchess forth, with many ladies and damsels, and kneeled before King Arthur; and besought him to receive their submission. To whom the king made answer, with a noble countenance, “Madam, be well assured that none shall harm ye, or your ladies; neither shall any that belong to thee be hurt; but the Duke must abide my judgment.” Then he commanded to stay the assault and took the keys from the Duke’s eldest son, who brought them kneeling. Anon the Duke was sent a prisoner to Dover for his life, and rents and taxes were assigned for dowry of the Duchess and her children.

その後間もなく,彼らは包囲していた街に最後の攻撃を仕掛け,あらゆる方面の壁越しに侵入した。そして兵員が略奪に走ろうとしていると,公爵夫人が多くの貴婦人と少女を伴って出てきて,アーサー王の前に跪いた。そして降伏するから受け入れるよう懇願した。彼女に対し王は気高い表情で返答した。「奥様,貴女もご婦人方も傷付けませんからご安心下さい。貴女に属するものも傷付けさせません。但し公爵には私の判断に従って貰います」 それから彼は攻撃を止めるよう命じ,公爵の長男から鍵を受け取った。長男は跪いて差し出した。間もなく公爵は命と引き換えにドーヴァーに捕虜として送られ,公爵夫人と子ども達の持参金として地代と税収が割り当てられた。


Then went he on with all his hosts, winning all towns and castles, and wasting them that refused obedience, till he came to Viterbo. From thence he sent to Rome, to ask the senators whether they would receive him for their lord and governor. In answer, came out to him all the Senate who remained alive, and the Cardinals, with a majestic retinue and procession; and laying great treasures at his feet, they prayed him to come in at once to Rome, and there be peaceably crowned as Emperor. “At this next Christmas,” said King Arthur, “will I be crowned, and hold my Round Table in your city.”



Cardinals は「枢機卿」(法皇に次ぐ地位)ですが,cardinal numbers は「基数」です。「枢要」とか「基本」というのが cardinal のイメージなのでしょう。赤い服を着ることから「深紅,緋色」の意味も派生しました。



Anon he entered Rome, in mighty pomp and state; and after him came all his hosts, and his knights, and princes, and great lords, arrayed in gold and jewels, such as never were beheld before. And then was he crowned Emperor by the Pope’s hands, with all the highest solemnity that could be made.

Then after his coronation, he abode in Rome for a season, settling his lands and giving kingdoms to his knights and servants, to each one after his deserving, and in such wise fashion that no man among them all complained. Also he made many dukes and earls, and loaded all his men-at-arms with riches and great treasures.



load A with B は「A に B を積む,積載する」ですが,今はトラックの話ではないので「A に B を与える」です。


When all this was done, the lords and knights, and all the men of great estate, came together before him, and said, “Noble Emperor! by the blessing of Eternal God, thy mortal warfare is all finished, and thy conquests all achieved; for now in all the world is none so great and mighty as to dare make war with thee. Wherefore we beseech and heartily pray thee of thy noble grace, to turn thee homeward, and to give us also leave to see our wives and homes again, for now we have been from them a long season, and all thy journey is completed with great honour and worship.”

これらが全て終わると,王や騎士達,大土地所有者は皆集まって彼の前に現れ,「高貴なる皇帝陛下! 永遠の神の祝福により,陛下の決死の戦争は全て終わり,陛下の征服戦は全て完遂されました。今やこの世に,陛下に対して戦争を起こそうとするほど強大な者はおりません。それゆえ私達は心より,陛下の恩寵を願います。陛下が故国に帰還し,私達には妻や故郷に見える許可を与えることを願います。今や私達は久しく故郷を離れており,陛下の親征は大きな名誉と尊敬と共に完遂されたのです」

mortal は「死ぬ運命にある,死すべき」です。例えば mortal enemy は「不倶戴天の敵,生かしてはおかぬ敵」です。今回の mortal war(fare) を「不倶戴天の戦争」と訳すのはおかしいですが,「敵を倒すまでは決して止めない戦争」という意味でしょう。


“Ye say well,” replied he, “and to tempt God is no wisdom; therefore make ready in all haste, and turn we home to England.”

So King Arthur returned with his knights and lords and armies, in great triumph and joy, through all the countries he had conquered, and commanded that no man, upon pain of death, should rob or do any violence by the way. And crossing the sea, he came at length to Sandwich, where Queen Guinevere received him, and made great joy at his arrival. And through all the realm of Britain was there such rejoicing as no tongue can tell.