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When the Emperor Lucius heard of that discomfiture he arose, with all his army, to crush King Arthur, and met him in the vale of Soissons. Then speaking to all his host, he said, “Sirs, I admonish you that this day ye fight and acquit yourselves as men; and remembering how Rome is chief of all the earth, and mistress of the universal world, suffer not these barbarous and savage Britons to abide our onset.” At that, the trumpets blew so loud, that the ground trembled and shook.

ルキウス帝はこうした挫折を耳にすると全軍でアーサー王を押し潰そうと立ち上がり,ソワソンの谷で彼に対峙した。それから全軍に話しかけてこう言った。「卿らよ,この日に卿らは男らしく振る舞って戦うよう求める。ローマが全世界の主人であることを忘れず,これらの野蛮で未開のブリトン人が堪えきれないような攻撃を与えてやるのだ」 この言葉と共にトランペットがけたたましく鳴り響いたので,地面も震えるようであった。

ソワソンはフランス北部にある町で,486年にはフランク族クローヴィスがローマ系のシアグリウスを破ったソワソンの戦いが起こっています。なおフランス語では oi を /wa/ と発音します。/owa/ ではなく /wa/ ですので Soissons は「ソワソン」より「スワソン」なのですが,慣用的に日本語では「ソワソン」と表記します。「魚」🐟の poisson も /powa.../ ではなく /pwa.../ ですが,カタカナでは「ポワソン」と表記されがちです。




Then did the rival hosts draw near each other with great shoutings; and when they closed, no tongue can tell the fury of their smiting, and the sore struggling, wounds, and slaughter. Then King Arthur, with his mightiest knights, rode down into the thickest of the fight, and drew Excalibur, and slew as lightning slays for swiftness and for force. And in the midmost crowd he met a giant, Galapas by name, and struck off both his legs at the knee-joints; then saying, “Now art thou a better size to deal with!” smote his head off at a second blow: and the body killed six men in falling down.

Anon, King Arthur spied where Lucius fought and worked great deeds of prowess with his own hands. Forthwith he rode at him, and each attacked the other passing fiercely; till at the last, Lucius struck King Arthur with a fearful wound across the face, and Arthur, in return, lifting up Excalibur on high, drove it with all his force upon the Emperor’s head, shivering his helmet, crashing his head in halves, and splitting his body to the breast. And when the Romans saw their Emperor dead they fled in hosts of thousands; and King Arthur and his knights, and all his army followed them, and slew one hundred thousand men.


thousands「千単位の」ローマ兵に対し,10万人の彼らを討ち取ったことをおかしいと思ってはなりません。He has many books. と言う場合,many=100 であってもおかしくないですね? だから many thousands が 100×1000 で 10 万であってもおかしくありません。英語では「千」の次が「百万(million)」になってしまうため,10 万は thousand 単位ということになります。


Then returning to the field, King Arthur rode to the place where Lucius lay dead, and round him the kings of Egypt and Ethiopia, and seventeen other kings, with sixty Roman senators, all noble men. All these he ordered to be carefully embalmed with aromatic gums, and laid in leaden coffins, covered with their shields and arms and banners. Then calling for three senators who were taken prisoners, he said to them, “As the ransom of your lives, I will that ye take these dead bodies and carry them to Rome, and there present them for me, with these letters saying I will myself be shortly there. And I suppose the Romans will beware how they again ask tribute of me; for tell them, these dead bodies that I send them are for the tribute they have dared to ask of me; and if they wish for more, when I come I will pay them the rest.”



ransom は「身代金」。「ランサムウェア」の「ランサム」です。


So, with that charge, the three senators departed with the dead bodies, and went to Rome; the body of the Emperor being carried in a chariot blazoned with the arms of the empire, all alone, and the bodies of the kings two and two in chariots following.



After the battle, King Arthur entered Lorraine, Brabant, and Flanders, and thence, subduing all the countries as he went, passed into Germany, and so beyond the mountains into Lombardy and Tuscany. At length he came before a city which refused to obey him, wherefore he sat down before it to besiege it. And after a long time thus spent, King Arthur called Sir Florence, and told him they began to lack food for his hosts—“And not far from hence,” said he, “are great forests full of cattle belonging to my enemies. Go then, and bring by force all that thou canst find; and take with thee Sir Gawain, my nephew, and Sir Clegis, Sir Claremond the Captain of Cardiff, and a strong band.”






Anon, those knights made ready, and rode over holts and hills, and through forests and woods, till they came to a great meadow full of fair flowers and grass, and there they rested themselves and their horses that night. And at the dawn of the next day, Sir Gawain took his horse and rode away from his fellows to seek some adventure. Soon he saw an armed knight walking his horse by a wood’s side, with his shield laced to his shoulder, and no attendant with him save a page, bearing a mighty spear; and on his shield were blazoned three gold griffins. When Sir Gawain spied him, he put his spear in rest, and riding straight to him, asked who he was. “A Tuscan,” said he; “and they mayest prove me when thou wilt, for thou shalt be my prisoner ere we part.”



・この page は「小姓;給仕,ボーイ」です。

rest には「(物を置く)台」という意味があります。a book rest は「書架」です。アームレスト(肘掛け)という言葉もありますね。小姓に持たせておいた槍を rest に置いたということは,自分が携行したということでしょう。ということは馬に槍をセットする台があるのでしょうか。調べましたらランスレスト lance rest というものがあるようです。これは馬に置くのではなく自分の甲冑の右脇腹の辺りに出た突起で,その上にランスを置き,右手で持つのでしょう。ということはもう,槍を構えた状態で近づいたということですね。




Then said Sir Gawain, “Thou vauntest thee greatly, and speakest proud words; yet I counsel thee, for all thy boastings, look to thyself the best thou canst.”


for all...「(いろいろ)……にもかかわらず」は重要です。For all his efforts he failed.「色々手を尽くしたが彼は失敗した」


At that they took their spears and ran at each other with all the might they had, and smote each other through their shields into their shoulders; and then drawing swords smote with great strokes, till the fire sprang out of their helms. Then was Sir Gawain enraged, and with his good sword Galotine struck his enerny through shield and hauberk, and splintered into pieces all the precious stones of it, and made so huge a wound that men might see both lungs and liver. At that the Tuscan, groaning loudly, rushed on to Sir Gawain, and gave him a deep slanting stroke, and made a mighty wound and cut a great vein asunder, so that he bled fast. Then he cried out, “Bind thy wound quickly up, Sir knight, for thou be-bloodest all thy horse and thy fair armour, and all the surgeons of the world shall never staunch thy blood; for so shall it be to whomsoever is hurt with this good sword.”



Then answered Sir Gawain, “It grieveth me but little, and thy boastful words give me no fear, for thou shalt suffer greater grief and sorrow ere we part; but tell me quickly who can staunch this blood.”

“That can I do,” said the strange knight, “and will, if thou wilt aid and succour me to become christened, and to believe on God, which now I do require of thee upon thy manhood.”

“I am content,” said Sir Gawain; “and may God help me to grant all thy wishes. But tell me first, what soughtest thou thus here alone, and of what land art thou?”



「良いだろう」ガウェイン卿は言った。「君の願いを私が叶えることを,神が助けてくれますように。しかしまず教えてくれ。ここでこうして1人,何を探していたのだ? そして君はどこの国の者だ?」


“Sir,” said the knight, “my name is Prianius, and my father is a great prince, who hath rebelled against Rome. He is descended from Alexander and Hector, and of our lineage also were Joshua and Maccabaeus. I am of right the king of Alexandria, and Africa, and all the outer isles, yet I would believe in the Lord thou worshippest, and for thy labour I will give thee treasure enough. I was so proud in heart that I thought none my equal, but now have I encountered with thee, who hast given me my fill of fighting; wherefore, I pray thee, Sir knight, tell me of thyself.”




give me my fill of... に関しては『ジーニアス英和辞典』に have one's fill of...

「……を嫌というほど味わう」が載っており,have が give me に変わっているので「私に……を嫌というほど味わわせる」ですね。


“I am no knight,” said Sir Gawain; “I have been brought up many years in the wardrobe of the noble prince King Arthur, to mind his armour and array.”

“Ah,” said Prianius, “if his varlets be so keen and fierce, his knights must be passing good! Now, for the love of heaven, whether thou be knight or knave, tell me thy name.”

“By heaven!” said Gawain, “now will I tell thee the truth. My name is Sir Gawain, and I am a knight of the Round Table.”


「ああ」プリアニウスは言った。「衣装番の小姓がこんなに鋭敏で獰猛なのなら,アーサー王の騎士達は極めて優秀なのでしょうな! さあ,神にかけて,貴方は騎士なのか召使なのか,お名前を是非」


mind と言えば「嫌がる,気にする」ですが,今回は「気にする」に近く,「世話をする,番をする」です。

varlets, knave (ネイヴ)は「小姓,召使;悪党」です。


“Now am I better pleased,” said Prianius, “than if thou hadst given me all the province of Paris the rich. I had rather have been torn by wild horses than that any varlet should have won such victory over me as thou hast done. But now, Sir knight, I warn thee that close by is the Duke of Lorraine, with sixty thousand good men of war; and we had both best flee at once, for he will find us else, and we be sorely wounded and never likely to recover. And let my page be careful that he blow no horn, for hard by are a hundred knights, my servants; and if they seize thee, no ransom of gold or silver would acquit thee.”


・had better...「……した方が良い」は習ったことがあると思いますが,had best... は「……するのが一番だ」です。

・この else は「さもなくば(otherwise)」です。