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King Arthur Conquers Ireland and Norway, Slays the Giant of St. Michael’s Mount, and Conquers Gaul — The Adventures of Sir Balin


The land of Britain being now in peace, and many great and valiant knights therein ready to take part in whatsoever battles or adventures might arise, King Arthur resolved to follow all his enemies to their own coasts. Anon he fitted out a great fleet, and sailing first to Ireland, in one battle he miserably routed the people of the country. The King of Ireland also he took prisoner, and forced all earls and barons to pay him homage.



Having conquered Ireland, he went next to Iceland and subdued it also, and the winter being then arrived, returned to Britain.

In the next year he set forth to Norway, whence many times the heathen had descended on the British coasts; for he was determined to give so terrible a lesson to those savages as should be told through all their tribes both far and near, and make his name fearful to them.



descend と言えば「降りる,下る」(反意は ascend)ですが,descend on... で「急襲する」という意味があります。


As soon as he was come, Riculf, the king, with all the power of that country, met and gave him battle; but, after mighty slaughter, the Britons had at length the advantage, and slew Riculf and a countless multitude besides.

Having thus defeated them, they set the cities on fire, dispersed the country people, and pursued the victory till they had reduced all Norway, as also Dacia, under the dominion of King Arthur.






Now, therefore, having thus chastised those pagans who so long had harassed Britain, and put his yoke upon them, he voyaged on to Gaul, being steadfastly set upon defeating the Roman governor of that province, and so beginning to make good the threats which he had sent the emperor by his ambassadors.


yoke は地名の York と(発音も)異なり,「軛(くびき)」という意味です。牛馬を牛車や馬車に繋ぐ器具で,「タタールの軛」のように「過酷な支配」の比喩に使われます。


make good the threats make the threats good「脅迫を good にする」のことで,the threats に関係代名詞節が続いて長くなっているので make good を先に言ったと思われますが,この good は「有効である,実効的である」という意味です。それまでは使者を送って脅迫だけしていたのですが,いよいよ軍を送って脅迫を実効的なものにしようとしたというわけです。


So soon as he was landed on the shores of Gaul, there came to him a countryman who told him of a fearful giant in the land of Brittany, who had slain, murdered, and devoured many people, and had lived for seven years upon young children only, “insomuch,” said the man, “that all the children of the country are destroyed; and but the other day he seized upon our duchess, as she rode out with her men, and took her away to his lodging in a cave of a mountain, and though five hundred people followed her, yet could they give her no help or rescue, but left her shrieking and crying lamentably in the giant’s hands; and, Lord, she is thy cousin Hoel’s wife, who is of thy near kindred; wherefore, as thou art a rightful king, have pity on this lady; and as thou art a valiant conqueror, avenge us and deliver us.”


live on [upon] には「……を常食とする」という意味があります。


“Alas!” said King Arthur, “this is a great mischief that ye tell of. I had rather than the best realm I have, that I had rescued that lady ere the giant laid his hand on her; but tell me now, good fellow, canst thou bring me where this giant haunteth?”

“Yea, Lord!” replied the man; “lo, yonder, where thou seest two great fires, there shall thou find him, and more treasure also than is in all Gaul besides.”



mischief は「子どもがするようないたずら」と「害悪」という意味があります。


Then the king returned to his tent, and, calling Sir Key and Sir Bedwin, desired them to get horses ready for himself and them, for that after evensong he would ride a pilgrimage with them alone to St. Michael’s Mount. So in the evening they departed, and rode as fast as they could till they came near the mount, and there alighted; and the king commanded the two knights to await him at the hill foot, while he went up alone.


Bedwin というのが誰なのかは分かりませんでした。一番綴りが近いのはベディヴィア(Bedivere,Bedwyr)ですが,綴りが惜しいですね。Bedwin ではなく Bedwir と綴られていたら,Bedwyr に非常に近いですからベディヴィアの可能性があります。しかし,この本に関して気になることがあるんです。それは誤字の存在ですね。いきなり第2章に Excalilur とあるんですが,これは Excalibur異体字ではなく,単なる誤字でしょう。私はこの“Bedwin”が“Bedwir”であった可能性はゼロではないと思います。“n”と“r”は全然違う字ではないかと思うかもしれませんが,字体的には似ています(途中まで一緒)。何らかの過程で誰かが“Bedwir”を“Bedwin”として通してしまった可能性もゼロではないと考えるわけです。さらに怪しいのは Wikipedia「ケイ」のアーサー王にベディヴィアと伴われてモン・サン・ミッシェルの巨人を討伐するなどの活躍」という説明ですね。今読んでいるのは「巨人が公爵夫人を誘拐した」事件です。非常に似た状況ですね。


Then he ascended the mountain till he came to a great fire. And there he found a sorrowful widow wringing her hands and weeping miserably, sitting by a new-made grave. And saluting her, King Arthur prayed her wherefore she made such heavy lamentations.


lamentlamentation の覚え方については以下の記事をご覧ください。なお,おマヌケな覚え方ですので,読んでも怒らないで下さい。



“Sir knight,” she said, “speak softly, for yonder is a devil, who, if he hear thy voice, will come and straightway slay thee. Alas! what dost thou here? Fifty such men as thou were powerless to resist him. Here lieth dead my lady, Duchess of Brittany, wife to Sir Hoel, who was the fairest lady in the world, foully and shamefully slaughtered by that fiend! Beware that thou go not too nigh, for he hath overcome and vanquished fifteen kings, and hath made himself a coat of precious stones, embroidered with their beards; but if thou art hardy, and wilt speak with him, at yonder great fire he is at supper.”

「騎士様」彼女は言った。「お静かにお話し下さい。あそこに悪魔がいて,貴方の声を聞いたら,真っ直ぐ貴方を殺しに来ます。ああ!ここで何をなさるのですか?貴方のような男が50人いても彼に敵いません。ここには私の貴婦人が眠っています。ブルターニュの公爵夫人,ホエルの妻,世界で一番美しかった女性です。あの悪魔に汚らわしく,不名誉にも殺されたのです! 近づきすぎてはなりません。あの悪魔は15人もの王を屈服させ,消滅させてきました。自分用に宝石でできた,彼らの髭が縫い込まれたコートを作りました。でももし貴方が強い方で,悪魔と話をするつもりであれば,あの大きな火の所で悪魔は夕食を摂っています」


The giant sat at supper, gnawing on a limb of a man, and baking his huge frame by the fire.

“Well,” said King Arthur, “I will accomplish mine errand, for all thy fearful words;” and so went forth to the crest of the hill, and saw where the giant sat at supper, gnawing on a limb of a man, and baking his huge frame by the fire, while three damsels turned three spits whereon were spitted, like larks, twelve young children lately born.


「ふむ」アーサー王は言った。「貴女は恐ろしい話をしたが,私は使命を果たそう」 そうして丘の頂に進むと,巨人が夕食を摂っているのが見えた。人間の手か脚を齧り,火の傍で巨大な炎を焚いていた。一方3人の少女が,12人の最近生まれた幼子が雲雀のように焼き串にされたうえで焼き串になっていた。

for all... には「……にも拘わらず」という意味があります。


When King Arthur saw all that, his heart bled for sorrow, and he trembled for rage and indignation; then lifting up his voice he cried aloud—“God, that wieldeth all the world, give thee short life and shameful death, and may the devil have thy soul! Why hast thou slain those children and that fair lady? Wherefore arise, and prepare thee to perish, thou glutton and fiend, for this day thou shalt die by my hands.”

アーサー王がその様を見ると,彼の心は悲しみで酷く痛んだ。そして彼は怒りと憤怒で震えた。それから彼は声を上げ叫んだ。「世界を総べる神よ,貴方は短命であれ。恥ずべき死を迎えよ。あの悪魔を貴方の魂とせよ。なぜ貴方はあの子どもたちとあの貴婦人を殺したのだ? それゆえ立ち上がり,貴方の滅亡を準備しよう。この暴食家の悪魔め。この夫人の為,私の手で貴方を殺してやる」



Then the giant, mad with fury at these words, started up, and seizing a great club, smote the king, and struck his crown from off his head. But King Arthur smote him with his sword so mightily in return, that all his blood gushed forth in streams.



At that the giant, howling in great anguish, threw away his club of iron, and caught the king in both his arms and strove to crush his ribs together. But King Arthur struggled and writhed, and twisted him about, so that the giant could not hold him tightly; and as they fiercely wrestled, they both fell, and rolling over one another, tumbled — wrestling, and struggling, and fighting frantically — from rock to rock, till they came to the sea.

これに対し巨人は大きな苦痛で咆哮し,鉄の棍棒を投げ捨て,両手で王を掴み,彼のあばらを砕こうとした。しかしアーサー王はもがき,身をねじり,彼の身体をねじって,巨人は彼をしっかり握れなくなった。そして彼らが激しく格闘する中,彼らは共に倒れ,交互に上下になりながら岩から岩へと — 格闘し,あがき,狂ったように争いながら — 転がり,遂には海にやって来た。

rolling over one another「互いの上になりながら転がった」というのが面白い表現で,情景が浮かびますね。


And as they tore and strove and tumbled, the king ever and anon smote at the giant with his dagger, till his arms stiffened in death around King Arthur’s body, and groaning horribly, he died. So presently the two knights came and found the king locked fast in the giant’s arms, and very faint and weary, and loosed him from their hold.


ever and anon は「時々」です。


Then the king bade Sir Key to “smite off the giant’s head and set it on the truncheon of a spear, and bear it to Sir Hoel, and tell him that his enemy is slain; and afterwards let it be fastened to the castle gate, that all the people may behold it. And go ye two up on the mountain and fetch me my shield and sword, and also the great club of iron ye will see there; and as for the treasure, ye shall find there wealth beyond counting, but take as much as ye will, for if I have his kirtle and the club, I desire no more.”



Then the knights fetched the club and kirtle, as the king had ordered, and took the treasure to themselves, as much as they could carry, and returned to the army. But when this deed was noised abroad, all the people came in multitudes to thank the king, who told them “to give thanks to God, and to divide the giant’s spoils amongst them equally.” And King Arthur desired Sir Hoel to build a church upon the mount, and dedicate it to the Archangel Michael.









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