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Then did they wheel their horses far apart, and running them together, the strange knight shivered Sir Griflet’s spear to fragments, and smote him through the shield and the left side, and broke his own spear into Sir Griflet’s body, so that the truncheon stuck there, and Sir Griflet and his horse fell down. But when the strange knight saw him overthrown, he was sore grieved, and hastily alighted, for he thought that he had slain him. Then he unlaced his helm and gave him air, and tended him carefully till he came out of his swoon, and leaving the truncheon of his spear in his body, he set him upon horse, and commended him to God, and said he had a mighty heart, and if he lived would prove a passing good knight. And so Sir Griflet rode to the court, where, by aid of good physicians, he was healed in time and his life saved.


wheel は「車輪,(steering wheel)ハンドル・舵輪」という意味ですが,動詞では「動かす,運ぶ」があります。

・この shiver は難しく,普通は「震える」なのですが,それとは別に「粉々にする」というのがあります。

・この commend「褒める,委ねる」は recommend「勧める」から逆に推測するとよいでしょう。ただし commence は「始める」なので注意です。


At that same time there came before the king twelve old men, ambassadors from Lucius Tiberius, Emperor of Rome, and demanded of Arthur tribute unto Caesar for his realm, or else, said they, the emperor would destroy both him and his land. To whom King Arthur answered that he owed the emperor no tribute, nor would send him any; but said he, “On a fair field I will pay him his proper tribute — with a sharp spear and sword; and by my father’s soul that tribute shall he take from me, whether he will or not.” So the ambassadors departed passing wroth, and King Arthur was as wroth as they.

ちょうどその時,王の前に12人の老人がローマ皇帝ルキウス・ティベリウスからの使者としてやって来て,アーサーに対し皇帝の国のため,皇帝への貢物を要求した。さもないと皇帝は彼と彼の国を滅ぼすと彼らは言った。彼らに対しアーサー王は,皇帝に貢物を捧げるいわれはないし,皇帝に何も贈らないと答えた。しかし彼は言った。「正々堂々と野戦で相応しい貢物をしてやろう。鋭い槍と剣でな。そして父の魂によってその貢物は私から食らわしてやろう。彼が望もうと望むまいとな」 それで使者達はたいそう怒って出発し,またアーサー王も彼らと同じくらい怒っていた。




But on the morrow of Sir Griflet’s hurt, the king commanded to take his horse and armour secretly outside the city walls before sunrise of the next morning, and, rising a long while before dawn, he mounted up and took his shield and spear, and bade his chamberlain tarry till he came again; but he forbore to take Excalibur, for he had given it for safety into charge of his sister, Queen Morgan le Fay. And as the king rode at a soft pace he saw suddenly three villains chasing Merlin and making to attack and slay him. Clapping spurs to his horse, he rushed towards them, and cried out in a terrible voice, “Flee, churls, or take your deaths;” but they, as soon as they perceived a knight, fled away with the haste of hares.



villain は「悪党」です。FF14のSHADOWBRINGERS(漆黒のヴィランズ)の「ヴィランズ」はこれでしょう。


“O Merlin,” said the king; “here hadst thou been killed, despite thy many crafts, had I not chanced to pass.”

“Not so,” said Merlin, “for when I would, I could have saved myself; but thou art nearer to thy death than I, for without special help from heaven thou ridest now towards thy grave.”

And as they were thus talking, they came to the fountain and the rich pavilion pitched beside it, and saw a knight sitting all armed on a chair in the opening of the tent. “Sir knight,” said King Arthur, “for what cause abidest thou here? to joust with any knight that passeth by? If so, I caution thee to quit that custom.”

「マーリンよ」王は言った。「私がたまたま通らなかったら,色々術を持っていてもここで殺されていたな」「いえいえ」マーリンは言った。「その気になれば自力で助かりましたよ。でも王様の方が私より死ぬ可能性がありましたね。というのも天からの特別な助けがなければ貴方は今頃お墓にまっしぐらでしょう」そしてこんな風に話しながら,彼らは例の泉とその傍に建てられた豪華なあずまやにやって来た。そして完全武装した騎士が陣幕の入り口の椅子に座っていた。「騎士殿」アーサー王は言った。「どうしてこんな処に住んでおられるのか? 通りがかりの誰とでも槍試合でもしているのか? もしそうなら,そういう習慣は止めるよう警告しておく」


“That custom,” said the knight, “have I followed and will follow, let whosoever will say nay, and if any is aggrieved at it, let him who will amend it.”

“I will amend it,” said King Arthur.

“And I will defend it,” answered the knight.

Then the knight mounted his horse and made himself ready, and charging at each other they met so hard that both their lances splintered into pieces. Then King Arthur drew his sword, but the knight cried out, “Not so; but let us run another tilt together with sharp spears.”





let him who will amend it は難しく,かつ面白い個所だと思います。let him V の形を取ることは推測できるでしょう。him who(=he who の目的格)は anyone who のことであり,him who will amend it まで途切れないでしょう。すると,V に当たる部分がありません。him who will amend it に「何をさせるか」が書かれていないのです。では逆に,V = amend it としましょう(amend が原形なので)。すると今度は him who will の続きがありません。「何をするつもりの者に」amend it させるかが書かれていないのです。

 もう,お判りでしょうか? どちらのパターンと取っても,なぜ書かれていないのか? それは「書かなくても分かるから」です。「既に書いてあるから,書かなくても分かる」のです。言い方を変えると,「同じ内容だから,書かなくても分かるから,略した」のです。つまりどちらのパターンでも,消えてしまっているのは amend it です。つまり let him who will amend it amend it「amend it するつもりの者に,amend it させよ」というわけです。恐らく前の方の amend it が略されていると思われます。

・この tiltjoust 同様「馬上槍試合」の意味があります。


“I would with a good will,” said King Arthur; “but I have no more spears.”

“I have enough of spears,” replied the knight, and called a squire, who brought two good new lances.

Then spurring their horses, they rushed together with all their might, and broke each one his own spear short off in his hand. Then the king again put his hand to his sword, but the knight once more cried out, “Nay, yet abide awhile; ye are the best jouster that I ever met with; for the love of knighthood, let us joust yet once again.”





So once again they tilted with their fullest force, and this time King Arthur’s spear was shivered, but the knight’s held whole, and drove so furiously against the king that both his horse and he were hurled to the ground.

At that, King Arthur was enraged and drew his sword and said, “I will attack thee now, Sir knight, on foot, for on horseback I have lost the honour.”

“I will be on horseback,” said the knight. But when he saw him come on foot, he lighted from his horse, thinking it shame to have so great advantage.




whole は「全体の」という意味なので「欠けていない,無傷の」の意味があります。


And then began they a strong battle, with many great strokes and grievous blows, and so hewed with their swords that the fragments of their armour flew about the fields, and both so bled that all the ground around was like a marsh of blood. Thus they fought long and mightily, and anon, after brief rest fell to again, and so hurtled together like two wild boars that they both rolled to the ground. At last their swords clashed furiously together, and the knight’s sword shivered the king’s in two.



Then said the knight, “Now art thou in my power, to save thee or to slay. Yield therefore as defeated, and a recreant knight, or thou shall surely die.”

“As for death,” replied King Arthur, “welcome be it when it cometh; but as for yielding me to thee as a recreant because of this poor accident upon my sword, I had far liefer die than be so shamed.”

So saying, he sprang on the knight, and took him by the middle and threw him down, and tore off his helm. But the knight, being a huge man, wrestled and struggled in a frenzy with the king until he brought him under, and tore off his helm in turn, and would have smitten off his head.




lief は「快く,喜んで」で,I had liefer V1 than V2 は「V2するくらいならむしろV1したい(I would rather V1 than V2)」です。I had rather V1 than V2,I would (just) as soon V1 as V2 などとも言います。

take 〈人〉 by the 〈部位〉は「〈人〉の〈部位〉を掴む」です。部位としての middle は「胴体,腰」です。


At that came Merlin and said, “Knight, hold thy hand, for if thou slayest yonder knight, thou puttest all this realm to greater loss and damage than ever realm was in; for he is a man of greater worship than thou dreamest of.”

“Who then is he?” cried the knight.




“Arthur Pendragon!” answered Merlin.

Then would he have slain him for dread of his wrath, but Merlin cast a spell upon the knight, so that he fell suddenly to the earth in a deep sleep. Then raising up the king, he took the knight’s horse for himself and rode away.

“Alas,” said King Arthur, “what hast thou done, Merlin? hast thou slain this good knight by thy crafts? There never lived a better knight; I had rather lose my kingdom for a year than have him dead.”



「何たることだ」アーサー王は言った。「君は何をしてくれたんだ,マーリン? 君は魔術であの優秀な騎士を殺したのか? あんな優れた騎士はいなかったのに.。彼を失うくらいなら1年間王国を失う方がましだと思うよ」


“Be not afraid,” said Merlin; “he is more whole and sound than thou art, and is but in a sleep, wherefrom in three hours’ time he will awake. I told thee what a knight he was, and how near thou wast to death. There liveth not a better knight than he in all the world, and hereafter he shall do thee good service. His name is King Pellinore, and he shall have two sons, who shall be passing valiant men, and, save one another, shall have no equal in prowess and in purity of life. The one shall be named Percival, and the other Lamoracke of Wales.”




So they rode on to Caerleon, and all the knights grieved greatly when they heard of this adventure, that the king would jeopardise his person thus alone. Yet could they not hide their joy at serving under such a noble chief, who adventured his own life as much as did the poorest knight among them all.



これで第3章が終わり,次回から第4章に入ります。タイトルは King Arthur Conquers Ireland and Norway, Slays the Giant of St. Michael’s Mount, and Conquers Gaul — The Adventures of Sir Balin となっております。アイルランドノルウェー,そしてガリア(Gaul)を征服するとありますね。これは壮大な。次回をお楽しみに!





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