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When the eleven kings beheld so small a band doing such mighty deeds of arms they were ashamed, and charged them fiercely in return. Then was Sir Ulfius’ horse slain under him; but he fought well and marvellously on foot against Duke Eustace and King Clarience, who set upon him grievously, till Sir Brastias, seeing his great peril, pricked towards them swiftly, and so smote the duke through with his spear that horse and man fell down and rolled over.



Whereat King Clarience turned upon Sir Brastias, and rushing furiously together they each unhorsed the other and fell both to the ground, and there lay a long time stunned, their horses’ knees being cut to the bone. Then came Sir Key the seneschal with six companions, and did wondrous well, till the eleven kings went out against them and overthrew Sir Griflet and Sir Lucas the butler. And when Sir Key saw Sir Griflet unhorsed and on foot, he rode against King Nanters hotly and smote him down, and led his horse to Griflet and horsed him again; with the same spear did Sir Key smite down King Lot and wounded him full sore.



But seeing that, the King of the Hundred Knights rushed at Sir Key and overthrew him in return, and took his horse and gave it to King Lot. And when Sir Griflet saw Sir Key’s mischance, he set his spear in rest, and riding at a mighty man-at-arms, he cast him down headlong and caught his horse and led it straightway to Sir Key.




By now the battle was growing perilous and hard, and both sides fought with rage and fury. And Sir Ulfius and Sir Brastias were both afoot and in great danger of their death, and foully stained and trampled under horses’ feet. Then King Arthur, putting spurs to his horse, rushed forward like a lion into the midst of all the melee, and singling out King Cradlemont of North Wales, smote him through the left side and overthrew him, and taking his horse by the rein he brought it to Sir Ulfius in haste and said, “Take this horse, mine old friend, for thou hast great need of one, and charge by side of me.” And even as he spoke he saw Sir Ector, Sir Key’s father, smitten to the earth by the King of the Hundred Knights, and his horse taken to King Cradlemont.


・「(自分が乗っている)馬に拍車をかける」は put/set spurs to one's horse です。両足あるので spurs と複数形です。

melee は「乱戦,混戦」という意味で,ゲームでは「近接戦闘職」を意味します。「メレー」ではなく「メイレイ」/méɪleɪ/です。


But when King Arthur saw him ride upon Sir Ector’s horse his wrath was very great, and with his sword he smote King Cradlemont upon the helm, and shore off the fourth part thereof and of the shield, and drave the sword onward to the horse’s neck and slew the horse, and hurled the king upon the ground.




And now the battle waxed so great and furious that all the noise and sound thereof rang out by water and by wood, so that Kings Ban and Bors, with all their knights and men-at-arms in ambush, hearing the tumult and the cries, trembled and shook for eagerness, and scarce could stay in secret, but made them ready for the fray and dressed their shields and harness.


・この wax は「蝋」ではなく「月が満ちる」→「次第に……になる」という意味です。


But when King Arthur saw the fury of the enemy, he raged like a mad lion, and stirred and drove his horse now here, now there, to the right hand and to the left, and stayed not in his wrath till he had slain full twenty knights. He wounded also King Lot so sorely in the shoulder that he left the field, and in great pain and dolour cried out to the other kings, “Do ye as I devise, or we shall be destroyed. I, with the King of the Hundred Knights, King Anguisant, King Yder, and the Duke of Cambinet, will take fifteen thousand men and make a circuit, meanwhile that ye do hold the battle with twelve thousand. Then coming suddenly we will fall fiercely on them from behind and put them to the rout, but else shall we never stand against them.”





So Lot and four kings departed with their party to one side, and the six other kings dressed their ranks against King Arthur and fought long and stoutly.

But now Kings Ban and Bors, with all their army fresh and eager, broke from their ambush and met face to face the five kings and their host as they came round behind, and then began a frantic struggle with breaking of spears and clashing of swords and slaying of men and horses. Anon King Lot, espying in the midst King Bors, cried out in great dismay, “Our Lady now defend us from our death and fearful wounds; our peril groweth great, for yonder cometh one of the worshipfullest kings and best knights in all the world.”




“Who is he?” said the King of the Hundred Knights.

“It is King Bors of Gaul,” replied King Lot, “and much I marvel how he may have come with all his host into this land without our knowledge.”

“Aha!” cried King Carados, “I will encounter with this king if ye will rescue me when there is need.”

“Ride on,” said they.






So King Carados and all his host rode softly till they came within a bow-shot of King Bors, and then both hosts, spurring their horses to their greatest swiftness, rushed at each other. And King Bors encountered in the onset with a knight, and struck him through with a spear, so that he fell dead upon the earth; then drawing his sword, he did such mighty feats of arms that all who saw him gazed with wonder. Anon King Ban came also forth upon the field with all his knights, and added yet more fury, sound, and slaughter, till at length both hosts of the eleven kings began to quake, and drawing all together into one body, they prepared to meet the worst, while a great multitude already fled.



Then said King Lot, “Lords, we must take yet other means, or worse loss still awaits us. See ye not what people we have lost in waiting on the footmen, and that it costs ten horsemen to save one of them? Therefore it is my counsel to put away our footmen from us, for it is almost night, and King Arthur will not stay to slaughter them. So they can save their lives in this great wood hard by. Then let us gather into one band all the horsemen that remain, and whoso breaketh rank or leaveth us, let him be straightway slain by him that seeth him, for it is better that we slay a coward than through a coward be all slain. How say ye?” said King Lot; “answer me, all ye kings.”

“It is well said,” replied they all.

するとロト王は言った。「王らよ,更に策を使わねばならん,さもなくば一層の損害が待っているぞ。歩兵を助けてどれほどのものを失ってきたか,歩兵1人を救うのに騎兵10人が犠牲になるのが卿らは分かっておらぬか? それ故歩兵を我が軍から切り離すのが我の案だ。じきに夜だし,アーサー王も彼らを殺戮しようと留まったりはせぬだろう。だから彼らもすぐそばの大きな森の中で命を取り留めるだろう。それで,我々は残っている騎兵全てを1つの部隊にまとめ,隊列を乱したり離れる者は誰でも,直ちにそれを見た者によって殺されるものとしよう。卑怯者のせいで我々が皆討ち死にするより,卑怯者1人を殺す方がましなのだから。どうだ?」ロト王は言った。「諸王よ,返答を求む」


counsel には「相談(すること)」や「顧問,弁護士(=相談相手)」という意味もありますが,「助言,忠告(advice)」という意味もあります。

let him be slain は let O be 過去分詞「O を V させよ」という〈受動態の命令文〉になっています。受動態は能動態と事実関係は同じなので,能動態にすると let him be slain「彼を殺させよ」は slay him「彼を殺せ」と同じですね。let the window be opened は open the window です。

・この him that... は anyone who... でしょう。この辺,him だらけですね。


And swearing they would never fail each other, they mended and set right their armour and their shields, and took new spears and set them steadfastly against their thighs, waiting, and so stood still as a clump of trees stands on the plain; and no assaults could shake them, they held so hard together; which when King Arthur saw he marvelled greatly, and was very wroth. “Yet,” cried he, “I may not blame them, by my faith, for they do as brave men ought to do, and are the best fighting men and knights of most prowess that I ever saw or heard tell of.” And so said also Kings Ban and Bors, and praised them greatly for their noble chivalry.

そして,決して互いを裏切らないと誓い,彼らは鎧兜を直して着なおし,新しい槍を取ってしっかりと腿の横に付けた。そして木々の群れが平野に立っているかの如く待ち,動かずにとどまった。するとどんな攻撃も彼らを動揺させず,彼らはしっかりと持ち堪えた。アーサー王はそれを見ると大いに驚き,また大いに怒った。「しかし」彼は叫んだ。「私は彼らを誓って責めはしない。彼らは勇敢な男がするべき戦いをしている。彼らは最高の戦士であり,見聞きした中で最高の武勇を誇る騎士達だ」 またバン王とボールス王も同様のことを言い,彼らの騎士道を大いに褒め称えた。

・fail は「失敗する」ですが〈fail+人〉は「人の期待を裏切る」です。



But now came forty noble knights out of King Arthur’s host, and prayed that he would suffer them to break the enemy. And when they were allowed, they rode forth with their spears upon their thighs, and spurred their horses to their hottest. Then the eleven kings, with a party of their knights, rushed with set spears as fast and mightily to meet them; and when they were encountered, all the crash and splinter of their spears and armour rang with a mighty din, and so fierce and bloody was their onset that in all that day there had been no such cruel press, and rage, and smiting. At that same moment rode fiercely into the thickest of the struggle King Arthur and Kings Ban and Bors, and slew downright on both hands right and left, until their horses went in blood up to the fetlocks.


・この suffer は「許可する(allow)」です。実際直後で allowパラフレーズされています。


And while the slaughter and the noise and shouting were at their greatest, suddenly there came down through the battle Merlin the Wizard, upon a great black horse, and riding to King Arthur, he cried out, “Alas, my Lord! will ye have never done? Of sixty thousand have ye left but fifteen thousand men alive. Is it not time to stay this slaying? for God is ill pleased with ye that ye have never ended, and yonder kings shall not be altogether overthrown this time. But if ye fall upon them any more, the fortune of this day will turn, and go to them. Withdraw, Lord, therefore, to thy lodging, and there now take thy rest, for to-day thou hast won a great victory, and overcome the noblest chivalry of all the world. And now for many years those kings shall not disturb thee. Therefore, I tell thee, fear them no more, for now they are sore beaten, and have nothing left them but their honour; and why shouldest thou slay them to take that?”

そして殺戮と騒音と叫び声が最高潮に達すると,突然戦場に魔術師マーリンが大きな黒馬に乗って現れ,アーサー王の所まで行って叫んだ。「嗚呼陛下,まだ終わっていないのですか? 6万のうち1万5千しか生き残っていません。この殺戮を止める時ではないですか? まだ終わっていないことに神はお怒りですし,向こうの王達は今回は完全には倒せません。これ以上彼らを攻撃すれば,今日の幸運は回れ右をして彼らに向かいましょう。ですから陛下,陣へ退きましょう。そして休息しましょう。今日は大きな勝利を収めました。世界中の最も高貴な騎士道を制したのです。これで数年はあの王達は貴方に歯向かわないでしょう。だから貴方に言います,もはや恐れることなかれと。彼らは手酷くやられましたし,彼らには名声しか残されていません。彼らを殺してそれすら奪いますか?」


Then said King Arthur, “Thou sayest well, and I will take thy counsel.” With that he cried out, “Ho!” for the battle to cease, and sent forth heralds through the field to stay more fighting. And gathering all the spoil, he gave it not amongst his own host, but to Kings Ban and Bors and all their knights and men-at-arms, that he might treat them with the greater courtesy as strangers.


・(in order) to-V で「V するため」と言うことができますが,(in order) for O to-V で「O が V するため」とすることができます。for the battle to cease は「戦闘が止むため」です。

stay more fighting を「一層の戦闘に留まるため」と訳すと誤訳です。アーサーはマーリンの進言を容れて戦闘を中止しようとしているからです。stay には「留まる,宿泊する」の他,「止める」という意味があるのです。興味深いことに日本語でも「泊まる(宿泊する)」と「止まる」は同じ音ですね。



Then Merlin took his leave of Arthur and the two other kings, and went to see his master, Blaise, a holy hermit, dwelling in Northumberland, who had nourished him through all his youth. And Blaise was passing glad to see him, for there was a great love ever between them; and Merlin told him how King Arthur had sped in the battle, and how it had ended; and told him the names of every king and knight of worship who was there. So Blaise wrote down the battle, word for word, as Merlin told him; and in the same way ever after, all the battles of King Arthur’s days Merlin caused Blaise, his master, to record.


took (one's) leave of... は「……に暇乞いをする」。重要表現です。



passing には副詞で「極めて」という意味があります。「過ぎる」→「極端」ということでしょうか。








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