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“But as for thee, O Vortigern, flee thou the sons of Constantine, for they shall burn thee in thy tower. For thine own ruin wast thou traitor to their father, and didst bring the Saxon heathens to the land. Aurelius and Uther are even now upon thee to revenge their father’s murder; and the brood of the white dragon shall waste thy country, and shall lick thy blood. Find out some refuge, if thou wilt! but who may escape the doom of God?”




The king heard all this, trembling greatly; and, convicted of his sins, said nothing in reply. Only he hasted the builders of his tower by day and night, and rested not till he had fled thereto.


・haste の動詞形は hasten ですが,古くは haste とも言いました。


In the meantime, Aurelius, the rightful king, was hailed with joy by the Britons, who flocked to his standard, and prayed to be led against the Saxons. But he, till he had first killed Vortigern, would begin no other war. He marched therefore to Cambria, and came before the tower which the usurper had built. Then, crying out to all his knights, “Avenge ye on him who hath ruined Britain and slain my father and your king!” he rushed with many thousands at the castle walls. But, being driven back again and yet again, at length he thought of fire, and ordered blazing brands to be cast into the building from all sides. These finding soon a proper fuel, ceased not to rage, till spreading to a mighty conflagration, they burned down the tower and Vortigern within it.

この間,正統なる王アウレリウスはブリトン人によって歓呼して迎えられ,彼らは彼の旗に集い,彼に率いられてサクソン人と戦うことを望んだ。しかし彼は,先ずヴォーティガーンを殺すまでは,その他の戦いをするつもりはなかった。それゆえ彼はカンブリアに進軍し,簒奪王が築いた塔の前まで来た。それから全ての騎士に呼びかけた。「汝等は,ブリテンを破壊し,我の父,汝等の王を殺した彼に復讐するのだ」 彼は何千もの兵と共に城壁に突撃した。しかし何度か押し返され,遂に火攻めを思いつき,燃えた木を全方向から塔に投げ入れさせた。これらは間もなく相応しい燃料を得,猛威は収まらず,遂には大火となって広がり,塔は焼け落ち中のヴォーティガーンも死んだ。

standard は「基準」ですが「旗,軍旗」の意味があります。


Then did Aurelius turn his strength against Hengist and the Saxons, and, defeating them in many places, weakened their power for a long season, so that the land had peace.

Anon the king, making many journeys to and fro, restoring ruined churches and, creating order, came to the monastery near Salisbury, where all those British knights lay buried who had been slain there by the treachery of Hengist. For when in former times Hengist had made a solemn truce with Vortigern, to meet in peace and settle terms, whereby himself and all his Saxons should depart from Britain, the Saxon soldiers carried every one of them beneath his garment a long dagger, and, at a given signal, fell upon the Britons, and slew them, to the number of nearly five hundred.



ヘンギストとホルサの兄弟はアングル人,サクソン人らを率いてブリテン島に侵攻し,ヘンギストはケント王国を建国しました(5世紀)。ヘンギストの裏切り(長いナイフの陰謀)についてはウィキペディアを引きます。「ヘンギストは兵を集めたうえでヴォーティガンに和平を求めた。ヴォーティガンはこれを受け入れ,ブリトン人とザクセン人の指導者たちが和解するための宴会が行われることになった。しかし,ヘンギストは部下たちに,足元に剣(スクラマサクス)を隠し持っておくよう指示していた。時を見計らってヘンギストが「剣を取れ」(nima der sexa)と叫び,それに応じてサクソン人たちがブリトン人たちを虐殺した。しかしヴォーティガンはサクソン人にエセックスサセックスミドルセックス,そのほか名も知らぬ各地方を差し出すと言ったことで,命を助けられた」



The sight of the place where the dead lay moved Aurelius to great sorrow, and he cast about in his mind how to make a worthy tomb over so many noble martyrs, who had died there for their country.


cast about は「辺りを探し回る,見つけ出そうとする」です。

martyr は「殉教者」です。「マーター」のような発音です。


When he had in vain consulted many craftsmen and builders, he sent, by the advice of the archbishop, for Merlin, and asked him what to do. “If you would honour the burying-place of these men,” said Merlin, “with an everlasting monument, send for the Giants’ Dance which is in Killaraus, a mountain in Ireland; for there is a structure of stone there which none of this age could raise without a perfect knowledge of the arts. They are stones of a vast size and wondrous nature, and if they can be placed here as they are there, round this spot of ground, they will stand for ever.”




At these words of Merlin, Aurelius burst into laughter, and said, “How is it possible to remove such vast stones from so great a distance, as if Britain, also, had no stones fit for the work?”

マーリンのこの言葉にアウレリウスは噴き出して言った。「そんなに大きな石をそんなに遠くから,どうやって持って来るのかね? それにブリテンにはそれに相応しい石がないとでも?」

as if... は「まるで……であるかのように」ですが,ここでは,「まるでブリテンには相応しい石がないかのような言い草だな」ということでしょう。


“I pray the king,” said Merlin, “to forbear vain laughter; what I have said is true, for those stones are mystical and have healing virtues. The giants of old brought them from the furthest coast of Africa, and placed them in Ireland while they lived in that country: and their design was to make baths in them, for use in time of grievous illness. For if they washed the stones and put the sick into the water, it certainly healed them, as also it did them that were wounded in battle; and there is no stone among them but hath the same virtue still.”


virtue は「美徳,長所」,ここでは「効果,効能」です。


When the Britons heard this, they resolved to send for the stones, and to make war upon the people of Ireland if they offered to withhold them. So, when they had chosen Uther the king’s brother for their chief, they set sail, to the number of 15,000 men, and came to Ireland. There Gillomanius, the king, withstood them fiercely, and not till after a great battle could they approach the Giants’ Dance, the sight of which filled them with joy and admiration. But when they sought to move the stones, the strength of all the army was in vain, until Merlin, laughing at their failures, contrived machines of wondrous cunning, which took them down with ease, and placed them in the ships.


till after... は前置詞句(after...)が前置詞(till)の後に続く「二重前置詞」というもので,「……のあとになるまで」という意味です(例えば until after five は「5時過ぎまで」)。今回は not till after... と否定されており「……のあとになるまで~ない」「……のあとになって初めて~する」です。



When they had brought the whole to Salisbury, Aurelius, with the crown upon his head, kept for four days the feast of Pentecost with royal pomp; and in the midst of all the clergy and the people, Merlin raised up the stones, and set them round the sepulchre of the knights and barons, as they stood in the mountains of Ireland.




pomp を「ポンプ(pump)」と混同してはいけません。pomp は「華麗さ」です。

baron は「男爵」ですが,「なぜ男爵だけ?」と思い辞書を引くと,「直臣,領主」といった意味もありました。


Then was the monument called “Stonehenge,” which stands, as all men know, upon the plain of Salisbury to this very day.

Soon thereafter it befell that Aurelius was slain by poison at Winchester, and was himself buried within the Giants’ Dance.

At the same time came forth a comet of amazing size and brightness, darting out a beam, at the end whereof was a cloud of fire shaped like a dragon, from whose mouth went out two rays, one stretching over Gaul, the other ending in seven lesser rays over the Irish sea.








At the appearance of this star a great dread fell upon the people, and Uther, marching into Cambria against the son of Vortigern, himself was very troubled to learn what it might mean. Then Merlin, being called before him, cried with a loud voice: “O mighty loss! O stricken Britain! Alas! the great prince is gone from us. Aurelius Ambrosius is dead, whose death will be ours also, unless God help us. Haste, therefore, noble Uther, to destroy the enemy; the victory shall be thine, and thou shalt be king of all Britain. For the star with the fiery dragon signifies thyself; and the ray over Gaul portends that thou shalt have a son, most mighty, whom all those kingdoms shall obey which the ray covers.”

この星の出現に人民は大いにおののき,ヴォーティガーンの息子を討ちにカンブリアに進軍していたユーサー自身,これにどんな意味があり得るのか悩んだ。すると,彼の前に呼ばれたマーリンは大声で叫んだ。「何と大きな損失よ! 打ちひしがれた英国よ! 嗚呼,偉大な王が我々から失われました。アウレリアヌス・アンブロシウスは亡くなりました。神の助けがない限り,死は我々にも及びましょう。故にユーサー様,急いで敵を討ち果たして下さい。貴方が勝利なさり,貴方が英国全土の王となるでしょう。というのは火竜を伴うその星は貴方自身の象徴であり,ガリアに向かう光線は貴方に力強き息子が生まれる予兆です。光線が覆っている全ての国が,貴方の息子に従うでしょう」

appearancethe appearance of A)は意外と難しいです。動詞 appear は (i)「出現する」,(ii)「~のように見える」の2つの意味があるため,名詞 appearance は「出現」「外見・様子・見た目」の2つの意味があるのです。今回の文脈でも「その星の出現に人民はおののいた」か「その星の見た目に人民はおののいた」かの判断が必要です。「笑った」場合は「出現に笑った」ではなく「外見に笑った」でしょう。しかし「驚いた,恐怖した」場合は「出現に驚いた・恐怖した」か「外見に驚いた・恐怖した」かの判断が必要です。今回は,そもそもそのような星が現れること自体が異常なことなので,「出現におののいた」と判断しました。

・ヴォーティガーンの息子が登場していますが,ウィキペディアは Vortimer, Pascent, Catigern, Faustus という4人の息子の名に言及しています。

strickenstrike の過去分詞 struck の別形ですが,特に「打撃を受け,苦しめられて」の意になりやすいです。

unless God help us unless God helps us ではないのかと即座に思った人は相当の実力をお持ちです。実はまだ行われていないことの場合,不定原形)を使うことがあるのです。例えば命令文で原形を使うのは,まだ行われていないことだからだし,助動詞のあとを原形にするのも,実際行われている事ではないからです。He can swim,He must swim,He should swim において,彼は実際には泳いでいませんよね。実際のことになると,活用して過去形,現在形などになります。これを定形と言います。


Thus, for the second time, did Merlin foretell the coming of King Arthur. And Uther, when he was made king, remembered Merlin’s words, and caused two dragons to be made in gold, in likeness of the dragon he had seen in the star. One of these he gave to Winchester Cathedral, and had the other carried into all his wars before him, whence he was ever after called Uther Pendragon, or the dragon’s head.


ウィンチェスター大聖堂は 642 年頃建立だそうです。


・学問的にはペンドラゴンの由来は「戦士長」といった意味だそうです。Wiktionary には Pendragon の由来は“chief war leader”と書いています(Old Welsh で dragon は war leader の意)

・しかしマーリンは物凄い人物ですね。私は『アーサー王物語』の予備知識がほぼ無いと言いましたが,薀蓄を1つ。「ウルティマオンライン」という MMORPGSiege Perilous というサーバー(通称シゲP)がありましたが,これはマーリンの為に空けておかれた円卓の空席のことです。「siege(シージ)」は「包囲」の意味ですが「座席」の意味もあり「危険な座席」という意味でした。










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