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How Cuchulain went to Fairy-Land

When Cuchulain left Emer, he went forward to the fairy-rath where he had seen Liban, and he found her waiting for him to take him to Labra’s Isle.
It seemed to him that the way they took was long, for they passed over the Plain of Speech, and beyond the Tree of Triumphs, and over the festal plain of Emain, and the festal plain of Fidga, until they came to the place where the bronze skiff awaited them, to take them to the Isle of all Delights.



fairy-rath(rath は walled enclosure,ringfort)『アルスターの猟犬(3)』に一度登場しており,預言者フェデルムがそこから来たと言っています。




A noble and right hospitable welcome was prepared for Cuchulain in that Isle, but he would not rest for that, but bade Labra conduct him without delay to the Plain of Combat. So Labra bade him mount his chariot and together they passed on to the Plain of Combat, where the armies of the phantom hosts were assembled for the fight upon the morrow. On one side were the hosts of Labra, very few, but picked and chosen men in splendid garb, with arms of the best in their hands; but on the side of Senach the Spectral, as far as eye could reach on every side, rose lines of black and gloomy tents, with black pennons flying from their poles. Gaunt heroes clothed in black moved about amongst the tents, and all the horses that they rode were red as blood with fiery manes. And over the whole there hung a mist, heavy and lowering, so that Cuchulain could not see how far the host extended for the gloom of that heavy mist.


extend は「延びる・延ばす,延長する」。重要語です。extent は「程度」,extention は「延長」です。

And sounds rose on the air, like the muttering of a demon host, quarrelling and wrangling, so that a man might well shiver before such a sound. But when he saw the demon host, the spirit of Cuchulain revived within him, and he felt his old force and courage and his strength returning to him, and all his weakness passed away.


may/mightwell がつくと可能性・推量が強まります。「〜するのももっともだ・無理はない」「たぶん〜だろう」のように訳せます。

And he said to Labra, “I would fain drive round the host and number them.” In ever-widening circles he began to drive round the tents. But, as he drove, on every side they sprang up before him innumerable as the blades of grass on a meadow-field, or as the stars on a brilliant summer’s night, or like the grains of sand upon the ocean’s shore. Black and gloomy they stood on every hand, and grim and gaunt the warriors who moved about amongst them, and terrible their blood-red steeds. It seemed to Cuchulain that the smell of blood was already in the air, and all the plain was dark and dim with mist, so that he could not count or number them, or see the end of them at all.
But the spirit of Cuchulain faltered not, and he returned to Labra, and said to him, “Leave me now alone with this great army and take away with you the champions you have brought. This battle I will fight alone.”


they sprang up before him innumerable は面白いですね。innumerable「数え切れない,無数の」は形容詞です。they sprang up before him「彼ら(=軍勢)は彼(=クー・フーリン)の視界に飛び出てきた」のあとに形容詞が置かれているのです。これは補語ですね。

 He married young.「彼は若い状態で結婚した」→「彼は若くして結婚した」

 they sprang up before him innumerable「彼らは彼の視界に,無数の状態で飛び出てきた」→「彼らは彼の視界に,数え切れないくらい飛び出てきた」

 この young と innumerable が補語であり,これらを副詞にする必要はないのです。これが補語の肝です。

grain は「(塩,砂糖,砂の)粒;穀物」という意味ですが,take O with a grain of salt とは「O を真面目に受け取らない,話半分に聞く」というイディオムです。take O with a pinch of salt とも言います。


So Labra and his men departed and Cuchulain remained alone facing the phantom host. Then two ravens, the birds of knowledge and destiny, with whom are the secrets of the druids, came between Cuchulain and the host, and all that night they made a dismal croaking, so that the demon men grew sore afraid.


depart には「出発する,去る,離れる,辞職する,などの意味があります。ディパーテッドという映画がありますが,「去る」→「この世を去る,逝去する」の過去分詞です。ここでの過去分詞は受け身ではなく完了ということでしょう。ガチで解説します。

 (1) have gone,have come を be gonebe come と言うことがある。

 (2) 移動や変化を表す動詞に顕著で,be departed もOK。

 (3) those who are departed「逝去した人々」→those departed

 (4) the departed「逝去した人々」 

 (3)→(4) に「??」となる人もいるかもしれませんが,例えば those who are rich も the rich も「金持ちな人々」ですね。


dismal は「陰気な」という意味ですが,否定的な意味にしているのは“dis”ではなく“mal”の方です(malice「悪意」や malariaマラリア」の mal)。この語の“dis”は“day”という意味です。


One would think,” they said, “that the Madman of Emain Macha were close at hand, from the croaking of those ravens;” for it was thus they spoke among themselves of Cuchulain, because he changed his aspect in time of combat, and a wild and strange appearance came upon him. And they chased away the ravens, and left no place of rest for them in all that land.

彼らは言った。「あのワタリガラスの鳴き声を聞けば,エヴァン・マハの狂人が近くにいると思うであろう」 というのもそのように彼らはクー・フーリンの噂話をしていたのだ。彼は戦闘をするうちに様相を変化させ,荒々しく奇妙な外見が彼に現れるからである。そして彼らはワタリガラスを追い払い,その土地ではそれらが休める場所を作らなかった。

one には「人は(誰でも)」や「私」といった意味もあります。どちらもイギリス英語で堅くとあります。

All that night Cuchulain stood with his hand upon his spear, watching the demon host. Very early in the morning, he saw one of their chief leaders going forth out of his tent, to bathe his hands at the spring; and his tunic fell back and left his shoulder bare. At once, with a cast of his spear, Cuchulain transfixed him through his shoulder to the earth. When the demon host saw their captain fall, they arose, and in swarms and close battalions they came down upon Cuchulain.


Then his war-fury came upon him, and wildly and terribly he attacked them, scattering them to right and left; and so furious was he and so deadly were his blows, that they feared to come nigh him. It filled them with awe to see one single man fighting with a host; but as the shining of the sun drives the mist before it on a dewy morn of early spring, so did the radiance of the face of Cuchulain disperse and drive away the army of the demons, for they could not stand before the splendour and the shining of his countenance. Then Senach the Spectral attacked him, and furious was the contest fought between them, but in the end Cuchulain prevailed and slew him; and all the host, when they saw that, turned and fled.


dew(due と同音)は「露」,dewy はその形容詞です。dew が重要語かどうかは,「露」が重要かどうかで判断して下さい。

At length Cuchulain returned, his sword dripping with blood; and the heat of his body after the fight was such that water had to be thrown over him, before he could be touched; and the men of Labra feared that his wrath would turn against themselves. They brought him into the house and bathed him and changed his raiment, and slowly his own appearance came back upon him; and after that, they led him to Fand, who awaited his return with her fifty maidens round her. Very beautiful was the house in which Fand and Labra awaited Cuchulain. Couches of copper with pillars of fine gold were ranged around the hall, and soft pillows and cushions of coloured silk were piled on each of them; the flashing of the jewels from the golden pillars giving light to all who were in the house.



Noble youths in glossy garments of smooth silk offered drink in golden goblets, and as they drank, the harpers and musicians gave forth sweet music, and the story-tellers recited their tales. Laughter and merriment were heard throughout the house, while from the eaves the fairy-birds warbled in harmony with the music of the harps. Fifty youths of stately mien, and fifty maidens with twisted hair bedecked with golden coronals waited on Fand, on Labra and his spouse. Near the house to westward, where the sun went down, stood dappled steeds, pawing the ground and ready for their riders.


・「ラブラの妻」はリバン(Liban,Lí Ban)ですね。


On the east of the house stood three bright apple-trees, dropping ruddy fruit, and in front of the door a tree that gave forth sweetest harmony, such as would sooth wounded men to sleep, or bring health to women in their sickness. Above the well another tree, with silver leaves that reddened in the sunlight, dropped fragrant food, pleasant to all who tasted it. Ever on the gentle breeze the tops of the tree swayed together, and ever they swung wide; and as they met food fell down sufficient for thrice three hundred men. A vat stood in the hall, full to the top of mead and sparkling ale, and all the porch, above its silver posts, was thatched with wings of birds, in stripes of brown and red.


porch「屋根付き玄関」を,日本語で言われるような「小物入れのかばん」と誤解しないよう注意です。そういった「小物入れ」は pouch /paʊtʃ/,つまり「レトルトパウチ」の「パウチ」です。

thatch /θætʃ/ は「屋根を葺く」という意味です。サッチャーとは「屋根葺き職人」のことですね。


Now Fand sat on a daïs, waiting for Cuchulain. And when he came before her, clothed as a king, his noble manly form bathed and refreshed, his golden hair gathered above his brow round an apple of bright gold, and all his face aflame with the vigour of the fight, she thought that she had never looked upon a man so brilliant as he.


daïs,dais /déɪɪs/ は以下のようなもののようです。



And he, when he looked on her, knew that never in his life had he seen woman half so fair as Fand. “Art thou he, Cuchulain of Murthemne, the Hound of Ulster?” she asked, and even as she spoke the whole band of youths and maidens rose to their feet, and sang a chant of welcome to Cuchulain.


half as ... as 〜は「〜の半分だけ……」だという意味です。普通の原級比較の前に,half「半分」,one third「3分の1」,twice「2倍」など分数,倍数を表す語を置くだけです。twice のように1より大きい場合は twice larger than 〜のように比較級でも可ですが,half のように1より小さい場合は比較級はダメで,原級比較を使います。しかし half「半分ほども」は余計ですね。妻のエメルはカンカンじゃないですか。

Then Fand placed Cuchulain at her right hand, and happy and gladsome were they together, and for a while Cuchulain forgot Ulster, and his place at Conor’s hand, and all the cares and troubles of the other life; nay, he forgot Emer his own wife and the feast she was preparing for him, and the days passed quickly and joyously in the company of Liban and Labra and Fand. And it seemed to him as though Erin were but a dark unquiet land beside the clearness of Moy Mell, the Fairy-land of all Delights.



At length one night he could not sleep; not all the warbling of the fairy-birds from the branches of the tree and from the eaves, nor yet the sound of minstrel’s strains could soothe him into slumber. For he remembered Ulster and his duty to his king, and Emer and the feast she was to make for him, and all his warrior deeds which were departing from him, and he felt he must needs forsake the Land of all Delights and go back to his work in Erin once again.


In the morning he called Fand, and told her he must go that day, for he knew not what troubles might be happening to Ulster while he was away, or what was become of Emer, his wife. But Labra and Fand besought him to stay yet awhile, and they called the musicians and bid them chase away the sudden gloom of Cuchulain, and they brought out the playing-games, hurley and chess, and raced the horses to please him, and they harnessed the steeds of the chariots for his delight. But even for all this Cuchulain would not stay. For he said, “My warrior-strength is passing from me as I rest in idleness, my vigour is decaying. Let me then go, for I am not as the little dogs that play about their mistresses’ feet; I am a Hound of war and conflicts to stand before the foe, and do battle for my country and my king.”

And Cuchulain sang this lay:



was become,つまり be become は had become,つまり has become の古く堅い形ですね。what has become of O は「Oはどうなってしまったのか」という意味です。

besoughtbeseech「懇願する,強く求める」の過去形・過去分詞です。soughtseek の過去形・過去分詞ですが,besought の場合は beseech なんですね。


“No pup am I to play about the feet of ladies fair,
But where the hounds of war are loosed you’ll find me ever there;
No mongrel whelp to watch the fire or crouch beside the hearth,
I stand beside the fords, I scare the champion from his path.
“My bark is not the yelp of curs cowed to the heels by fear,
But the deep bay of winded hounds chasing the leaping deer;
No swathes of wool shall bind my wounds, no cushioned couch have I,
Amidst the carnage of the slain I and my kind shall lie.
“No silky coat of well-combed hair, smooth ‘neath the children’s hand,
But a fierce mastiff, gaunt and grim, when strife invades the land;
Where fords are weak, where forts blaze red, where trumpets sound for war,
The ‘Hound of Ulster’ stands at guard, or drives the foe afar.”














fairtherehearth /hɑːrθ;イギリス英語ではhɑːθ/ と path /pæθ;イギリス英語ではpɑːθ/,feardeer と,韻を踏んでいますね。

loose には「解き放つ」という意味があり,その過去形・過去分詞が loosed です。 これとは別に loosen があり,これは shorten「短くする・なる」等と同様で,「ゆるむ,ほどく」です。

mongrel は「雑種犬」,cur は「野良犬」です。いずれもクー・フーリンは「僕はそんなじゃない,hound of war(軍用犬)であり,mastiffマスチフ犬)だ」と言っています。


・この bay は「湾」とは別の語で,「低く長いうなり声,吠え声」です。

・この coat は人間が着るコートではなく,動物の体を覆う体毛です。




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