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“Nevertheless, O master Laeg,” she said, “it is only under my guidance that thou canst reach Moy Mell. Haste then, and come, for Labra waits for us.” Still Laeg protested, and would not have gone, but that Cuchulain urged him; and at the last forward they went, Laeg and the women, walking together a long while, till they perceived an island in the lake, and on the near side lay a skiff of bronze, burnished and very light, waiting, it seemed, to carry them across. It had no oar or sail or men to guide or ferry it along, but as they touched it with their feet, swiftly it moved outward from the bank, and with straight aim across the lake it bore them to the door of the palace that was in the island.

「しかしですね,ロイグ様」彼女は言った。「私たちの保護がなければ,モイ・メルには来られないのですよ。では急いで来て下さい。ラブラが私達を待っています」 それでもロイグは抗議をし,去ろうとはしなかったが,クー・フーリンが彼を促した。それでやっと彼ら,ロイグと2人の女は出発し,長い間歩くと,湖の中に島が見えてきた。そして近くには綺麗に磨き上げられた,とても軽いブロンズの漕ぎボートが,彼らを渡そうと待っているようだった。ボートを案内したり渡したりするオールも人もなかったが,ボートに足を下ろすと,ボートは素早く岸から離れ,まっすぐに湖を渡って,島にあった宮殿の門まで彼らを運んだ。

canst の形から,かつては助動詞も活用したことが分かりますね。

About the palace-gate they beheld a troop of warriors, coming out to meet them. “Where is Labra the Swift-handed?” demanded Liban. “He returns from gathering his troops and armies for the conflict on the morrow,” they replied; and even as they spoke, the rattle of a chariot was heard approaching. “He comes, make way,” they cried; “Labra Swift-handed, Wielder of the Sword, returns from the battle-field.”


Then drew near a dark, stern warrior, whose horses out-stripped the March wind in their swiftness. In his right hand he held his upright long-shafted spear, and at his side hung a terrible two-handled sword, double-bladed, strong. Rugged and full of care was that warrior’s face, and gloom sat on his brow. And Liban said, “The spirit of Labra is depressed to-day; I will go out and greet him.” She went forward to bid him welcome, and when he saw her, his face cleared, and he exclaimed, “Has the Hound of Ulster come?” “The Hound of Ulster cometh not to-day,” she said, “but Laeg is here, and surely he himself will come to-morrow. Fear nothing, Labra, Wielder of the massive sword, King of the Honey-plain, the hosts shall be hewn down before thee, and women shall weep their dead, when once Cuchulain comes.”

すると黒く厳しい戦士が近づいてきた。その馬達はその速さにおいて3月の風を上回っていた。右手には真っ直ぐな長柄の槍を持ち,脇には恐ろしげな両刃の頑丈な両手剣がぶら下がっていた。その戦士の顔は精悍で憂いに満ち,額には憂鬱さが現れていた。そしてリバンは言った。「今日のラブラは落ち込んでいるようね。彼を迎えに行くわ」 彼女は進み出てお帰りの挨拶をした。彼は彼女を見ると,晴れやかな顔をして叫んだ。「アルスターの猟犬は連れてきたか?」「今日は来ていません」彼女は言った。「けれどもロイグがいます。きっと明日には彼自身も来るでしょう。ご心配なく,ラブラ,巨剣の使い手よ,輝く野の王よ。クー・フーリンが来れば,かの軍勢は貴方の目の前で切り払われ,女たちは彼らの死を嘆くでしょう」

outstrip などの out- 系動詞は以下の記事にまとめています。


Then Labra called Laeg and said, “Welcome, O Laeg; for the sake of him from whom thou comest, for the sake of the lady with whom thou comest, thrice welcome to this land. But now return to thine own home, O Laeg, and set my message before thy master, before the Victorious Hound, and bid him come and help me, for the Plain of Honey is changed to a plain of slaughter and red war, and hosts are gathering to destroy us; seest thou yonder how they come?”


Then Laeg looked, and far off on the plain he saw armies coming up like hosts of demon men, obscure and silently; in bands and troops they ranged themselves across the plain. Afar and farther yet he saw them crowding on, while over them their dusky pennons flew, and their great spears pointed aloft. Yet though so great a host was assembling, never a sound was heard; but like an army of the dead they moved, noiseless and swift; only upon the air there came a sound, low and soft and still, like wailing of the wind in forest trees, and then Laeg knew that they were playing the Dord Fiansa upon the points of their great spears.


the Dord Fiansa については英語版 Wikipedia の Fianna の項目にありました。Dord Fiansa または Dord Fiann は“Fianna 達のウォークライ”とあります。で Fianna というのは「土地を持たぬ(相続する前の)戦士」のようですね。

“To-morrow will the battle be joined,” said Labra, “and though our warriors are good, we cannot stand before this host. Pray therefore thy most valiant lord without loss of time to come and succour us.”
And Laeg said, “Surely he will come,” and with that he set out to return again.



Now when Laeg left his master at the pillar-stone, Cuchulain lay for a long while in a trance; and there Fergus and the men of Ulster found him, and they were perplexed to guess what had happened to him or whither Laeg had gone. At length Cuchulain sat partly up, but all his strength was gone from him. And he said, “Carry me to the Speckled House of the Red Branch Champions of Ulster, and lay me there among the weapons.” For the Champions of Ulster were called ‘Champions of the Red Branch,’ and they had three halls set apart for them in the palace of the King at Emain Macha. In the speckled house they hung their weapons and stored their trophies; it was called the Speckled House because of the bright spots of light made by the flickering of the sun as it danced on the weapons round the wall.

さてロイグが石柱の所で主人に別れを告げた後,クー・フーリンは暫しまどろんだ。するとフェルグスとアルスターの男達が彼を見つけ,彼が何をしているのか,ロイグはどこに行ったのかと当惑した。ようやくクー・フーリンが半分ほど起き直ったが,彼の力は失われていた。それで彼は言った。「僕をアルスターの赤枝の勇者の,斑の館に連れて行って,武器の間に僕を寝かせて」 というのはアルスターの勇者達は「赤枝の勇者」と呼ばれていて,彼らはエヴァン・マハの王の宮殿の中に3つの館を持っていたのだ。斑の館には武器を保管し,戦利品を蓄えていた。斑の館と呼ばれたのは,壁に掛けられた武器に日光が反射することで,明るい光の斑点ができるからであった。

Red Branch とはエヴァン・マハにあったコンホヴァル・マク・ネサの所有する館の名で,コンホヴァルの時代のアルスター物語群を「レッド・ブランチ・サイクル(赤枝のサイクル,赤枝編)」と言います。グラブルのセルエルが奥義の時に叫んでいる「レッド・ブランチ・サイクル」は作品群名だったのです。

・厳密には,3つの館のうち2つが「レッド・ブランチ」で,コンホヴァルが座る館と,戦利品及び討ち取った将の首を保管する館です。のこりの1つが「斑の館」で,勇者達の武器が保管されている所です(Wikipedia, Red Branch より)

So they carried Cuchulain to the Speckled House and laid him there upon a bed with his own weapons hung above his head; and Fergus and Conall the Victorious, and the other warriors who were his friends took turns to watch him as he lay. For a whole year he lay thus in trance and no word did he speak all that time. For a year with mortal men is but a day in fairy-land.


take turns to-V,take turns Ving「交替で V する」は重要表現です。

At the end of the year Laeg returned, and he found his master thus asleep and speechless, but he knew not that he had been away more than a single day. Greatly was Laeg disturbed at the condition of his master, for he knew that Labra awaited his coming on the morrow. Then, as he pondered how he should awaken him, there came amongst them, silently and unannounced, a noble youth of princely mien, who stood at the foot of the bed and looked down on Cuchulain as he lay.



They knew not how he had come in, for the doors were shut, and no man had seen him enter. Fergus and Conall the Victorious sprang to their feet and laid their hands on their swords to protect Cuchulain. But the stranger said, “I am Angus, god of youth, come out of fairy-land to heal Cuchulain; if the man who lies there sick were but in health, he would be a protection to me against all Ulster. Although he now lies ill, he still is my protector, and so much the more than if he were in health, for sure am I that none would hurt me, while he is unfit to take my part.”


to their feet は「両足で立った状態に」で,sprang to their feet は「ぱっと(跳ぶように)立ち上がる」です。




“None here will hurt or injure you,” said all; “welcome art thou for the sake of him for whom thou hast come.”
Then the stranger stood up and sang to Cuchulain a mystic strain, which none of those who stood by could understand; but in truth, he was calling Cuchulain to Fairy-land, the Plain of all Delight, for Fand it was who sent him to invite Cuchulain thither. And as he sang, lo! Cuchulain sat upright in his bed, and his vision went from him, and he felt his natural strength returning to him again. But when they looked, Angus was gone, and they knew not whither or how he went.


すると見知らぬ神は立ち上がり,クー・フーリンに神秘的な,そこに立つ誰も理解できない旋律を歌った。しかし実は,彼はクー・フーリンを幽世に,喜びの野に誘っていたのだ。というのもクー・フーリンを喜びの野に誘うべく彼を遣わしたのはファンドだったのだ。そして彼が歌う間,何ということだろう! クー・フーリンがベッドで起き上がり,幻は彼の許から去り,彼本来の力がまた彼に戻ってきた。しかし彼らが目をやると,アンガスはいなくなっており,彼がどこへ,どのようにした去ったのか分からなかった。

lo /loʊ/ は look で「ほら,見よ」です。

But Fergus and Conall greeted Cuchulain lovingly and said, “Tell us now what happened unto thee.” And Cuchulain told them all that had come to him, and of the fairy women with their wands of osier who had met him, and how his strength departed when they touched him with the wands.

しかしフェルグスとコナルは優しくクー・フーリンに挨拶して言った。「君の身に何が起こっていたのか,教えてくれるかい」 それでクー・フーリンは身に起こったことを全て彼らに話した。コリヤナギの鞭を持った妖精の女達が彼に会いに来たこと,その鞭で触れられると彼の力が無くなっていったことを。

Then Cuchulain called Laeg, and said, “Go to Emer of the beautiful hair, who is sorrowing for me in my own home, in Dun Dalgan, and say to her that the fairy women have taken my strength from me, and that I am not able to come to her; but tell her that it goeth better with me from hour to hour, and that I would have her come to me to comfort me.”



And Laeg took that message to Emer, and he found her weeping in Dun Dalgan. And she said, “It is strange to me, O Laeg, that though for a whole year your master has been lying ill, not one of you has sought to heal or succour him. Well known is it that you possess the power to go away to fairy-land, where all herbs of healing are to be found, yet never have you sought a fairy herb to cure your master. Surely some warrior or wise man of Ulster might have done some heroic deed to bring him back from the sore sickness in which he lies! Had Fergus or Conall been sick or wounded, or had they lost their sleep, or had King Conor been bound down in enchanted slumber as now Cuchulain is, short would have been the time till Cuchulain would have done some mighty deed or have sought some magic means of healing them.

そしてロイグはその伝言をエメルに持っていくと,彼女はダン・ダルガンで泣いていた。そして彼女は言った。「不思議だわ,ロイグ。まる1年も貴方の主人は病気で寝ているのに,貴方たちの誰も彼を癒やしたり助けようとしないなんて。貴方はあらゆる種類の薬草が見つかる妖精の国に行く力があることは有名だけど,貴方は主人を治療する妖精の薬草を探しに行っていないわよね。誰かアルスターの戦士か賢者が彼を襲っているひどい病気から彼を助け出すための英雄的な行為をしていても良いはずなのに! フェルグスかコナルが病気だったり怪我をしていたら,彼らが眠れなくなっていたら,或いはコノール王が今のクー・フーリンのように魔法にかけられて眠っていたら,すぐにでもクー・フーリンは何か力強いことをするか,彼らを治療する魔法の手段を探すはずよ」

Well known is it that... とは It is well known that...「……なのは有名だ」のことですが,これを×It is famous that... とは言わないことに注意して下さい。


Certain it is he would have gone into the fairy mounds, or through the solid earth itself; the great wide world he would have searched from end to end, until he found some plant of healing that would have saved and wakened them. But as for me, for a whole year have I not found one night of sweet repose, since he, the Hound of Ulster, lay bound down with magic chains. Sore is my heart and sick; bright music nor the voice of pleasant friendship strikes my ear; blood presses on my heart since Cuchulain lay in fairy toils.”


search の目的語が「何を見つけたいか」ではなく「どこを探すか」を表すことは重要です。この文で search の目的語は the great wide world であり(he would have searched the great wide world),この the great world は「見つけたいもの」ではなく「探す場所」ですよね。簡単に言い直すと「鍵を探す」は ×search the key ではないということです。見つけたいものを言う場合は look for...,search for... です。

Then to the Speckled House she went in haste, and stayed not until she entered the hall where Cuchulain lay, weak and prostrate upon his bed.
She seated herself at the side of the bed and touched Cuchulain’s hand, and kissed him, and she called on him to come back from fairy-land. “Awake, awake, O champion of Ulster, shake off this fairy sickness; not fit is it that a chariot-warrior should lie upon his bed. Lo! Ulster calls upon her Hound of Battle. Lo! friends and comrades call. Lo! I, thy wife, am at thy side. Awake! awake! O Hound!”


彼女はベッドの傍に腰掛け,クー・フーリンの手に触れ,彼にキスをし,幽世から帰ってくるよう呼びかけた。「起きて,起きて,アルスターの勇者よ。妖精の病気を振り払って。戦車長がベッドで寝ているのは相応しくないわ。ほら見て! アルスターが戦の猟犬を読んでいるわ。ほら見て! 友達や戦友が呼んでいるわ。ほら見て! 私,貴方の妻が,貴方の傍にいるわ。起きて,起きて,猟犬よ!」

shake off は「振り払う,払拭する,逃げる,(病気)から回復する」です。FF14 の戦士に「シェイクオフ」がありました

At that, Cuchulain stood up and opened wide his eyes, and he saw Emer of the beautiful hair seated at his side. Then he passed his hand across his face, and his heaviness and weariness passed away from him, and he arose and embraced his friends and his own and only wife; and he felt his strength returning to him, and his old vigour coming to him again.


And he said to Emer, “For one day, O wife, spare me yet; for there is a deed of battle-valour that I must perform to-day, and after that I will come home to you. Go before me to Dun Dalgan, and prepare a feast and call my comrades and my friends together. I will but go and come again.” Then Emer set out for Dun Dalgan to prepare the feast, but for a whole year she waited for Cuchulain, watching day by day, and yet he came not.

そして彼はエメルに言った。「妻よ,1日だけ僕を自由にして。今日僕が果たさねばならない勇敢な行為があるんだ。それが終わったら君の所へ戻るよ。僕より先にダン・ダルガンに戻って,宴会の準備をして戦友達や友人達をみんな招待して。僕はちょっと行って戻ってくるよ」 それでエメルは宴会の準備をしにダン・ダルガンに向かったが,まる1年間もクー・フーリンを待ち,毎日外を眺めたが,それでも彼は帰ってこなかった。




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