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The Plucking out of the Four-pronged Pole

Then Meave gathered her hosts together and set out from Cruachan, each party under its own leader, marching in order of rank, with Fergus mac Roy guiding the entire army, and Meave bringing up the rear, in order that she might keep all her troops under her own eye. Meave’s way of travelling when she went into battle was in a chariot, with her bodyguard of chosen warriors around her, who, in any time of danger, interlocked their shields to form a rampart and protection on every side as she moved along.



in order that S may [might] Vso that S may [might] Vの堅い形です。


Gaily her troops marched in their many-coloured garb, their short kilts falling to the knee, their long cloaks over that. And the colour of the kilts of each troop was different, so that each man knew his own comrades by the pattern of his kilt. In their hands they carried shields and spears upon long shafts, while others had five-pronged spears, or mighty swords, or javelins.





It was in the beginning of winter that they set out, and already snow lay heavy on the ground; on the very first night it fell so thickly, that it reached to the chariot-wheels and almost to their very shoulders, nor could they find any track or way.


Meave called Fergus, and said to him: “Go on before the hosts, O Fergus, and find us out the shortest road into Ulster, for in such weather as this, it is not well that we lose time by wandering out of the right way.” So with a few companions Fergus went on ahead; but as he drove along, the memory of old friends and of his home and country came upon him, and an overwhelming affection for Ulster took hold on him, and in his mind there arose shame and bitter self-reproach that he, the former King of Ulster, should be leading Ulster’s foes against her.

メーヴはフェルグスを呼んで言った。「フェルグスよ,先に進んでくれ。そしてアルスターへの最短の道を我らに教えてくれ。というのもこんな天気では,正しい道を外れて時間を無駄にしてもつまらないからな」 そこでフェルグスが少数の仲間とともに先を行った。しかし道を往くにつれ,旧友や故郷や故国の思い出が蘇り,アルスターに対する抗い難い思いが彼を囚えた。彼の頭の中に,自分が──アルスター前王でありがなら──アルスターに敵対する軍を率いているとは恥ずかしいことだと自らを責める辛い気持ちが沸き起こった。

・find A Bは「AのためにBを見つける」。find outは「発見する,見つけ出す」。これが組み合わさってfind A out B「AのためにB を発見する」となっています。

・climateとは違いweatherは不可算名詞であるためin such a weatherではなくin such weatherが正しいです。

it is not well that... は「……であることは結構なことではない」で,このwellは形容詞です。母がよく博多弁で「つまらん(=よくない)」と言っていたので「つまらないことだ」と訳しました。

・このshouldは「……するなんて,……するとは」というものです。更に今回はshould leadでなくshould be leadingなので「率いるなんて」ではなく「率いているなんて」と進行形の訳を加えます。



For he liked Meave and he liked her not; her kindness to himself and the exiles of Ulster had prevailed with him to aid her in her war upon the province; but her wiles and cunning and manlike ways he cared not for, and in his heart he had no wish to see the province subdued to her. So to the North and the South he misled the host, making them walk all day by difficult paths far out of their way, while in the meantime he sent swift messengers to Conor and the Ulster chiefs, but especially to his own foster-son Cuchulain, whom he loved, to call their men at arms together, because Meave and a host of warriors from all the provinces of Ireland were on their borders.



in the meantimeは基本熟語と言え,「そうこうするうちに,その間に」です。1語ではmeanwhileと言います。


At night, after a long day’s march, the army found itself back in the very spot from which it had set out, not far beyond the banks of the River Shannon. Then Meave called Fergus, and angrily she spoke to him: “A good guide to an army art thou, O Fergus, bringing it back at night to the very place from which in the morning it set out. A good enemy of Ulster this. A good friend to Connaught and its queen!” “Seek out some other leader for your troops, O Meave,” said Fergus, “for never will I lead them against the province of Ulster and against my own people and my foster-son! But this I tell you, beware and look out well for your troops to-night and every night from this; for it may be that Cuchulain will stand between you and Ulster, and the standing of Cuchulain will be as the crouching of the Hounds of War upon your path; therefore beware and guard yourselves well before him!”

1日中進軍した日の夜,軍は自分達が出発した場所よりも後退していた。本当はシャノン川を超えて遥かに進んでいなければならなかったのだが。そこでメーヴはフェルグスを呼び,怒って彼に言った。「フェルグスお前はとんだ案内係だな,朝いたまさにその地点から,夜には後退してるとは。これでアルスターの敵とはな! コナハトそしてその女王の友人とはな!」「メーヴよ,貴女の軍には他の先導者をお探し下さい」フェルグスは言った。「私には,アルスターの国に向けて,私自身の人民と私の養子に向けて,貴女の軍を導くことはできません! でもこれだけは言っておきます。今晩,そしてこれから毎晩,ご自身の軍に気をつけて下さい。というのはクー・フーリンが貴女とアルスターの間に立ちはだかり,そしてクー・フーリンが立ち上がるということは,戦の犬たちが貴女の行く手に待ち構えているということです。だから彼の前では十分にお気をつけ下さい!」





Now that very night Cuchulain got the message of Fergus, for he was with his father, Sualtach, not far from this place. Together in their chariot they drove to the borders of the country where the army was encamped to seek for the trail of the hosts; but they found it not easy to discover the trail, because of the snow and because of the wandering path that Fergus had taken the troops. They unyoked the chariots, and turned the horses out to graze at a certain pillar-stone beside a ford; and on one side of the pillar-stone the horses of Sualtach cropped the grass down to the very ground, and on the other the horses of Cuchulain did the same. Then Cuchulain said: “To-night, O father, I have a shrewd suspicion that the host is near; depart thou therefore to warn Ulster, and to bid them arise and come by secret ways to meet the men of Erin.”



Now in his heart was Sualtach glad and pleased to be gone, because he was not a man who loved to stand in the gap of danger, nor to risk his life before an enemy stronger than himself; but yet he was loth to leave his son alone. So he said, “And thou, beloved, what wilt thou do?”



・「最愛の」という意味のbelovedは /bɪlʌ́vɪd/「ビラヴィド」です。単に「愛される(lovedの意味)」では /bɪlʌ́vd/「ビラヴド」です。

“I will stand between the men of Ireland and the province of Ulster,” said the boy, “so that no harm or hurt befall the province until Ulster be ready for battle; here on the borders do I take my stand, and I will so harry and trouble the hosts of Meave that they will wish the expedition had never been undertaken.”









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