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At the foot of Slieve Fuad a herd of antlered deer were feeding beside a wood. Never before had Cuchulain seen a herd of deer; he marvelled at their branching antlers, and at the speed and lightness with which they moved from place to place. “What is that great flock of active cattle yonder?” enquired the boy. “Those are not cattle, but a herd of wild deer that wander in the dark recesses of the hills,” replied the charioteer.



antlerは「鹿の枝角」です。「鹿島アントラーズ」の由来です。antlered deerは「枝角が特徴的な鹿の種」でしょう。正式名が分かりませんでした。


marvel at Nは(be surprised at Nのように)受け身にしなくて良い「驚く」です。

the speed with which S Vは重要語法ですね。前置詞+関係代名詞の後には完全な文が書けるので,「the speed with which S V(完全な文)」で「SがVする速さ」です。直線移動などの移動にはthe speed at which this car runs「この車が走る速さ」のようにatも使えますが,物事を行う速さや変容の速さではwithを使います。今回のthey moved from place to placeが完全な文であることを確認して下さい。

the recessesは「奥まった所」です。recession「後退,景気後退」の仲間ですね。


“Which would the men of Ulster think the greatest feat, to capture one dead or to bring one home alive?” “Assuredly to capture one alive,” said Ivar. “Dead everyone could bring one down, but seldom indeed can one be captured alive.” “Goad on the horses,” said the lad; and this the driver did, but the fat horses of the King, unused to such a drive and rate of motion as they had had that day, turned restive and plunged into the bog, where they stuck fast. Eagerly Cuchulain sprang down, and leaving the charioteer to struggle with the horses, he set off after the flying deer, and by sheer running came up to them, caught two of the largest stags by the horns, and with thongs and ropes bound them behind the chariot between the poles.



capture one deadは「1人のdeadを捕らえる」ではなく,capture O C「OをCの状態で捕らえる」→「人を死んだ状態で捕らえる」です。次がcapture one aliveとなっていることからも分かりますね(aliveは形容詞)。先ず敵を殺してから捕らえるということですね。殺してしまえば捕らえるのは簡単ですから,イヴァルは「生きて連れて帰ったほうが偉業だ」というわけです。

Dead everyone could bring one downは難しいですが,dead everyone「死んだみんな」ではおかしいです。ここはEveryone could bring one down deadでしょう。deadは前項のcapture one deadと同じ補語で,「誰もが人を,死んだ状態で倒すことができる」です。「殺して倒すのは皆できる(当たり前だ)」とイヴァルは言うわけです。


stuck fastは「完全に動けなくなる」です。fastはfast asleep「ぐっすり眠る」のfastで「しっかりと」です。

Again, on their way to Emain, a flock of swans passed overhead, flying before them. “What birds are those?” enquired the boy. “Are they tame birds or wild?” “Those are wild swans,” said Ivar, “that fly inland from the rocks and islands of the sea to feed.” “Would the Ulstermen think better of me if I brought them in dead or if I captured them alive?” again enquired the boy. “Assuredly to bring them down alive.” Then Cuchulain took his sling and with a well-aimed shot he brought down one or two of the swans. Again and again he aimed until several of the birds were lying on the path before them. “Ivar, go you and fetch the birds alive,” said the boy.



“It is not easy for me to do that,” he said. “The horses are become wild and I cannot leave them or leap out in front of them. If then I try to get out at the side, I shall be cut to pieces with the sharp rims of the chariot-wheels; if I get out behind, the stags will gore me with their horns.” “That is not a warrior’s speech, but the speech fit a coward,” said the lad.



are becomeとは奇妙ですが,have becomeの古い形かもしれません。なぜそう言えるかと言うと,英語ではhave goneやhave comeをbe gone,be comeと言うことがあるからです(Spring is come)。古めかしい,詩的な言い方ですが,be goneは結構使いますよね。


“But come now, step out fearlessly upon the antler of the deer, for I will bend my eye on him, so that he will not stir or harm you, nor will the horses move when I have overlooked them.” This then was done. Cuchulain held the reins, while Ivar got out and collected the fallen birds. With long cords the birds were fastened to the chariot, and thus they went on to Emain, with the wild stags running behind the chariot, and the flock of birds flying over it, and on the poles the bleeding heads of the three sons of Nechtan the Mighty.


Come now.「さあ,まあ,おい」は『グリードフォール』のセリフでもよく聞いた言葉です。叱咤のCome on. のように理解していいと思います。


with the stags runningや,with the birds flying〈付帯状況のwith〉というもので,with O Cの形で「OがCである状態で」という意味です。今回CがVingとなっています。言い直すとwith O Ving「OがVしている状態で」で,場合によっては「OをVさせながら」と訳すこともあります。例えば

with tears running「涙が流れている状態で」→「涙を流しながら

with one's hair streaming「髪がなびいている状態で」→「髪をなびかせながら

です。またCには過去分詞(Vpp)も入り,with O Vppで「OがVされている状態で」「OをVしながら」です。

with one's arms crossed「腕が交差されている状態で」→「腕を組みながら

with one's legs crossed「脚が交差されている状態で」→「脚を組みながら


with one's mouth full「口が一杯な状態で」→「口に物をほおばりながら」


On the walls of Emain a watchman was at the look-out post. “A solitary warrior draws near to thee, O Conor, and terribly he comes! Upon the chariot pole are bleeding heads; white birds are flying round the car, and wild unbroken stags are tethered fast behind. Wildly and with fury he draws near, and unless some means be taken to abate his rage, the young men of Emain’s fort will perish by his hand.”

エヴァンの城壁には監視所に見張りがいました。『戦士が独り,コノール陛下に近づいております。ひどい有様です! 戦車のポールには血が滴る首が幾つか。白鳥が戦車の周りを飛んでいます。野生の雄鹿が後ろにしっかり繋がれています。荒々しく猛烈に近づいてきます。あの猛威を止める対策を取らない限り,エヴァンの砦の若者はかの者の手によって斃れるでしょう』」


unless some means be takenunless some means are takenと解して構いません。条件節(unless節)の中にありまだ行われていないが行われるべき行為なので,不定形のbeを使っているのです(命令法で Be quiet. とするのと同じ)。意味は「meansがtakeされない限り」ですが,take meansは「手段を取る,対策を取る」です。take stepstake measuresとも言います。


“Warriors will not stay his hand. I know that little boy; it is my foster-son, who on this day has taken arms and made his first champion-raid. But before women he is ever courteous and modest; let then the women-folk of Emain’s fort, and our noble wives, go forth to meet him, for that will tame his rage.” So the champion’s wives and the women of Emain went out in a troop to meet him, and when he saw them come, the fury of war passed from Cuchulain, and he leaned his head upon the chariot-rail, that they might not see the battle rage that was upon his face. For in the presence of women Cuchulain was ever calm and gentle-mannered.

「『兵士たちよ彼を止めてはならん。あの少年は知っておる。余の養子じゃ。この日に武器を取り,初めての遠征を成し遂げたのだ。だが女どもの前では絶えず礼儀正しく慎ましやかだ。それ故エヴァンの砦の女達,身分の高い婦人達に,彼を出迎えさせよ。それで彼の猛威は収まるわ』 それで勇者の妻達やエヴァンの女達が群れをなして彼を出迎えました。彼女達がやって来るのを見ると,戦いの怒りがクー・フーリンから消え,彼は戦車の手すりに頭を付け,顔に現れていた戦いの怒りが彼女らに見えないようにしました。というのも女達の前ではクー・フーリンはいつも穏やかで礼儀正しかったからでした」





“少年時代のクーフリンが初勝負を終え,まだ興奮状態のままで王都 エヴァン・マハに帰参した。誰に危害をくわえるともわからないので,これを鎮めるため,コンホヴァル王の号令で,王妃ムーゲンが率いる女どもが丸裸でいっせいに出迎え,クーフリンは恥ずかしさのあまりにその興奮状態から醒めたという”

・このwill notは実質的な命令文です。お母さんが「ほら,暴れない」とか言って子どもに命令するのと同じです。直後のstayには文語で「止める」の意があります。


in the presence of Nは「Nの面前で」です。「彼の面前で」はin the presence of himとせず,in his presenceでOKです。

Yet so warm and ardent was he from his warrior-raid, that the champions of Ulster bathed him in three baths of cold water before his heat and travel-stains were passed away from him. And the water of the baths was heated fiery-hot by his plunge into it. But when he was washed, and arrayed in his hooded tunic and mantle of bright blue, fastened with its silver brooch, the little man’s fury had all gone from him; he blushed a beautiful ruddy hue all over, and with eyes sparkling, and his golden hair combed back, he came to take his place beside the King. And Conor was proud of the boy, and drew him between his knees and stroked his hair; and his place was ever beside the King after that.


ruddy hueは「血色の良い色」です。

with eyes sparklingは上の方でやった〈付帯状況のwith〉です。


Now a little boy that at the age of seven years—continued Fiacra, who told the tale—could kill a man, yea, two or three men, whom all the champions of Ulster feared, and who could do such deeds, it were not wonderful if, in your war with Ulster, O Queen Meave, he should prove a formidable foe.
And Meave said thoughtfully, “It were not wonderful indeed.”




Then the company broke up, preparing for the march upon the morrow. But that night Meave said to her spouse: “I think, O Ailill, that this young champion of Ulster is not of the make of mortal men, nor is he quite as other champions. And though our host is good and sufficient for ordinary war, to meet a foe like this, it seems to me that a great and mighty force is needed; for I am of opinion that the war on which we are now come will not be a battle of a night or a day, but that it will be a campaign of many days and weeks and months against that lad. Therefore, at this time, let us return home again, and when a year or two is out, I shall have gathered such a host that the gods themselves could not withstand it.” Thus Meave spoke boastfully, and Ailill was well content, for he liked not the war. So for that time, they all turned home again.



break upは「解散する」です。companyはここでは「集まった仲間」でしょう。

of the opinion that... は「……という意見の持ち主である」です。ofは〈所有のof〉でしょう。


これでChapter VIが終わりました。次回からChapter VII: Cuchulain’s Adventures in Shadow-Landに入ります。ここれは,スカーサハさん登場ではないでしょうか!?


エヴァン・マハ(Emain Macha,Navan Fort)の記事



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