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“I will tell you that,” said Fergus. “When he was yet a tiny boy, not much past four years old, some one in passing by Murthemne told him a long tale of the boy-corps of King Conor in Emain Macha; that the King had established it for all the sons of nobles and of chiefs, to train them up in strength and bravery. He told him that the King had set apart a playing-ground for the boys, close to his own fort, and there every day they practised games of skill, and feats of arms, and wrestled and threw each other.



set apartは「取っておく」です。「この場所は子どもの訓練用だよ」と,他と区別して(apart)取っておくのです。


He told him, too, that                      [28]the King took so much interest in the boy-corps, that scarce a day passed by that he did not spend some time in watching the pastimes of the lads, for he looked to them to be his future men-of-war and leaders of his hosts. He told the little boy that when they had proved themselves fit by skill and aptness for a higher grade, the King bestowed on them a set of war-gear suited to their age, small spears and javelins, a slender sword, and all equipment like a champion.


scarce a day passes by that+否定文hardly a day goes on when+否定文などのパターンがあり,「……しないときには1日はほとんど過ぎない」→「……しない日はほとんどない」という二重否定の表現です。almost every dayと言ってしまえば済むところを強調のために二重否定にするわけです。よって話者の意図を汲んで二重否定は二重否定のまま訳すのが筋なのですが,今回は文が長すぎる為そっけなく「ほぼ毎日」と訳してしまいました。

look to Nは「Nの方を向く」ということから「Nに期待する」の意味があります。今回はto beを従えているので「Nが……になることを期待する」です。

bestow A on Bは「AをBに授ける」です。Aが長いので後ろに回されています(bestow on B A)。towに強勢があります /bɪstóʊ/


Now when the boy heard this, a great longing arose within his little mind to see the boy-corps and join in their sports and practising for war. ‘I would wrestle, too,’ he said, ‘and I am sure that I could throw my fellow.’ But I and his guardians,” said Fergus, “objected that he was yet too young, and that when he was ten years old it would be soon enough to test his strength against the older boys. For to send a boy of four years old or five to take his part among lads of ten or twelve we thought not well, for we feared that harm would come to him, knowing that he must ever, since his babyhood, be in the midst of all that was going on.


object that ... は「……であることに反対する」という意味ではなく,「……と言って反対する」(……という理由を持ち出して反対する)です。

in the midst of all that was goind onを今回の文脈でどう訳すべきか悩みました。in the midst of all that is going onというのは「現状(今起こっている物事)の真っ只中で」という意味なのでしょうが,フェルグスは彼がそうだ(現状の真っ只中にいる)と思ったわけですね。多分普通の子供として(神の子なんかではなく)成長しているという意味かなと思いました。


Therefore, we said, ‘Wait, my child, until some grown warrior can go with thee, to protect thee from the rough practice of the elder boys and bid them have a care for thee, or else till Conor the King, thy fosterer, himself calls thee hither under his proper charge.’ But the lad said to his mother, that it was too long to wait, and that even on this instant he would set off; ‘And all you have to do, mother, is to set me on my way, for I know not which way Emain lies.’ ‘A long and weary way for a young boy it is to Emain,’ said his mother, ‘for the range of the Slieve Fuad Mountains must be crossed.’ ‘Point me but out the general direction,’ he replied. ‘Over there, to the                     [29] north-west, lies the palace of the king.’ ‘Let me but get my things, and I am off,’ he said.


under one's charge,in one's charge は「……の管理・監督下で」です。



get one's things (together)は「荷物をまとめる」,pack one's thingsは「荷物を詰める」です。


These were the things that the child took in his hand. His hurley of brass and his ball of silver in one hand, his throwing javelin and his toy spear in the other. Away he went then, and as he went, this would he do to make the way seem short. He would place his ball on the ground and strike it with his hurley, driving it before him ever so far; then he flung the hurley after it, driving that as far again; then, always running on, he threw his javelin, and last of all his spear. Then he would make a playful rush after them, pick up the hurley, ball, and javelin as he ran, while, before ever the spear’s tip touched the earth, he had caught it by the other end. Thus on he ran, scarce feeling tired, so engrossed was he in the game.








“At last Cuchulain reached Emain, and sought out the palace of the King and the playing-field where the boys were practising, three times fifty in number, under the charge of Follaman, one of Conor’s younger sons; the King himself being present, watching the game.