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これに対しメガテンには「カーシーCu Sith」という魔獣がいます。このCuは「犬」という意味で,これが「クー・フーリンCu Chulainn」の「クー」なのです。「クー・フーリン」は「(鍛冶屋の)クランの犬」という意味なんですね。「クー・フーリン」命名のエピソードはアルスターの猟犬(8)で公開される予定です。



The Boy-Corps of King Conor

Now all that she had heard that night so troubled Meave that she thought not well to proceed upon her hosting at that time. She lay upon her bed and pondered long upon the fairy woman’s words, and more and more she wondered who this youth might be, the lad of mighty feats whom all men called “The Hound of Ulster.”


think to-V「Vしようと思う」という用法があります。didn't thinkをthought notとまるで助動詞のようにするのは古い英語の用法でしょう。



When daylight came, she sent a message to the captains of her host, commanding them to tarry yet a day, till she should learn further about the youth who stood upon her path and seemed a threatening terror to her hosts. Then like a king and queen they robed themselves and sat within their tents, Ailill and she, and sent a herald forth commanding Fergus and the chief of Ulster’s exiles to appear before them, to tell them of Cuchulain.


robed themselvesをrob「奪う」の過去形と混同してはいけません。robの過去形・過去分詞はrobbedです。このrobedは何かと言うとrobe「ローブを着せる」の過去形・過去分詞ですね。robed themselvesは「ローブを着た」ということです。

When they were gathered, Fergus, Cormac son of Conor and the rest, Ailill addressed them. “We hear strange tales of one of Ulster’s chiefs, a youthful hero whom men call the “Hound.” From you, O chiefs of Ulster, we would learn all you can tell about this famous lad. What age hath he? and wherefore hath he gained this name? and have his deeds become known to you?”


address Nは「Nに話しかける,Nに対して演説する」の意があります。

“His deeds are known to us, indeed,” Fergus replied, “For all the land of Ulster rings with this young hero’s renown.”

“Shall we find him hard to deal with?” then said Meave. “Last night I met a fairy-maid, who told me to beware, for among the warriors of the North, this lad would trouble us the most.”



ring with Nは「Nの噂で持ちきりである,Nの噂が鳴り響いている」という意味の文語です。

find him hard to deal withは「彼が扱いにくいと気づく」ですが,findは訳さず「彼に手こずる」などと訳せば良いでしょう。

“He will trouble you the most, indeed,” said Cormac and Fergus with one voice. “You will not find a warrior in your path that is so hard to deal with, not a hero that is fiercer, nor a raven more greedy of prey, nor a lion that is more dangerous than he. You will not find another man to equal him, whether of his age or of a greater age, so strong and terrible and brave is he, nor is his match in Erin either for his beauty or his prowess or in all deeds and feats of skill.”




“I care not for all this,” said haughty Meave; “not these the things I fear; for, after all, whatever you may say, Cuchulain, like another, is but one; he can be wounded like a common man, he will die like any other, he can be captured like any warrior. Besides, his age is but that of a grown-up girl; his deeds of manhood come not yet.”



but oneは「たった1人(の人間)」です。「人の子」と訳しておきました。

“Not so indeed,” said Fergus and they all. “It would be strange if he to-day were not the equal of any grown-up man or many men; for even when he was in his fifth year, he surpassed all the chieftain’s sons of Emain Macha at their play; when he was but seven he took arms, and slew his man; when he was a stripling he went to perfect himself in feats of championship with Scáth, the woman-warrior of Alba; and now to-day when he is nearly seventeen years old, his strength must be equal to the strength of many men.”


slewはslay「殺戮する」の過去形です(slay - slew - slain)。真剣を使った試合で殺してしまったのでしょうか。




“Tell us,” said Meave, “who is this warrior-lad; tell us also of his boyish feats and how the name of ‘Ulster’s Hound’ came to be his.”
“I will tell you,” said Fergus; “for Cuchulain is my own foster-son and Conor’s; though they say, and I myself believe it, that he is of the offspring of the gods, and that Lugh of the Long Arms, God of Light, is guardian to the boy. But Sualtach is his father, a warrior of Ulster, and the child was reared by the seaside northward on Murthemne’s plain, which is his own possession.



ムルセウネ(ムルセヴネ)は現在のラウス県(County Louth)にあり,ボイン(Boyne)川が流れているところです。ラウス県はアイルランド語でContae Lúと書き,正にルー(Lugh)が語源です。最後の「彼自身の所有地」というのは,クー・フーリンの所有地ではなくスアルタムの所有地ということでしょうね。


At my knees he was brought up, and Amergin the poet was his tutor; the sister of King Conor nourished him with Conall the Victorious in her home. For at his birth Morann the judge prophesied of his future renown. ‘His praise,’ he said, ‘will be in all men’s mouths, his deeds will be recounted by kings and great men, warriors and charioteers, poets and sages. All men will love him; he will give combat for Ulster against her enemies; he will decide your quarrels; he will avenge your wrongs. Welcome the little stranger who is here.’”





Morannについてはクー・フーリンのWikipedia(英語版)にthe wise Morannが出てきますが,彼専用の項目はありませんでした。


And Meave and Ailill said, “That is a brave account to give of a young child; no wonder is it that Ulster prides herself in him; but tell us now, Fergus, for eager are we all to hear, the feats of Cuchulain as a little boy.”


It is no wonder that ... はIt is natural that ...と同じで「……なのももっともだ」です。No wonderが文頭に出て「否定語文頭倒置」を起こし,No wonder is it that ... となっています。なお現代英語では単にNo wonder S V. と言えます。

・be pround of N = take pride in N = pride oneself on Nはセットに覚えておきましょう(inになっていますが)。国をsheで受けることができるのでherselfです。


次,ものすごく長い段落なのでここで切ります。話すべき偉業がたくさんあるのでしょうね(;´∀`) 次回をお楽しみに!