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Asgard Stories 13:フレイヤの首飾り(2)

Asgard Stories

フレイヤが首飾りを手に入れたのに夫のオーズがいなくなったAsgard Stories 12の続きです。

Soon it was time to go to the feast, but Freyja would not go without Odur. She sat down and wept bitter tears; she felt no joy now for having the necklace, and no sorrow because she could not feast with the Æsir. If only Odur would come back, all would be well again. “I will go to the end of the world to find him!” said Freyja, and she began to make ready for her journey. Her chariot, drawn by two cats, was soon ready; but before she could start, she must first ask Father Odin to allow her to go.





“Allfather, I beg you give me leave to go to look for my Odur in every corner of the world!” The wise father replied, “Go, fair Freyja, and may you find whom you seek.” Then she started forth. First to the Midgard world the goddess of beauty went, but no one in all the world had seen or heard of Odur. Down under the earth, to Niflheim, and even to Utgard, the land of giants, she wandered, but still no one had seen or even heard of her husband. Poor Freyja wept many tears, and wherever the teardrops fell, and sank into the ground, they turned into glistening gold.

「父さん,世界の隅々まで私のオーズを探しに行く許可を下さい」 賢明なオーディンは答えました。「麗しきフレイヤ,行って来い。尋ね人が見つからんことを」 そこでフレイヤは出発しました。最初はミズガルズ界に美の女神は赴きました。しかし世界の誰もオーズを見たり,噂を聞いたりしていませんでした。地下のニヴルヘイム,さらには巨人の国ウートガルズにまでさまよいましたが,それでも誰も夫を見た人はいなかったし,夫の話を聞いた人すらいませんでした。かわいそうにフレイヤは多くの涙を流しましたが,涙が落ちて地中に染み込む所どこででも,涙は輝く金に変わりました。

・ここのleaveは「許可」特に「去る許可」です。without leaveはwithout permission「無許可で」という意味です。

may you findは祈願文です。(May+)S+Vという語順を取ります。God bless you. も May God bess you. です。

find whom you seekは,先行詞無しで関係代名詞(whom)が使われています。find the one whom you seekのことです。現代英語ではちゃんと先行詞を書いた方がいいでしょう。ちゃんと先行詞を書いた場合,関係代名詞の目的格は省略できるので,逆にwhomを消してfind the one you seekとできます。

seen or heard ofでは,hearにわざわざofが付いているのに着目ですね。see Odurは「オーズの姿を直接見る」です。hear of Odurは,「オーズについての話を間接的に聞く」という意味です。つまりオーズを直接見た人もいなかったし,オーズを見たという話を誰かから間接的に聞いた人もいなかった,という意味でofを付けているのです。


At last the sad goddess returned to her own palace alone. She still wore the wonderful necklace, which was called Brisingamen. One night, when the hour was late, all the Æsir were asleep, except the ever watchful Heimdall, who heard soft footsteps, like those of a cat, near Freyja’s palace. He listened, and thought, “That is surely some one bent on mischief; I must follow him.” When Heimdall reached the palace, he found it was Loki, changed into another form, creeping softly about. Heimdall quietly watched him, and saw him glide in to Freyja’s bedside, where the fair goddess lay asleep, wearing her beautiful necklace. Loki had come to steal the necklace, but when he saw that she was lying on the clasp of the chain, so that he could not undo it without waking her, he changed himself into a gnat, and, crawling along on the pillow, stung her just enough to make her turn over, but not enough to wake her. Then he unclasped the chain and ran off with it as fast as he could.

ついに悲しみに暮れた女神は一人で宮殿に帰ってきました。彼女はまだ不思議なネックレスを付けていましたが,それはブリーシンガメンと呼ばれました。ある晩,夜も更け,エーシル達が寝静まった頃,いつも監視の目を光らせるヘイムダルだけが,猫の足音のような静かな足音をフレイヤの宮殿の近くで聞きつけました。彼は耳を澄ませて考えました。「きっと誰かが悪戯をしようとしているのだ。追いかけなければ」 ヘイムダルが宮殿に着くと,それはロキで,姿を変えて辺りに忍び込んでいました。ヘイムダルが静かに監視していると,ロキはフレイヤのベッドの傍に滑り込んでいきました。そこには美しき女神がきれいなネックレスを身に着けたまま眠っていました。ロキはネックレスを盗むためにやって来ていたのですが,彼女が鎖の留め金を下にして眠っており,その結果彼女を目覚めさせずに外すのは不可能だと気づくと,ブヨに変身して枕を這い,彼女が寝返りをうつけれども目を覚まさない程度に刺しました。そして彼はネックレスを外し,全速力で逃げました。


ever watchfulは「ますますwatchful」ではなく「絶えずwatchful」です。例えばeverlastingは「絶えず続く,永遠の」です。

bent on... は「…しようと決意している,夢中になっている」です。bentは「曲がった,カーブした」(bendの過去分詞)ですが,そちらの方に気持ちが曲がっているということでしょうか。





But Heimdall was not going to let the thief get away. As soon as Loki found that he was followed, he took his other form, a little flame of fire; Heimdall then took his other shape, and became a shower of rain, to put out the fire; but Loki, quick and watchful, changed himself into a bear, to catch the rain. Then Heimdall too became a bear, and a fierce fight began. At last the rain-god conquered, and forced wicked Loki to give back the necklace to Freyja. The whole land seemed to feel sorry for poor, lonely Freyja; the leaves fell from the trees, the bright flowers faded, and the singing birds flew away.


put outは「(火を)消す」ですが,「(手・舌・声明)を出す」の意もあります。



Once more the fair goddess went forth from Asgard to seek Odur. Away, away to the far-off sunny south she wandered, and there, where the myrtle trees and the oranges grow, at last she found her long-lost husband. Then hand in hand the two turned northward again, to their home, and so happy were they together, that they spread joy and happiness around them as they passed along. Everywhere the ice and snow thawed before them, green grass and sweet flowers sprang up behind their footsteps, the birds sang their sweetest songs, the warm summer came back to the north lands, and every one was glad and joyful, for lovely, smiling Freyja was at home again.



so happy were they that... はso 〜 that...構文に見られる倒置です。They were so happy that... から強調のためにso happyが文頭につまみ出され,その結果倒置が生じ,So happy were they that... となります。